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Wednesday, September 12, 2001 12:45 AM

We'd best have a positive plan of action

Back to 911
One of the ezines I am subscribed to has suggested we, as a nation,
show our unity by displaying our flag.  Even if it is only a 3"X5"
flag.  Show these cowards, we stand together.  Our flag will go up
this morning before we leave for work.  With our flag go more prayers.
I have nothing against flags. I own one and display it. What I'd like to avoid is nationalistic jingoism. Rally around the flag energy in that it does not help in the relief effort.
The posts I've sent through the list through this tragedy have been to uplift, educate and love the list members. This is our motto here at MiniScenesAndThings.
We have list members weeping in Finland, Germany, Belgium, The UK, Australia, Canada, and Brazil. This is a world tragedy, not just our nation's pain. I spent 15 hours in our chat room today talking with them. Holding vigil. Saying prayers with them at 9pm. This is not just America's tragedy. All our friends around the world weep for us.
I'd like to encourage our fellow list members to do what they can to comfort themselves and their loved ones. But if you're going to exhort folks to do something through this list, let's please make it practical help, donating blood, something that will aid in healing and rebuilding.
Also the term "cowards" I have a problem with. It may be true, but the energy it incites is anger. Shall we incite folks to hate and to be motivated for revenge? Is that what we want? Is that what I want on this list? Nationalism is the root of the problem that visited this tragedy on us. Boundaries are in the mind of the one who wants to see nations as separate when we are a global economy. If you don't believe that then see how the world markets are going to be effected with the destruction of the financial center at the Two Towers.
No, I don't think so. There's hurt enough without derisive name calling. This is a mental, emotional and philosophical fine tuning of the list's energies. I've seen on other lists where anger held sway, with rampant nationalism and saber rattling. This leads to mob action and racial and religious prejudice. For you can't hate a people without denying them their humanity, name calling does just that. This rationalizes hurting them back.
It hurts the spirit. It makes me sad to have to explain it.
Not here please. Let this be a bit of a refuge.
There's been enough hot blood. We need to begin the healing process. We must prepare our hearts now while we're still somewhat in shock, for when the full impact of what happened does dawn on us we'd best have a positive plan of action we can set our energies to.
Now I'm going back to being available for chat for those who are up after Midnight PDT/ 8h GMT.


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