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Time for prayer Back to 911
Tuesday, September 11, 2001 9:21 AM

There is nothing we can do for those who are hurt or who have died in today in the tragedies that have happened in the USA today but pray.

There is nothing that we can do for our immediate family but to hold them close.

I beg for all of you to think before acting. Hearts are breaking. Anger is unavoidable. No matter where you are, take care of yourself. Especially while driving. We don't need any more injuries or death due to today. As hard as it is be PRESENT.

Take care to take breaks from the TV News if you find yourself not eating, not sleeping, or you can't stop weeping.

Gather in our Chat room for communion with your list mates. For we are family and we need to comfort each other. I will be there after I make my phone calls searching for my friends and relatives.




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