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Matthew is having me on as a guest to his Blog Talk Radio show and we've got no plan. Neptune went into Pisces to confer with Chiron, Aries Venus is square Capricorn Pluto, any number of astrological topics can be discussed. Or none of the above.

http://tinyurl.com/2-16-12-Conquer This is the link to put in the chat room. It leads to this page so don't click on it if you're already here.

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Planet Watcher, link to 2/16/2012

PDF from Astro.com for 2/16/2012 chart.

8:33pm the Moon goes into Capricorn. Watch out, First it squares Uranus in Aries (reminding us of the Uranus square Pluto transit that's going to be exact 7 times in the next four years) and after that it conjuncts Pluto and both square Venus in Aries as a tag team.

February 16-18- Smoother Sailing

Reality, optimism and inspiration will flow easily together at this time. This will be a very favorable time to plan and visualize positive developments that will manifest in March. March 2012 has some very favorable influences for those who take action and put their energy into it. You can prepare for this fortunate time and give your dreams a big boost by setting your intentions at the New Moon on February 21 (see below).

(Feb 16: Mercury in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Taurus;

Moon in Sagittarius sextile Sun in Aquarius and sextile Saturn in Libra;

moon in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces.

Feb 17: Moon in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus, sextile Mercury in Pisces and conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

Feb 18: Sun in Aquarius trine Saturn in Libra; Mercury in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn; Sun into Pisces @ 11:18 pm)


Venus square Pluto: 2012, 2011, and 2012 ...yes folks this crunch transit happens each year.

Venus Square Pluto (Aries – Capricorn) on Thursday March 11, 2010

Pluto is always the one who prepares us for deep inner changes and transformation with whatever part he is touching on. You can use this Pluto Venus connection to be really honest with yourself and your partner and talk about areas in your relationship you need to talk about.

Both – Pluto and Saturn hard aspects with Venus can either create a troublesome week for you in your relationship or it can start you on a whole new level of relating and loving from a deeper place of honesty, creating the deepened intimacy you have been longing for.


 we also have the more “high-drama” Venus square Pluto aspect (3:19 am EDT), which is, potentially, a more conflicting, confrontational type energy, that is linked with “depth of feeling” and “all-consuming” passion. Venus, again, rules love and relationships, and money and what we value. Pluto governs our “urge for reform” and also the “desire to purge.” It is tied in with power, control, erotica and sexual issues, compulsive-type behavior and feelings of obsession. Pluto also symbolically rules death. Its vibration is intense and laser-focused.

Often when we merge these two, with the “square” aspect often “forcing matters,” we see, on the shadow side, the emergence of some very thorny relationship, or money issues, especially if we are acting in a self-serving manner. It is suggested that, to avoid giving a platform to these problematic issues, we wisely refrain now from engaging in manipulative (Pluto) or controlling behavior and avoid deliberately pushing “hot button” topics. This also extends to the professional front, as Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign of career.

On another level, though, Venus-Pluto does sometimes have a healing or redemptive quality to it, and can also mark the beneficial ending (Pluto) of a personal or business relationship (Venus) that is no longer useful to us, or that has simply outlived its purpose. Moving on from such a tie now may actually be a potent way to “regenerate” (Pluto) ourselves.


Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn for the first half of the week.  This passing configuration pulls the emotional energies inward, suppressing surface joys and heightening irritations.  A little excitement may be smothered, but it will swiftly pass.


For more on Venus in Aries by Austin Coppock:


February 14-15: Not-Quite-So-Funny Valentine

There can be tensions in some relationships now due to undercurrents that are felt, but are still hidden during these two days. Intense emotions could lead to attempts to control or manipulate the situation. Finances may also be a concern now.

During the evening on Valentine’s Day, people will tend to be somewhat scattered, over-sensitive, elusive, unclear or spacy. Avoid over-imbibing, as it will be easy to say things that are regretted later. However, things should improve by 10 pm (MDT) when some late night romance, fun and excitement are possible.

