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I tell the people I do astrological readings for that I am like the training wheels on a bicycle. There comes a time when I need to be removed from the metaphysical picture and the person needs to ride on their own.

This might make some folks blink rapidly. "Isn't an astrologer like a shrink, where there is a long term relationship?" Not necessarily. It depends on how long it takes a person to "get it". Often that comes when the person wants to learn how to read their own chart and save a bit of money in the process.

Below you will find links to Astrol-CITY, a Yahoo Group I set up for CITYzens of the CITY-Lists Yahoo Group family to come and learn about astrology. Funny thing is once they join all of a sudden they become very quiet and shy. I hope that changes one day.

If you join Astrol-CITY through this page write that in the subscription to the group. "I found you via and here's a bit about me..." fill in the rest with cogent information about you and why you seek to learn about astrology.

New: Astrol-CITY is for CITYzens of CITY-Lists, a family of Yahoo Groups connected by a common set of guidelines. To be part of Astrol-CITY one needs to already be a member of one of the CITY-Lists, state which one when you subscribe.
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