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Jewelry - Beads - Gathering up the various bead sections going back to 2004. This will keep me from looking all over for tutorials for CITY-o-Clay.

Updated: 07-12-2010 - With big pictures and more text.

04-13-04: Mini Beads: How to make mini beads is exactly the same as making beads for full sized people. Just do it smaller.

01-18-2010: Goofing around with the NJ cane

Then doing some Chop and Toss with the scraps, turning that into beads.

01-21-2010: Tube Bead

s a follow up to this post to CITY-o-Clay I created a new tutorial on how to make one of the simplest tube beads I know how to do.

11-04-2009: Silver Leaf Cane and the making of a Leaf Bead

Four indexes, breaking down the process into steps that can be used for other projects: Jelly Roll Blend, UnCut Separation sheet, Chevron Flip, and Sandwich Bead. 

11-02-2009: Tongues of Fire Tear necklace

This is the first necklace made with the new Variations on the Tongues of Fire beads. The tear shaped beads are the ones I've been having to wet sand individually.

09-12-09 TOF Beads How-To, 26 pictures with captions on what not to do if you seek perfection. But only God is prefect so this tutorial is not. Who else shows you the miscalculations?
Variations on the Tongues of Fire beads.

08-25-09 Tongues of Fire Basket Weave has the how-to for making these Beads

08-10-09: Animal Print Beads links to tutorials on how to make animal prints provided on the enlarged picture pages. Animal print never seems to go out of style. I thought it would be a passing phase, but nearly 10 years later it's still showing up. You got to have matching jewelry so here we go.

07-24-09 De-Skewer Beads: What is on my work table, taking beads off of the skewer after wet sanding and floor polish finish.

07-21-2009 Scrap Chop: Taking scrap, chopping it up in a food processor, making beads. Show and tell for COC.

12-22-08: Poinsettia Necklace

12-20-08" Poinsettia "4 slice bead", how to get the full flower repeated on a bead without pulling your hair out.

Check the Poinsettia Demo Screen shots to see how the cane was made. 

12-05-2008: Oil Slick Spiral Chop Beads. The spiral is in the cane that gets the chop and toss. This is a continuation of the oil slick obsession.

Previous experiments:

11-16-2008: Oil Slick Chop

Oil Slick Chop Index 2

12-01-2008: Tongues of Fire Beads.

11-23-2008: Tear Drop Striped Bead - Remember the natasha banana? That's what gave me the idea of making a natasha bead with stripes. The tear drop shape is an interesting change of pace.
11-16-2008: Oil Slick Chop Index 2 - Taking the stacked sheets and not doing the final press and roll I get to see the  colors better.

11-16-2008: Oil Slick Chop

I'm always stopping to look at oil slicks on puddles when it rains. Makes my older sister crazy when I do that. This is an experiment using colors I see in oil slicks, giving it a chop and then experimenting with stretching the designs with filler.

November 14, 2008: New tutorial

Chop and toss, coleus and generic leaf cane, small round natasha beads, slide show format.

10-15-08: Worktable The ClayMates are playing "show and tell" for what is on their worktable. So this is what's on my work table at this time.
Interlocking Chop and Toss in Blue
Tigers Eye Snake Necklace
Two Side Pendant Jungle Chop Necklace
African Shield necklace

Meat Chop Necklace

07-11-08 Tiger's Eye Bead Necklaces.  These are rough draft necklaces. I'm experimenting with mixing different types of beads that were made of the same color family.

These five necklaces are made from the Tiger's Eye Bead Experiment of late 2007.

01-03-08: Tiger Eye Snakes Using scraps from the Tigers Eye Beads and making snakes.

12-27-07 Tigers Eye Beads as of 01-03-08, there's 9 sections
12-31-07 - Tigers Eye Cane How To:  Sometimes the simplest techniques take a lot of pictures to explain. 42 pages, the last done in 2007.

Nattering: Discussing the experiments, links to facts about real Tigers Eye gems, a picture of one of the samples I used for reference, links to tutorials using similar tricks.

Group 1: 8 pictures and the beginning of how to do faux Tigers Eye using sheets.

Group 2: 6 pictures using wider sheets and a darker brown.

Group 3: 6 pictures experimenting with mirror images caught from the side of a pressed cane slice. Itty bitty busy work.

01-03-08: Side Cut Mirror: The trick of cutting the cane slice from the side for a mirror image.


04/05/07 Work Table: What I've been doing since my favorite Uncle died. He believed in me as an artist.  Now that he is crossed over it's up to me to maintain that belief. If he had faith in my work then I must absorb that and have faith in myself. So as I thought about these things I kept my hands busy.

04-20-07: Three piles of beads: Three piles of beads: Links to the canes that went into the chop, as well as links to different techniques using chop.

Worktable Index: Gathering up the wet sanding sections, showing the beads that are being worked on, links to the canes that went into their chop, gratuitous pictures of me living the glamorous life of the artist.

04-23-07 Drip Dry Skewers Index: After skewers of beads get a finish they get sorted, reheated, the beads removed when warm and then bagged. Picture of all bags of beads done during this recent frenzy.

Bead Round Up: Between August and September 2006: Draft page, 10 large pictures on one page, no captions. These pix were up on Flickr because they were not ready for prime time. Now nearly a year later these beads are being bagged.

03-10-Rose Layer Beads: This is a technique to make round, disk shaped beads without mashing them to get the hole. As the title suggests these beads are made out of layers of clay.

03-10-07- Rose Necklace: Using the Fourth Rose Cane with the Layered Bead technique I made the beads for this necklace.

Pendant 03-19-07 - Here is what that basket weave made when reduced, cut into sections and repeated. I added it to one of the Blended Bead Necklaces.

03-20-07-Ant: Real men do wear beads.

SunSet Snake Necklace: 03/22/07

The Snake bead necklace made with the Sun Set chop. It was given to Bushyaib's girlfriend, Amy. Who was "touched". Aw that was sweet.

For more on the Sun Set chop check this page.

Blend Beads: : Blend two colors of clay, slice into ribbons, cut those into small rectangles, roll small beads, string on beading wire.

02-12-07: Cut Beads: A core of light brown surrounded by a thin sheet of dark brown, then carved. This is an experiment to simulate carved wood beads.

02-13-07: Basket Weave - This is another example of how to create a basket weave cane. There's other examples, but this has captions.

For another example: BasketWeave (13 screen shots from a demo) Created on 7/1/2004 How to do the basket weave technique with cane.

02-14-07- Pennant Beads: Remember making paper beads this way? Here it's done with a blend.
02-14-07: 2 Face Beads, made with mini face molds, while on the beading wire.

08-04-06 Scav - Chop: Taking the worst beads in my stash, chopping them up and better beads are made. 26 pictures and a review of the Natasha bead technique.
Mirror Tube Beads - 07-15-06: Taking scraps, turned into chop, cut into natasha logs, rolled into a tube and capped. Easy Breezy
Small Natasha Index - 07-10-06: Someone asked me how to make small Natasha Beads, here's 15 pages to show you. 
Lexx Iris Cane and things made of it. 

Three Layered Beads: 06-11-04 

nj 120604 natasha b.  (30 photos) 6/14/2004 natasha beads
05/14/08 on photo gallery page.

Demo Log06-11-04: Friday Night Natasha bead review.

Demo Log 06-12-04: Second Hour - Natasha in French and German.


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