(Feb 14: Moon in Scorpio square Sun in Aquarius in the morning;

 Moon in Sagittarius square Mercury and Neptune in Pisces in the evening;

Moon trine Uranus @ 10 pm.

Feb 15: Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn)


The Chat Log from the show:
*** (21:45:37):Welcome to the MatthewAstrologer Chat Room.
AuntyAlias says (21:45:51):
Oh Matty.... I'm Hoooommmeeee
AuntyAlias says (21:46:39):
http://tinyurl.com/2-16-12-Conquer  - The link to tonight's "cheat sheet"
MatthewAstrologer says to (21:47:31):
AuntyAlias says (21:48:10):
I put all your links on the cheat sheet
AuntyAlias says (21:48:22):
got a nice picture of you there too
MatthewAstrologer says to (21:48:26):
Oh, on the show page here? Thanks!
AuntyAlias says (21:48:53):
AuntyAlias says (21:49:18):
That's a page on my website with notes for tonight and after the show I'll put the chat log there too.
AuntyAlias says (21:49:27):
it's something I do for BTR guest spots
MatthewAstrologer says to (21:49:32):
AuntyAlias says (21:49:41):
LJJ, Hey honey pie!
MatthewAstrologer says to (21:49:44):
Good idea. Damn I'm so lazy with that stuff sometimes.
MatthewAstrologer says to (21:49:52):
werd, yo
MatthewAstrologer says to (21:50:00):
back in a few. talk amongst yourselves...
AuntyAlias says (21:50:12):
I'll call in...
MatthewAstrologer says to (21:50:23):
More pre-show warm up listening here:
MatthewAstrologer says to (21:50:25):
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (21:50:52):
Evening everyone
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (21:51:04):
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (21:51:13):
every 4 of us that are here early
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (21:51:19):
room loaded easy tonight
AuntyAlias says (21:52:04):
LJJ did you get the link to the cheat sheet? http://tinyurl.com/2-16-12-Conquer
AuntyAlias says (21:52:40):
Matty...I'm in the queue
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (21:54:38):
Thanks Aunty, I didn't know Jupiter had retrograded that far back into Taurus
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (21:54:55):
all the way that now it's at 4 degrees
AuntyAlias says (21:55:22):
Saturn is retrograde, Jupiter is direct LJJ
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (21:56:56):
long as it doesn't get close to my Saturn Return degrees Saturn can have its retrograde fun
allie_b says to (21:58:32):
Hey everyone!(})
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (21:59:00):
Hey Allie B!
alohajay says to (21:59:33):
matthew, can you astrology without the time?
allie_b says to (21:59:37):
what's the topic tonight?
MatthewAstrologer says to (22:00:07):
it can be done, yes
MatthewAstrologer says to (22:00:14):
will answer on show
alohajay says to (22:00:30):
AuntyAlias says (22:00:57):
http://tinyurl.com/2-16-12-Conquer Plan, we got no plan! AllieB!
AuntyAlias says (22:01:04):
allie_b says to (22:01:11):
your birth cert doesn't have the time, Jay?
StarBC says to (22:01:20):
Hey! :)
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:01:30):
StarBC Happy Thursday
AuntyAlias says (22:01:37):
Oh he's just a baby. My oldest was born 1966.
StarBC says to (22:01:41):
Thank you!
allie_b says to (22:01:50):
allie_b says to (22:02:13):
You had him young though. You're a youngin' yourself :)
AuntyAlias says (22:02:28):
AllieB - you flatterer
AuntyAlias says (22:02:29):
StarBC says to (22:02:42):
You´re thrilled MTA? :S
AuntyAlias says (22:02:44):
Executive Sky Box
allie_b says to (22:03:07):
woot woot!
allie_b says to (22:03:08):
crone says to (22:03:14):
AuntyAlias says (22:03:21):
She'll forgive you because she loves me... tell her I vouch for you.
