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9/20/13 I set up a new domain for the astrology material. I'm keeping this page up because the tiny url astrostone points here and that's what is on the YouTube videos.


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What? Another blog? Yes indeed. This one will focus only on astrology. This is where you can find copies of my Astrology YouTube videos or go to MsAstroStone to make comments and ask questions.

CD Cover for NCGR Talk 1-2014Social Network Marketing for the Astrologer  Audio Sample with Parental Warning.

This is the talk I gave at the San Francisco Chapter of the National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGRSF) on January 7, 2014. It is now available as a CD.

Social Network sharing of information is as old as St. Paul Epistles, Cicero and his Roman pals running slaves back and forth with news from the Senate, Martin Luther and the spread of Reformation, and the American Revolution pamphleteers. Control of information by a monolithic corporation (think Rupert Murdoch) is a modern invention to control the minds of the people.

Astrologers need Social Network Marketing to build their brand & connect with the people.
Queer Astrology Conference
July 20-21, 2013, In partnership with California Institute of Intregral Studies
In memory of
Jack Fertig
Jack Fertig

03-05-2013 Hugo Chavez Dead - Nicolas Maduro 30 days
A quick look at Hugo Chavez dying on his second Saturn return. Then a look at Nicolas Maduro, the interim President for 30 days until the election. My bet is he is not going to be allowed to remain President and I give my reasons why in this video.

03-06-013 Dennis Rodman went to North Korea, hung out for a couple of days, came back, did one TV interview. Then he cancelled all the other TV interviews, ranted in a Hotel Bar, got 86ed from the bar, and you got to wonder ...what's going on with him? This is my astrological view of what's up with Dennis Rodman.


Kay Taylor Interview on 9/27/2012 at the San Francisco Astrological Society, the topic was “Dark Truth: Sexual Abuse and Wounding in the Chart”. She makes mention of “Psychosynthesis” and Roberto Assagioli, links below.

Kay Taylor is a full time astrological consultant and teacher who has cultivated a unique blend of evolutionary astrology, intuitive channeling, psychosynthesis and hypnotherapy for over twenty-five years. She writes for leads international retreats, is an ISAR Consulting Skills Trainer and has lectured for international conferences and astrological groups. She has a grounded, heart-centered, spiritual approach and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her website is

As well as these other locations:



Deborah Smith Parker was the speaker for the San Francisco Astrological Society on 08-30-2012. In this interview she speaks of her book "Humanus Astrologicus" which "provides clever on target detailed verses describing the astrological sign each reader's Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are located in. "
is her website
is the website for the San Francisco Astrological Society, we're on Twitter and Facebook too.

Jack Fertig 1955- 2012: A fellow volunteer with the San Francisco Astrological Society, passed away August 5, 2012.

He was an influence in many areas: gay rights, astrology, gays in Islam, just to name a few. I just had one year being on the Steering Committee with him and I found him to be nurturing, inclusive, informative, funny, irreverent, and he will be missed.

To read more about Jack check his page.


0726-2012: April Elliot Kent spoke at the San Francisco Astrological Society on "Marketing yourself with astrology" I have to apologize because the interview clip is very dark. I tried all the tricks I could think of with the software I have to lighten it and was not successful. That's ok, April Elliot Kent does not like to be on camera anyway and Mercury was retrograde.

San Francisco Astrological Society's 20th Anniversary Party.


Saturday, June 23, 2012   Featuring: Rick Tarnas 
"Comic Genius" 

Please note: RSVP. Space is limited. This month's event is on a special date, not our usual "last Thursday!"


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Elliot Tanzer Interview for the San Francisco Astrological Society.
Elliot Tanzer has 44 years of astrology experience and has been involved with Feng Shui since the 1990s. Astrology, Astro Cartography, and Feng Shui are his specialties. He has written books and also offers personal readings and workshops on these topics. 

Editing Note: The two book covers are seen as if in a mirror. I inserted jpgs of the book covers seen correctly in 3 different video formats. Each time I uploaded the videos to YouTube the jpgs could not be seen. Check out Elliot's website to buy his books.

I apologize for the booming sounds in the background. Volunteers are setting up tables and chairs for the lecture. I'm sweating like crazy because I was doing that too just before the interview.



Published on Apr 27, 2012 by 

Peter Burns has studied and taught contemporary and ancient astrology and palmistry since 1989 and lectured at the West Australian, NSW and Victorian Associations, the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) International Astrology Conferences and recently at SOTA in New York. He conducts online correspondence classes at 

And, no, we didn't call each other ahead of time to wear matching colors. That was a cosmic coincidence.

New Astrology Section Chart Got the chart wheel up, lots of squares to Uranus, which to me is a good thing for an astrology section.