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New To Me Clay Tricks 06-23-09: Travel Kit Idea for Elayne

Elayne asked for ideas for a travel kit for claying when on the road.

My favorite is a metal lunch box. Since I gave my traveling lunch box to Amy I had to throw together a mock up travel kit for this page.

This lunch box was a "gimme" from a former employer. I had it in my stash for covering with clay "one of these days". It will do for this sample travel kit.


I was able to fit in this metal lunch box:

6"x6" ceramic tile

wooden roller

handful of clay shapers

tissue blade

a tin with covered thingies that one could hold embossing powder, bits and bobs for "steampunk" creations (the aim of Elayne )

Two covered small tuppaware that can hold acrylic floor polish and baby powder.

An assortment of clay

A bunch of recycled waxed paper.


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