allie_b says to (22:03:23):
allie_b says to (22:03:24):
allie_b says to (22:03:42):
We'll have to wait two weeks...ooooh kaaay
AuntyAlias says (22:04:01):
Si Momma, con Gleem. That's all the Spanish I know.
allie_b says to (22:04:30):
no hables?
StarBC says to (22:04:44):
StarBC says to (22:05:11):
StarBC says to (22:05:33):
"siñorira" :P
AuntyAlias says (22:05:36):
http://tinyurl.com/2-16-12-Conquer The Cheat Sheet for tonight for those who just came in
allie_b says to (22:05:40):
StarBC says to (22:05:50):
Se ño ri ta.
AuntyAlias says (22:05:58):
Neuro Cognative Razza ma Taz
AuntyAlias says (22:06:01):
AuntyAlias says (22:06:25):
Lurker Delux, that's me Nora Jean Stone
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:06:44):
Premium Lurker Status
StarBC says to (22:06:51):
Yaaay! Nora Jean :P
BeMyGuestUswer says to (22:07:56):
lol minnie pearl
BeMyGuestUswer says to (22:08:23):
omg! It's her! LOL
BeMyGuestUswer says to (22:09:09):
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:09:11):
We don't need another waaaaay hoooome
AuntyAlias says (22:09:21):
allie_b says to (22:09:23):
Nora Jean is brilliant with the polymer clay!
BeMyGuestUswer says to (22:09:29):
zenMermaiden says to (22:09:32):
hi hi
allie_b says to (22:09:46):
Zen baby!:-*
zenMermaiden says to (22:09:54):
what we talkin about?
zenMermaiden says to (22:09:58):
hey allie
allie_b says to (22:10:19):
venus in aries--woot woot! :)
allie_b says to (22:10:29):
nora jean (aunty alias) is on!
zenMermaiden says to (22:10:35):
BeMyGuestUswer says to (22:11:22):
allie_b says to (22:11:32):
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:11:36):
allie_b says to (22:11:41):
that's a great saying! :D
allie_b says to (22:12:22):
next trip to SF will include a last thursday of the month ;)
allie_b says to (22:12:39):
geocosmic research?
allie_b says to (22:12:44):
Berni_F says to (22:12:51):
that's a mouthful
allie_b says to (22:13:00):
Si, Matthew ;)
zenMermaiden says to (22:13:45):
how tall is he?
allie_b says to (22:13:50):
allie_b says to (22:13:57):
Yeah, Nora's SHY! :D
zenMermaiden says to (22:13:58):
he has a nice voice
allie_b says to (22:14:12):
I love him
alohajay says to (22:14:51):
can i private message you matthew
alohajay says to (22:14:57):
with the data?
allie_b says to (22:14:58):
I'd love to go....I was in SF two years ago St. Patty's day
allie_b says to (22:15:02):
allie_b says to (22:15:32):
Great book
MatthewAstrologer says to (22:16:07):
alohajay sure! or e-mail: astrologyshow@gmail.com
AuntyAlias says (22:16:12):
zenMermaiden says to (22:16:29):
Pinkpassionkiss says to (22:16:35):
I like donkey never was a truer working companion made
zenMermaiden says to (22:16:36):
back in action
BeMyGuestUswer says to (22:17:07):
a LURID wink! :P
MatthewAstrologer says to (22:17:08):
More info and free stuff! astrologyshow@gmail.com
MatthewAstrologer says to (22:17:27):
Hey everyone, meet my blog! http://matthewastrology.blogspot.com/
AuntyAlias says (22:17:32):
zenMermaiden says to (22:18:18):
she show comes back in 2 weeks?
zenMermaiden says to (22:18:26):
what am i listening to right now?
zenMermaiden says to (22:18:33):
i'm not drunk
allie_b says to (22:18:39):
matthew wil be back in two weeks
zenMermaiden says to (22:18:46):
contrary to pisces belieif
allie_b says to (22:19:05):
haha, neptune IS in pisces now :)
zenMermaiden says to (22:19:09):
venus in aries...
zenMermaiden says to (22:19:11):
that is me
allie_b says to (22:19:19):
Venus in Aries in the house :)
allie_b says to (22:19:23):
zenMermaiden says to (22:19:26):
allie_b says to (22:19:33):
woot woot!
allie_b says to (22:19:37):
