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As we gather together to comfort each other during this tragedy that occurred on 9/11/2001 I take this space on my website as a memorial tribute to those who lost their lives, their loved ones and for all of us who grieve along with them. 

I've gathered the list in the hope that it may help in encouraging everyone towards positive action. Anger is a mask for fear, pain and shame. Anger is not what is needed to start the healing process and rebuilding lives. Revenge is the wheel that rolls back on the one who started it. We seek justice, not revenge. We are determined and resolved to fight terrorism world wide, not to seek personal revenge and continue the sick cycle of hate. 

This page is dedicated to helping people cope with the tragedy that took place September 11, 2001 

This is a world tragedy, not just America's

1) Time for prayer

2) Urls: Memorials, How to Donate for Victims, updated 2006

3) Gather to Make Magic for Peace

4) American Muslims Condemn the Terrorist Act.

5) For our parents with small children.

6) We'd best have a positive plan of action Part One

7) We'd best have a positive plan of action Part Two

8) Natasha From Bosnia Has A Fright: A child's story about being afeared 

9) A Loving kick in the ass: A letter to a grown man who is afeared too.

10) A Pray and a Plea from your Muslim Relative: an open letter to my new found Brummett family

12) A reply from a Mississippi Cousin: I thank you for your prayer.

11) A young mother in Finland was concerned with flag waving here in the States, this is my reply. 

13) If they have to be brave, then so do we.

911-2004 September 11, 2004 Ramble and Brain Massage

Standing on the edge of a new age can be dizzying. It can also be exhilarating because we can work to make things better.  So in this spirit I offer my "bit" in the relief effort. These are urls here on this new page that will lead you to information, agencies that provide disaster relief, even the FBI if you have information that will help solve this crime. There is advice to parents of small children. There is the reaction from the American Muslim community of which I am part. There is the Magic/Prayer plan, which worked wonderfully last night, and I invite you to join us for the next 8 nights to pray for Peace.
I cannot give blood, they don't want mine.
I donate "spare money" to list members who are in need, so cash donations to relief efforts are limited.
There is only one thing I can do and that is to communicate through these lists, to people who in the past have proven to me time and time again that I have something in common with them.
In guiding the energies on the list I posted these half dozen posts yesterday. I'll be gathering up more as time goes on. We are at a crossroad in history. With this email I reach around the world. Through pictures in albums I invite you into my life and you do the same for me. We've met, some of us, hung out and reaffirmed that we do have something in common that is important to us.
We are all more alike than different in this ability to reach out and invade the consciousness of our list mates. The message I'm dedicated to relate to as many as possible is this: We have the opportunity to be the best that we can be in aiding others at this time. We have this moment in time to make our hearts resolved to put our efforts to comforting and rebuilding shattered lives. We have this fork in the road of the history of modern humans to get over our differences and work together.
If like me, you cannot donate blood, you don't have "spare change", you might feel impotent in anger, fear and pain. There is something you can do. Comfort others, volunteer your energies to relief efforts, and most importantly endeavor not to spread more hate and continue the destructive wheel of revenge. We have the invitation to become Heroes and Heroines. Let's not turn it down.


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