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05-22-08- Re-Org Thoughts at 4am.
I was talking to my sons about organizing things and I realized I need to take my own advice:

Have things you need daily one arm's reach away.

Things you use weekly just stand up at your chair and reach.

Things you might use monthly should be a step away.

The less you use something the further it should be from where you're sitting to work. The theory is if you've not used it in a year, you don't LOVE it, you don't need it and it should get recycled.

This is all well and good if your focus is on one type of art or craft. Then we have the computer and office to fold in as well.

I've been needing to set up a sewing area with books and notions within easy reach of the sewing machine. Then I needed to gather drawing supplies and books closer to where I sit at my computer. This meant some serious shifting of stuff.

We're like two pounds of rice in a one pound package here with one of my sons and his girlfriend living with me. The room they are in was my sewing and storage area tools and supplies.

I've been promising myself to get a sewing area set up for this last year and put it off because I knew I'd have to spend days of moving stuff around.

When my hands started to ache from the computer work I've been doing rebuilding those Epson albums I thought it's as good a time as any to do something else than typing and clicking a mouse. Moving boxes and boards and tons of books seemed like a good change of pace.

I'm not done with sorting out the bits and bobs but most of the re-org has taken place.

What does this have to do with polymer clay? The drawing part of the re-org has a lot to do with the design side of claying. Color experiments, drafting canes, sketching figures, but where it's leading is to design mini scenes.

The mini scenes use everything you can throw at it. Clay, cloth, wood, paint, you name it.

The sewing energy I have currently is towards PlayScale size clothing and one inch scale curtains and linen. I have this stash of small bits of fabric with tiny designs, perfect for curtains and mini quilts. They've just been waiting for years to be used.

My collection of cigar boxes are going to be room boxes. The lid of the cigar box is the "Door" to the "Scene". Inside will be like looking into a room. It's a theme I've been rolling around in my head for a while.

I envision smaller figures, maybe half scale people, in the cigar box room boxes. Using perspective painting to make it look deeper. Kay's working on the stage set made me think of "scene" building.

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