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Gather to Make Magic for Peace Back to 911
Tuesday, September 11, 2001 5:09 PM

I am sharing this from the Kai Estrogen Brigade. A mass gathering of Magic and prayer for Peace. Of all the lists I'm on or been on this list has the largest amount of sensitives, empaths, real witches and Wicca Priests. Time to pull our energies together to add with others for the force of peace.

What it says at the bottom about Muslims I agree. For I was physically attacked during Jimmy Carter's Presidency during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Backlash at American Muslims is common when the lunatic fringe does something rash like this. Let's keep our heads on straight. Gather your Magic, we have healing to do big time.

Taking a break from holding vigil for 8 hours in chat. Will return after I've called my MIL and my older sister, fed my family and hugged folks here.



In addition to everyone's private efforts occurring throughout the day, I am calling for a major coordination of an Act of Magick on behalf of this crisis to take place TONIGHT at Midnight, U.S. Eastern (New York/Washington D.C.) Time, 11p.m. Central time, 10p.m. Mountain Time, 9p.m. Pacific time and 5a.m in Great Britain and Western Europe. All who can please gather in your temples, living rooms, sacred groves and by your nearest power spot to send energy to this situation. If your heart directs you to, please CONTINUE this Act of Magick for Nine Nights - I feel strongly that our country's leadership will direct the country towards wholesale warfare; this Act of Magick will be both healing and prophylactic. The goals as I see it that we should focus on as a bare minimum should be:
* Safety and Healing, both for individuals and our piece of Gaia - and Herself as a whole

* Reinforcement of our personal and national shields

* A STRONG thread of Peace and Calming directed within our own borders as well as towards the Attackers

* A prayer for clarity and equanimity to prevail

* A STRONG thread directed to our country's leaders NOT to consider War as an option and good vibes sent to our people in the military
However your customs, traditions and spirit tell you to combine any or all of these issues (or others you may come up with) and proceed, please do so. The important thing is that we coordinate our energies at the same time and keep the wave going as long as we can - Nine Days is the ancient prescription for such crises.

Now, a plea for rationality: Most of you know that I have been involved in the Islamic world in one way or another since college. My gut, intuition and magick say that there are Muslim interests involved in these horrible incidents, which seem to be confirmed by the fragmentary reports coming in. I would ask everyone on this list who is actively involved in sending to this situation to think, at least *think* about (if not actively send love/magick/positive energy to) the Muslims here in America, who are mostly peace-loving people, innocent of any involvement there may be in this awful affair. Islam boasts a larger than normal amount of fundamentalists due to its active emphasis on Jihad-e-Asghar (the Smaller War, against "infidels" - the Larger Jihad, Jihad-e-Akbar is the fight against the evil in oneself...), but we are talking about a VERY small minority who are not supported by the rank and file. I can see the writing on the wall here for the fates of average Muslims living in this country if/when reports of Muslim involvement are concerned. In the late 70's when I was teaching English in the Iranian immigrant community, we regularly bandaged up Iranian and Arab boys and girls who had the crap beaten out of them by bigoted idiots - their lives were sheer utter hell for years. Please, when you are sending your energies out to this situation, consider reserving a portion for the peace, strength, calming and healing of the Muslim community in America, and for increased positive relations between Islamic communities and other religions/lifestyles worldwide. Thank you.

I look forward to joining energies tonight and for the next eight nights on this. Anyone with more/better ideas, please post them and forward this one as widely as you like.
Peace to us all...



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