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Day of the Dead New England Tour: November 2011

Philadelphia Nov. 12, 2011

Are you interested in helping organize a workshop?


This is the last video before the “Day of the Dead New England Tour” begins. The workshop in Methuen, MA, on 11/5/11 is filling up so if you want to reserve space post a comment in the YouTube comment area or send me an email. There will be no workshop this trip in Philadelphia. There will be no videos until I return home around the third week of November 2011.


I’ll be in the Philadelphia, PA, area the week end of the November 12th and the 13th. This is video is a “shout out” to the ClayMates in the Philadelphia area who want to help me organize a work shop. I’ve contacted the Philadelphia Polymer Clay Guild on 10/16/11 running the idea past them. It might not be enough advanced notice for a guild. A ClayMate who has a big living room or basement, who is willing to be the hostess of a workshop with me, let clayers she doesn’t know into her home for an afternoon, will receive a cut of the proceeds. Make a comment below the video on YouTube or email me here.  Let’s make this happen.



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