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:19:38):
Hey Venus!!!!
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:19:42):
zenMermaiden says to (22:19:49):
veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenus in aries....i have that
allie_b says to (22:19:54):
me too
zenMermaiden says to (22:19:59):
high5 allie
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:20:00):
Maybe we should do "Venus in...." stereotypes
allie_b says to (22:20:10):
rut roh
allie_b says to (22:20:13):
i know this story
allie_b says to (22:20:42):
enthusiastic :D
zenMermaiden says to (22:20:55):
not me!
zenMermaiden says to (22:21:04):
that isn't my venus in aries way
allie_b says to (22:21:04):
me neither zen, but i have saturn conj it
allie_b says to (22:21:24):
direct, definitely
StarBC says to (22:21:25):
I love "Venus in..." stereotypes. LJJ
allie_b says to (22:21:32):
YES--touch my head!
zenMermaiden says to (22:21:35):
i hate people holding my face
allie_b says to (22:21:35):
I love that!
zenMermaiden says to (22:21:41):
haha allie
allie_b says to (22:21:46):
my head though, like stroking my hair
allie_b says to (22:21:48):
love it
allie_b says to (22:22:02):
it's sweet
allie_b says to (22:22:13):
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:22:21):
Who's got a bottle of ripple
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:22:24):
zenMermaiden says to (22:22:31):
i am kinda zena
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:22:37):
Old English 800?
allie_b says to (22:22:40):
I have moon in aries too...watch out! :S
zenMermaiden says to (22:22:43):
MatthewAstrologer says to (22:23:02):
http://www.astrotheme.com/portraits/WnShGR7w5ZMm.htm (Lucy Lawless' natal chart)
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:23:07):
Good God.
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:23:17):
7lb balls
AuntyAlias says (22:23:26):
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:23:28):
I don't wanna be teabagged by thoses
allie_b says to (22:23:37):
Great Venus in Aries women: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:23:44):
last thing I wanna go to the emergency room for
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:23:48):
"what happened"
allie_b says to (22:23:55):
that would be embarrassing :D
allie_b says to (22:24:37):
i usually type in name...then 'horoscope chart; or 'astro data bank'
bestillmyheart says to (22:24:46):
mercury conj venus in pisces is nice
allie_b says to (22:24:58):
i have NN chiron moon saturn and venus in aries but I'm a pisces
allie_b says to (22:25:35):
very nice
bestillmyheart says to (22:25:53):
it's funny that her character was Warrior Princess though. Not too much method acting. lol.
allie_b says to (22:26:35):
venus opp pluto
zenMermaiden says to (22:27:24):
ya, where's my stuff?
zenMermaiden says to (22:27:28):
allie_b says to (22:27:38):
I'm not like that
allie_b says to (22:28:01):
is she talking venus in aries?
bestillmyheart says to (22:28:17):
I've heard this before; and have venus sq pluto and "stuff" has never come into play. can't identify.
StarBC says to (22:28:32):
allie_b says to (22:29:00):
someone on twitter said saturn/venus is like that; but hasn't been that way for me
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:29:11):
Yay for when Venus goes in Taurus
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:29:19):
Trine Time....
allie_b says to (22:29:28):
yes; depends on level you're living on
bestillmyheart says to (22:29:34):
Mutable though (Sadge/Virgo).
zenMermaiden says to (22:29:43):
i need to figure out what aspects i have
zenMermaiden says to (22:29:47):
i just dont' know
Marigold930 says to (22:29:54):
