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Guest: Nora Jean Stone, dat's me folks!

Here you will find the archived 2 hour broadcast, links featured during the show and the chat log from the "Executive Sky Box".

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Arnold and Maria vs Bill and Hillary

Men – Leo

Women - Scorpio

IMF - DSK: Work : Gain social status 28 September 2007 (Managing Director of IMF) Transiting Saturn in Virgo at 3, DSK’s natal Saturn 29Leo. Close enough for a second Saturn return.


*** (12:59:32):Welcome to the MatthewAstrologer Chat Room.

(AKA: The Executive Skybox)

MatthewAstrologer says to  (13:00:35):


Sabrina Luna says to  (13:00:36):

Hi folks --got my coffee here!  :)

AuntyAlias says (13:00:35):

Howdy all, juggling the phone receiver and typing with nails that are too long.

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:00:57):

Hey Auntie!

Marigold930 says to  (13:01:14):

hiyas all

Niceokole says to  (13:01:24):

you'll do fine Aunty

AuntyAlias says (13:01:26):


AuntyAlias says (13:01:59):

That's me Nora Jean Stone

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:02:09):

Tsk-tsk! Shame on you, Matthew!  :P

Niceokole says to  (13:02:12):


AuntyAlias says (13:02:29):


Sabrina Luna says to  (13:02:34):

Oh, it is!  Yay Auntie!

AuntyAlias says (13:03:57):

That's so bad

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:04:36):

Are y'all up to looking at my chart today?

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:04:47):

Welcome back Matthew, hiya everyone !

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:05:02):


Sabrina Luna says to  (13:05:23):

No Joke --NJ!  :)

allie_b says to  (13:08:40):

Hi Everyone!(})

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:08:55):

Hi Allie

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:09:37):

I knew a gal named Kim Lee who is NOT oriental at all, no way.  ;)

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:10:09):

She always got a double-take when folks met her after seeing her name too.

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:11:22):


MILESofSMILES says to  (13:11:32):

kitty whampus or kitty corner ? creek or crick ?  regional slang !

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:11:46):


MILESofSMILES says to  (13:11:48):


Marigold930 says to  (13:12:04):

Greetings :-)

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:12:46):

older astro books are great- very esoteric love em :)

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:13:20):

Yeah, those older books are pretty neat & can be found for hardly nothing at used bookstores.

MatthewAstrologer says to  (13:13:22):

Write me and get free stuff!

allie_b says to  (13:13:49):

Awww...thanks! :)

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:13:57):

I got a great one from Middle Earth books love that Hobbit astrology

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:14:27):

I like Christopher Witecki's way of reading charts too.

Marigold930 says to  (13:14:43):

looking at the astrome app on FB .. cool :-)

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:14:47):

And Matthew's SO funny --I love the way he approaches the chart too.

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:15:57):

yeah, matthew is great, and certainly got my attention when he read for me.  mans perspective

MatthewAstrologer says to  (13:16:24):

He's a man, man. :)

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:17:57):

Very interesting.  Also read most  ex presidents have more Rx planets

allie_b says to  (13:18:19):

I have a friend with Saturn square sun--sounds like him

allie_b says to  (13:19:13):

complains about incompetent people at work lol

allie_b says to  (13:19:45):

LOL quincunx this!

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:19:52):

my sun conjunct uranus seems difficult to me

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:21:29):

listening my squares are buggers

allie_b says to  (13:22:12):

I've seen that, too--people with lots of trines

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:22:13):

whiners triners

allie_b says to  (13:22:18):


allie_b says to  (13:22:19):


allie_b says to  (13:22:56):

I have so many oppositions in my chart :/

Katjava says to  (13:23:02):

mmm. pie.

MatthewAstrologer says to  (13:23:31):

hee hee...

allie_b says to  (13:23:31):


MILESofSMILES says to  (13:24:01):

Hi Katjava

Katjava says to  (13:24:12):

Hey Miles

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:25:49):

very interesting midpoints, right ?

