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Work Table Index 2007 and 2008 05-22-08 Re-Org: Thoughts at 4am. Taking a break from rebuilding the former Epson albums and doing a re-org on my work table. I had books near me I never use and things I needed all the time out of arm's reach. My focus has changed so what needs to be at hand changes along with it. Drawing and sewing are two things that have my focus right now. Pulling the drawing books and supplies to be real close and setting up a sewing area at the end of my table meant a whole lot of things had to be shifted. A bit of how it looked on 03-28-08: Computer wrestling.

To my Left: Clay drawers, weights. Moved two wooden crates of books elsewhere to put these here. They used to be cramping my foot space.

Left Middle: Those wooden crates were emptied and filled. Lower: books of drawing and anatomy, polymer clay, miniatures. As well office tools. Upper: sketch pads, office supplies, drawing supplies, journals, current non-fiction.


Left Top: Art supplies in bottles, jewelry findings, crayons and old eyeshadow.

Left Corner Lower: Computer and Plant books, lighting, computer, wacom and cordless mice, between the computer and monitor is my "Throw Tray" where I throw my money purse, keys, eyeglass case, brush and current bills.

Left Corner Upper: Things I don't need to reach for all the time: Old computer games, DC's closest are music, software, cigar boxes.

Middle Table Level: Keyboard, Monitor, Speakers, in line of sight my favorite art books: Day of the Dead, Frida Kahlo. To the right of the monitor are clay tools and supplies. Current work wrapped in white plastic shopping bags.

Middle Behind the Monitor: These books are going to get more re-organization. The Egypt and Japan oversized books have to come closer at hand. Littered about that book structure are some of my clay figures.

To my right: This area still needs straightening up. It's not going to change except for the "carry all" tool caddy will be closer. From left to right I want caddy, light source, food processor. In front of that will be work mat, pasta machine.

Right Lower: This is where a lot of the reorg took place. The top box had layers of clay projects and the bottom had jewelry findings and bead storage that. Now the Top has books on rocks and minerals, food ingredients, Japanese quilts and crafts. The bottom has reference books on drawing, painting, jewerly, origami.

Far Right: Way back there is what all the re-org was motivated by. A sewing area. The books on sewing, knitting, general needle work, working with leather, basketry, are facing who ever is at the end of the table sewing. When seated there the sewing notions are in a tall drawer unit hiden by cloth.

Under the TV: The sewing books and the back of the embroidery thread caddy are nearly hidden by the clay stuff I have to sort and put away. The clay stuff is stored in plastic bags and recycled waxed paper and aluminum foil. There's a big bag of recycled aluminum foil sheets under all that.

Ta Da - The sewing machine

Well it's the covered sewing maching. It's been languishing under this work table for years. It needs a cleaning and oiling and I have to start organizing sewing notions that I put away for so long. I've sewed most of my life, been in hiatus due to the death of my sewing partner over a decade ago. I'm ready to get back into it now.


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