hiyas all
allie_b says to (22:30:01):
do you know your time of birth, zen?
zenMermaiden says to (22:30:06):
allie_b says to (22:30:07):
hi marigold!
zenMermaiden says to (22:30:10):
i know the chart
zenMermaiden says to (22:30:20):
but i dont' know what the aspects are
zenMermaiden says to (22:30:35):
i just haven't payed attention to them
allie_b says to (22:30:40):
oh, that's right. i remember offering to teach you way back when :D
zenMermaiden says to (22:30:56):
oh ya seriously i need astro help
allie_b says to (22:30:59):
like a year ago
zenMermaiden says to (22:31:08):
sure it was a while ago
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:31:09):
Pisces and Mars Virgo is coming up right?
zenMermaiden says to (22:31:27):
my piscesness would like my pisces life to GET A WHOLE lot better FAST
Marigold930 says to (22:31:35):
StarBC says to (22:31:51):
Zen, download Zet.9 free astro software. It´ll tell you lots of stuff.
StarBC says to (22:32:13):
It´ll tell you transits, progressions etc.
zenMermaiden says to (22:32:13):
MARCH 5 pisces
zenMermaiden says to (22:32:22):
thanks star
zenMermaiden says to (22:32:54):
oh man... pisces sunn.... libra rising
zenMermaiden says to (22:32:58):
i am f'd , eh?
StarBC says to (22:33:05):
Libra talking about relationships? how odd!! :P
MatthewAstrologer says to (22:33:10):
ha! not at all....
StarBC says to (22:33:21):
we NEVER do
StarBC says to (22:33:29):
AuntyAlias says (22:33:47):
zenMermaiden says to (22:33:56):
Marigold930 says to (22:34:01):
kettle of fish?
AuntyAlias says (22:34:10):
zenMermaiden says to (22:34:12):
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:34:47):
Try okCupid
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:34:54):
Slightly better
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:34:57):
but not at all
AuntyAlias says (22:35:02):
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:35:03):
it just looks prettier
allie_b says to (22:35:03):
i was going to sign up on plenty of fish but saw a typo on their main page
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:35:26):
Guys think I'm nuts when I ask foir their birth time
allie_b says to (22:35:27):
i tried okcupid last year
zenMermaiden says to (22:35:41):
zenMermaiden says to (22:35:43):
zenMermaiden says to (22:36:09):
haha allie
zenMermaiden says to (22:36:30):
ya, i pick up spelling and grammer issues straight away too
Marigold930 says to (22:36:34):
my natal Neptune is 9 degrees from my Sun.. what does that do to me for fourteen years?
allie_b says to (22:37:08):
i thought it was a fake site 'cause of the typo
allie_b says to (22:37:38):
yeh, i have merc in pisces; people think we have our heads in the clouds; i'm great at spotting typos :D
zenMermaiden says to (22:37:48):
allie_b says to (22:38:13):
yes! a renaissance in our spirits! let's hope for the positive!
Marigold930 says to (22:38:13):
what do you have in Virgo allie? they're good at details :-)
zenMermaiden says to (22:38:16):
pisces sun, libra rising...... capricorn moon wouldn't let me be in a cult
zenMermaiden says to (22:38:18):
allie_b says to (22:38:22):
allie_b says to (22:38:24):
that's it
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:38:27):
allie_b says to (22:38:30):
my only earth too
zenMermaiden says to (22:38:40):
allie_b says to (22:38:43):
pisces sun, libra rising, aries moon
zenMermaiden says to (22:38:48):
ohhhh allie
allie_b says to (22:38:49):
allie_b says to (22:39:13):
poor whitney
zenMermaiden says to (22:39:15):
come on who isn't into a conspiracy theroies?
allie_b says to (22:39:20):
I'm not
Marigold930 says to (22:39:28):
allie_b says to (22:39:30):