Marigold930 says to  (13:26:43):

I don't know how accurate the little AstroMe app is but it says Matthew is my most similar friend today .. is that why I'm here for the show :)

MatthewAstrologer says to  (13:27:29):

that must be it! how are your lungs today? :)

Marigold930 says to  (13:27:54):

I'm breathing fine so it must be the astrology LOL

Marigold930 says to  (13:30:03):

oh I sooo agree Auntie

allie_b says to  (13:30:08):

I have moon conjunct the desc. sounds like me

Marigold930 says to  (13:30:40):

me too with Cap/Cancer

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:30:58):

Aquarius is the midpoint of my opp ->interesting, because that works.  I gave up habits and turned sooper metaphysical

zenMermaiden says to  (13:31:33):


zenMermaiden says to  (13:31:37):


MILESofSMILES says to  (13:31:40):

hi zen !

Marigold930 says to  (13:31:40):


allie_b says to  (13:31:45):

Hi Zen!

Mary squires says to  (13:31:46):

:) Zen

zenMermaiden says to  (13:31:48):

who is on with matthew?

zenMermaiden says to  (13:32:20):


zenMermaiden says to  (13:32:23):


MILESofSMILES says to  (13:32:27):


zenMermaiden says to  (13:32:29):

I gotta call now

zenMermaiden says to  (13:32:50):


MILESofSMILES says to  (13:32:57):

please do,  I have to leave early

AuntyAlias says (13:32:54):

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:33:01):


zenMermaiden says to  (13:33:37):


AuntyAlias says (13:33:41):

zenMermaiden says to  (13:34:32):

I bet you need an amazing assistant, AuntyAlias.... I am willing to move

zenMermaiden says to  (13:34:35):


Katjava says to  (13:35:08):

horary quincunxes? very kinky.

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:35:15):


AuntyAlias says (13:35:19):

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:35:28):

Toro transit much LOL

zenMermaiden says to  (13:35:56):


zenMermaiden says to  (13:35:59):


zenMermaiden says to  (13:36:15):

hey miles!

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:36:17):


zenMermaiden says to  (13:36:19):

hey mary

zenMermaiden says to  (13:36:25):

hey allie

zenMermaiden says to  (13:36:35):

hey sabrina

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:36:47):

pls don't say chimp

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:36:50):


AuntyAlias says (13:37:00):

zenMermaiden says to  (13:37:19):

astro is good

allie_b says to  (13:37:28):


MILESofSMILES says to  (13:37:33):

have you seen the musical charts ther-> is funky !

zenMermaiden says to  (13:37:38):

happy birthday gemini's

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:37:40):

Yep, love my astro!  ;)

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:37:45):


Sabrina Luna says to  (13:37:58):

Thx, zen!  <3!

AuntyAlias says (13:37:56):

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:38:07):

what is up with the musical charts ?

zenMermaiden says to  (13:38:12):

ya, yer beautiful sabrina

zenMermaiden says to  (13:38:27):

gemini birthday peeps

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:39:03):

Aw! 8-)

AuntyAlias says (13:39:05):

zenMermaiden says to  (13:39:47):


MILESofSMILES says to  (13:40:02):

seriously huge listing of famous people and disscussion in forums too- so informative !

zenMermaiden says to  (13:40:13):

good to know miles

AuntyAlias says (13:40:29):

zenMermaiden says to  (13:40:40):

matthew.. you do sound all snotty nosed

allie_b says to  (13:40:42):

I do that--let's find out *his* birthday! LOL

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:40:49):

check out Nostradamus one time !

allie_b says to  (13:40:50):

ah, astrologers are all alike ;)

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:41:06):

haha weird /!

allie_b says to  (13:41:26):

oh wow

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:41:30):

Arnold is a dog

AuntyAlias says (13:41:27):

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:41:41):

interesting correlation

allie_b says to  (13:41:42):

what IS that all about?

zenMermaiden says to  (13:41:54):

nah arnold isn't any different than almost any other man

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:42:01):

true enuff. sad

zenMermaiden says to  (13:42:13):

and i love dogs... but i don't love all men

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:42:15):

but 20 years of lying ick.

