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If they have to be brave, then so do we. Back to 911
To a frightened mother of who's children are in the Service: 
Faith is the opposite of fear. I shall not pray fearfully. I shall pray for strength and determination. I shall pray for their family members to keep the Faith, so they can do what needs to be done at the home front to keep up morale. That's our job. We are the center posts of our teepees and I feel for you, you know I do, but if they have to be brave, then so do we.
For all parents and family and friends of service personnel in any country, remember, for their safety, do not post their movements to a list like this. It's not that we don't care, we do, deeply and with great love, but out of a greater love for our service personnel's safety we must practice restraint. It's our job, ya see? Along with being the example of fierce determination to keep an even keel during a time of change.
There's a Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.
There's a California curse: May you go through many growth experiences in a short amount of time.
It hurts, we know this. How do we remain strong during scary times? By being strong. Go hug the nearest mammal, hug them tight and have a cry. Then we got to get up and do something positive.
Mad Madeline told me once while I was a frightened teen aged pregnant Navy wife in 1966. "Go clean the ice box." I looked at her through my tears and fears and said, "What?" She lights a cigarette and says again, "Go clean the ice box, why ruin a good day? Your day is screwed, you're scared and there's nothing you can do about what scares ya, so go do something you are sure you can do. Clean the ice box. Cook a stew. Sew a dress. These things you can do and control and feel less powerless. Go do something positive." 
I thought about it in stunned silence and then I realized I was not impotent. I had a power to do something and have some control over it. More control than I had over my husband going out to sea again, while I'm due to birth our first.
I went and sewed baby clothes, quilts and jumpers, hats and coats and little shoes. Weeping as I sewed. Still scared but less so because I had a job to do. I couldn't stop the events, but I had a home front to care for and that I can do. I had letters to write and they couldn't be filled my insecurities. This was my ballast in rough seas back then and it still is now. I am doing what I can do, for you, it's my job ya see?
I offer this bit of truth of my life in proof that I feel for you. I'll pray for you and yours.
With a fierce determination and Faith in your strength,


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