I couldn't care less, honestly
zenMermaiden says to (22:39:45):
not even a little allie?
allie_b says to (22:39:55):
not about her death, about conspiracy theories
zenMermaiden says to (22:40:16):
allie_b says to (22:40:30):
I feel so bad for her daughter
Marigold930 says to (22:40:54):
I agree allie
zenMermaiden says to (22:40:56):
don't feel bad allie
zenMermaiden says to (22:41:02):
feel good, send love
allie_b says to (22:41:10):
yes, true, zen
allie_b says to (22:41:15):
i'll send her reiki
Marigold930 says to (22:41:30):
good idea
Berni_F says to (22:42:36):
ooohhh interesting
zenMermaiden says to (22:42:55):
Berni_F says to (22:43:04):
post mortem ... to boost their numbers
AuntyAlias says (22:43:12):
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:43:13):
but your soul is gone already
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:43:25):
then again they can't get underwear right
Marigold930 says to (22:43:29):
if you believe the spirit lives on ..
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:43:33):
how can they get death right
Berni_F says to (22:43:48):
the baptism under All Gods... We Do It All Y'all
Marigold930 says to (22:43:51):
prayers should help them but I don't know about the baptism stuff
allie_b says to (22:43:57):
let's talk astrology --please?
zenMermaiden says to (22:44:05):
haha allie
allie_b says to (22:44:11):
allie_b says to (22:44:13):
allie_b says to (22:44:28):
these fire signs--we have to reign them in
zenMermaiden says to (22:44:49):
fire signs
allie_b says to (22:44:49):
back on topic ;)
allie_b says to (22:45:04):
thank you (L)
allie_b says to (22:45:31):
Matthew you're a healer!
Marigold930 says to (22:45:46):
a wounded healer
allie_b says to (22:45:50):
for me too, aspects everything in my chart
zenMermaiden says to (22:45:59):
chiron.... (pronounced k-eye-ron) but i say it CHEER-ON
zenMermaiden says to (22:46:06):
Marigold930 says to (22:46:09):
he has to suffer to be able to know how to help others
allie_b says to (22:46:29):
I believe he has ;)
allie_b says to (22:46:34):
just broke his foot
zenMermaiden says to (22:46:48):
my chiron is in aries
StarBC says to (22:46:51):
smashed by a car!!
allie_b says to (22:46:57):
mine too, zen!
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:47:29):
Whole Foods Astrology
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:47:35):
It's getting real
zenMermaiden says to (22:47:43):
allie_b says to (22:48:22):
zenMermaiden says to (22:48:34):
i can write a sadge relationship book
zenMermaiden says to (22:48:36):
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:48:49):
I can write the Gay Gemini Chapter
zenMermaiden says to (22:48:51):
MatthewAstrologer says to (22:48:54):
ha! me too! wait, i did sorta... ;0
MatthewAstrologer says to (22:49:00):
bestillmyheart says to (22:49:06):
9th house/pisces 26 degrees conjunct MC
zenMermaiden says to (22:49:08):
was it big $$ matthew?
allie_b says to (22:49:15):
you did, Matthew; enjoyable :)
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:49:27):
"What's wrong with you... and not wrong with the Gemini in your life"
zenMermaiden says to (22:49:33):
ya but i'd tell all the sadge secrets matthew
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:49:36):
"Seeing every side of the story"
bestillmyheart says to (22:49:51):
right on, matthew! same here
AuntyAlias says (22:50:35):
MatthewAstrologer says to (22:51:14):
sagittarius has no secrets. it's called "plausible deniability" :)
zenMermaiden says to (22:51:25):
MatthewAstrologer says to (22:51:27):
More info and free stuff! astrologyshow@gmail.com
MatthewAstrologer says to (22:51:32):
