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Beads 12-05-2008: Oil Slick Spiral Chop Bead: Another experiment with the colors of Oil Slick.

Oil Slick Spiral Chop Beads

The spiral is in the cane that gets chopped.

Colors used

Adding Pearl to Black, Blue, Purple and Yellow-Green, then making a bullseye of alternating colors.

Surround Sheet

Pearl, Silver and Black, pressed together at the widest setting on the pasta machine, then narrow to mid-thickness and press again.

Surround the bullseye

Reduce and slice the cane

Reduce the bullseye cane and cut four sections of equal length, then cut them all in half length wise.

Stack the sections

Stack the lengths of half rounds like this, use them all up.

Slice and End Cut

This is a slice of that spiral and what the end of cane might look like.

After the Chop and Toss

I like the way these beads turned out. But I'm on an oil slick color kick right now.


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