AuntyAlias says (13:42:44):

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:42:49):

Strange, yet interesting stuff

allie_b says to  (13:42:57):

I love planetwatcher yeah :)

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:42:57):


MILESofSMILES says to  (13:43:59):

ohhh that is handy

zenMermaiden says to  (13:44:04):

arnold had some kind a thing to say about letterman's thing that happened.. hypocritical

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:44:07):


AuntyAlias says (13:44:11):

AuntyAlias says (13:44:43):

IMF-DSK Transiting Saturn on his Neptune, Natal Pluto square Sun, Mercury, Venus.

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:45:11):

is online somewhere ?

MatthewAstrologer says to  (13:45:19):

An inadequate cover by another group of that DSK song:

MatthewAstrologer says to  (13:45:21):


MILESofSMILES says to  (13:45:30):


MILESofSMILES says to  (13:45:56):

who are we talkin ?

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:46:02):

Arnold still?

allie_b says to  (13:46:16):

Pluto in the 1st house squaring those 10th house planets, esp.

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:46:31):

thanks, goom-bah techie term love it

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:46:45):


MatthewAstrologer says to  (13:47:17):

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:47:43):


allie_b says to  (13:47:58):


MILESofSMILES says to  (13:49:06):

my brother had similar with fatal auto wreck mars uranus  good one to be looking for

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:49:15):

yipe !

zenMermaiden says to  (13:49:41):

astro forplay

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:49:42):

LOL (lol)

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:49:46):

Kep Lagh

zenMermaiden says to  (13:49:47):


zenMermaiden says to  (13:50:39):

---> new people

zenMermaiden says to  (13:50:41):


MILESofSMILES says to  (13:51:02):

good description

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:51:32):

love horseshoes !

allie_b says to  (13:51:36):

yes, i played horseshoes :)

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:51:46):

very horse and capricorn

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:51:52):

Nope, I totally understand, Aunty :)

zenMermaiden says to  (13:51:54):

horseshoes is the new retro summer game

Sabrina Luna says to  (13:52:06):

Orbs close works for me ;)

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:52:13):

don't put your orb out with that horseshoe ! :)

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:52:32):

ding nerd alert

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:53:13):

everyone should drink each time Matt makes a sci-fi reference

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:53:23):

blotto. instantly !

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:53:46):

LOL so sorry my lunch is over, gotta go...y'all have fun

zenMermaiden says to  (13:53:47):

lol miles

Katjava says to  (13:53:56):

bye Miles

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:54:02):

true yeah ?! LOL zen

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:54:19):

see ya Great all- feel better matthew !

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:54:35):

cya thanks Aunty !

MILESofSMILES says to  (13:54:41):


zenMermaiden says to  (13:54:51):

what is aunty doing?

allie_b says to  (13:55:02):

go leos! :)

zenMermaiden says to  (13:55:05):

what are you doing with the chat log?

amagentablue says to  (13:55:15):


AuntyAlias says (13:56:29):

Zen: I'm saving the chat log to put on my website with a link to the archived copy of the show. Plus the links I'm posting here.

AuntyAlias says (13:57:09):


AuntyAlias says (13:57:43):


zenMermaiden says to  (13:57:52):

oh i see... ummm... why do you do that?

allie_b says to  (14:02:55):

yes, I so feel for them!

amagentablue says to  (14:05:03):

Hey Caller...for 1500  $$ a :Dmonth, I could drive you out of your mind until you came to your senses!

Marigold930 says to  (14:05:05):

living in Indiana would make one move to Ireland :-)

amagentablue says to  (14:06:19):

babies??? never mind it's toooo late!:D

allie_b says to  (14:06:29):

Uranus is going to be on my Moon...interesting to see what happens :)

allie_b says to  (14:07:22):


amagentablue says to  (14:09:30):

drunk or meditate? hmmmmmmmmmmmm stump question!

MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:10:19):

Find me on Facebook!

amagentablue says to  (14:10:41):

gumba ya m'lord gumba ya'

Grace 4108 says to  (14:10:55):

(L)(})Hello everyone!

MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:11:20):


amagentablue says to  (14:11:35):


Grace 4108 says to  (14:12:49):

will you take questions in chat?

amagentablue says to  (14:13:10):

translating ...We needed GRACE!(L)

Grace 4108 says to  (14:14:08):

I ahve a big event this sunday and was wondering how it will go!

Grace 4108 says to  (14:14:17):


MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:14:22):

yes, but send them as a private message... stuff here scrolls too fast for me...

Grace 4108 says to  (14:14:39):

sure! thanks and blessings!

Marigold930 says to  (14:15:20):

I gotta run folks .. may be back. Thanks for good show :)

allie_b says to  (14:16:45):

I feel that with early Aries Moon. Exactly right.

allie_b says to  (14:20:59):

my saturn is 24 aries--i'll pay attention

Katjava says to  (14:21:27):

Hmm. 25 degrees Uranus in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio.

Grace 4108 says to  (14:21:27):

(F) that is awesome insight to know!

zenMermaiden says to  (14:21:31):

i need an astro class.. taught preferably on a beautiful beach

Grace 4108 says to  (14:21:45):

me to zen!

amagentablue says to  (14:22:03):

in the Meditteranian!

zenMermaiden says to  (14:22:04):

no nude astro beach

amagentablue says to  (14:22:31):

say no to astro-nude

allie_b says to  (14:22:42):


Grace 4108 says to  (14:23:13):

I am a Reiki master!

allie_b says to  (14:23:21):

ah, nice :)

allie_b says to  (14:23:39):

I'm Reiki II

zenMermaiden says to  (14:23:50):

grace... i did reiki level I  .... my hands felt burnt for weeks afterward

Grace 4108 says to  (14:23:52):

cool allie!

zenMermaiden says to  (14:24:01):

the attunement made me nauseous

amagentablue says to  (14:24:27):

follow your nausia without hesitation(L)

MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:24:35):


Grace 4108 says to  (14:24:58):

yep! that will happen until you learn yourself more1

allie_b says to  (14:25:47):

the attunement for reiki II made me sick for a while

zenMermaiden says to  (14:26:04):

i've learned to dial back the heat

zenMermaiden says to  (14:26:12):

but my heands heat up so much

Katjava says to  (14:26:16):

boo relatives

amagentablue says to  (14:29:04):


amagentablue says to  (14:30:05):

high school french!  Oh!

amagentablue says to  (14:31:14):

Jupiter return!! MONEY returning to me!!

zenMermaiden says to  (14:31:25):

jupiter return.. when is that?

allie_b says to  (14:31:44):

august 4th, it changes

allie_b says to  (14:31:51):

i think

amagentablue says to  (14:32:17):

chat room bombing...

MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:33:19):


amagentablue says to  (14:33:30):


zenMermaiden says to  (14:33:31):

how long does the jupiter return last?

amagentablue says to  (14:33:55):

doggie year

zenMermaiden says to  (14:34:17):

ah.. i have it now

allie_b says to  (14:34:20):

jupiter in aries moved really fast this time around

amagentablue says to  (14:35:03):

gawd,'ll be ok

Grace 4108 says to  (14:36:03):


Grace 4108 says to  (14:36:39):


zenMermaiden says to  (14:37:05):

i'd rather talk about someone elses... my life sucks

amagentablue says to  (14:37:09):

serves him right!! hahaha

allie_b says to  (14:37:10):

june 4th jupiter moves into taurus

amagentablue says to  (14:37:35):

that's what happens...

zenMermaiden says to  (14:38:30):

ya, june jupiter

zenMermaiden says to  (14:38:40):

money better show up

amagentablue says to  (14:39:13):

hahaha offsprings squares age

Kingdomhere says to  (14:39:48):