Hey everyone, meet my blog! http://matthewastrology.blogspot.com/
allie_b says to (22:52:53):
Get a pre-nup; lesson learned
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:52:57):
I don't want a soul mate, I just want someone that'll pay half the rent
bestillmyheart says to (22:53:06):
allie_b says to (22:53:10):
how romantic :D
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:53:22):
occasional sex
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:53:35):
but always pays their half of the rent on the 1st of the month
StarBC says to (22:53:37):
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:53:54):
Can't think about sex when you're homeless
Marigold930 says to (22:54:02):
mine too Auntie
zenMermaiden says to (22:54:10):
today i came t to the idea.. that endings are the new beginnings
allie_b says to (22:54:13):
StarBC says to (22:54:14):
hmm, LJJ
zenMermaiden says to (22:54:18):
so let things end
zenMermaiden says to (22:54:34):
cuz hey, NEW beginnings follow it
allie_b says to (22:54:41):
do you have tr Pluto conj your Moon, Zen?
MatthewAstrologer says to (22:55:09):
allie_b says to (22:55:35):
oh really, Star? Hm...
StarBC says to (22:55:42):
bestillmyheart says to (22:55:52):
throw out links like grappling hooks.
zenMermaiden says to (22:55:55):
beyond good spanish?
zenMermaiden says to (22:56:05):
FOOD spanish
zenMermaiden says to (22:56:19):
lots of people speak food spanish
StarBC says to (22:56:26):
haha zen.
zenMermaiden says to (22:56:32):
food and sex
zenMermaiden says to (22:56:48):
PISCES.......... in the bucket
zenMermaiden says to (22:56:52):
swimming around
StarBC says to (22:56:53):
sex in español!
zenMermaiden says to (22:57:41):
what happend to matthew now?
allie_b says to (22:57:44):
Broken bones are very painful when they start healing
StarBC says to (22:57:52):
a car smashed his foot!!!
zenMermaiden says to (22:58:01):
StarBC says to (22:58:11):
yeah, 8-|
allie_b says to (22:58:16):
it's the worst
zenMermaiden says to (22:58:36):
which foot?
allie_b says to (22:58:46):
pain killers help you sleep but they don't cut the pain really
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:58:48):
I won't
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:58:51):
not at all
StarBC says to (22:58:54):
noooooooooooo 8-|
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (22:59:03):
I can't do Grey's Anatomy
allie_b says to (22:59:46):
Necesito dormir pronto
zenMermaiden says to (22:59:48):
so less foot in mouth now
AuntyAlias says (22:59:57):
zenMermaiden says to (23:00:03):
it was organized
MatthewAstrologer says to (23:00:21):
find me! http://www.facebook.com/theastrologer
zenMermaiden says to (23:00:42):
well folks happy pisces birthday coming up
allie_b says to (23:01:15):
you, too zen! if I don't see you around here :)
allie_b says to (23:01:25):
mine's not for another month
Marigold930 says to (23:02:11):
enjoyed it .. thanks for being there for us
zenMermaiden says to (23:02:25):
bye bye everyone
allie_b says to (23:02:34):
It's always fun--thanks, Matthew (L)(F)
allie_b says to (23:02:42):
Thanks, Nora Jean (L)
bestillmyheart says to (23:02:45):
bye bye. that went quick (L)
allie_b says to (23:02:59):
yes, it did!
Marigold930 says to (23:03:40):
nite nite everybody (})
Laurence Joseph Jones says to (23:03:50):
In March
allie_b says to (23:04:10):
Have a great night, everyone! Thanks again, Mattie &NJ! (L)
MatthewAstrologer says to (23:04:10):
bless ye, one and all.... write me with your questions, or just for free stuff. Just do it. :)
AuntyAlias says (23:04:22):
Ciao All! xoxo
MatthewAstrologer says to (23:04:31):
More info and free stuff! astrologyshow@gmail.com