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BEADS12-20-08: Poinsettia "4 Slice Bead" to see how the cane is made check the Poinsettia Screen Shots (14 screen shots).

Step One and Two

Make a cube and slice four cane slices.

Step three and four

Put the four cane slices on the sides of the cube and roll the cube into a tube, mashing the slices into the cube clay.

Steps five and six

Spear the bead in the center of the black area and form into a oval shape. You can shape it into a square or a round shape if you want.

Finished Poinsettia Beads

Size reference on the finished beads.

Big and Small

On the left is the large cane slice and on the right are slices of the same cane reduced and repeated.

Another bead shape

The same four cane slices on a cube shaped in as a fat tube.


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