Hello! Everyone

Kingdomhere says to  (14:39:57):

Was there any reading for me?

allie_b says to  (14:39:59):


Kingdomhere says to  (14:40:06):

Sorry I was away from keyboard

amagentablue says to  (14:40:13):

this is dangerous territory...kingdom

allie_b says to  (14:40:16):


Kingdomhere says to  (14:40:42):

What about? blue

amagentablue says to  (14:40:59):

it's a wild thang

Kingdomhere says to  (14:41:41):

What? blue

Kingdomhere says to  (14:41:58):

Can anyone enlighten me on what Blue is saying?

amagentablue says to  (14:42:27):

:D certainly not blue...she's not makin sense

amagentablue says to  (14:42:47):

it's a match!!

zenMermaiden says to  (14:42:53):

i seems to like being annoyed... i like sag's

zenMermaiden says to  (14:42:55):


amagentablue says to  (14:43:27):


Grace 4108 says to  (14:43:49):

my sister is a sag, and we are best friends!

zenMermaiden says to  (14:43:58):


zenMermaiden says to  (14:44:40):

my north node sag.. is rug away from me.. leaving me in in teh ditch with my south node

Mary squires says to  (14:44:48):

You have to use Virgo's for their strengths - I always have my Virgo son in law bring my car to the car wash that way I know it will be done right - no missed spots :)

zenMermaiden says to  (14:45:03):

lol mary

caribbeanradioshow says to  (14:45:04):

 Hello Zen

zenMermaiden says to  (14:45:11):

hey carib!!!

caribbeanradioshow says to  (14:45:21):

 hello Kingdom

Kingdomhere says to  (14:45:35):

Hello! caribbean

caribbeanradioshow says to  (14:45:38):

 how u Zen

Mary squires says to  (14:45:48):

hola Caribbean :)

caribbeanradioshow says to  (14:45:56):

 (L)@ Mary

zenMermaiden says to  (14:46:00):

i dunno carib... i need things to breakthrough

zenMermaiden says to  (14:46:04):

to something good

amagentablue says to  (14:46:08):

long story short...take a long nap

zenMermaiden says to  (14:46:11):

how ar you?

Mary squires says to  (14:46:11):

ok I have watched too much Dora today - :)

caribbeanradioshow says to  (14:46:16):

(L) @zen lolo

caribbeanradioshow says to  (14:46:46):

 OO yes

zenMermaiden says to  (14:46:48):

yep proooo-cess

amagentablue says to  (14:47:01):

let's do difficult...

zenMermaiden says to  (14:47:10):

i have to go everyone

amagentablue says to  (14:47:15):

he's lost it

zenMermaiden says to  (14:47:16):

good to chat with you all

zenMermaiden says to  (14:47:24):

take care

Marigold930 says to  (14:47:27):

sending healing thoughts to you Matthew

Sabrina Luna says to  (14:47:34):

Great show!  :)

Grace 4108 says to  (14:47:39):


zenMermaiden says to  (14:47:40):

matthew sick again?

caribbeanradioshow says to  (14:47:43):

 OO lord

zenMermaiden says to  (14:47:53):

bye bye

Sabrina Luna says to  (14:47:54):

Be well soon, Matt!  :)

amagentablue says to  (14:47:57):


Grace 4108 says to  (14:48:02):

sending healing light to you Matthew!

zenMermaiden says to  (14:48:05):

great chat

caribbeanradioshow says to  (14:48:11):


MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:48:13):

bless ye!

AuntyAlias says (14:48:18):

Sabrina Luna says to  (14:48:24):

Aunty, groovy show!  Thanks for enlightening us!  :D

MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:48:33):

Write me and get free stuff!

amagentablue says to  (14:48:33):

work toward a Heimlich manoever

Sabrina Luna says to  (14:48:48):

Yes, please!

allie_b says to  (14:48:58):

Thanks Matthew & Aunty! Great show! (L)

Sabrina Luna says to  (14:49:04):

Thanks (L)

amagentablue says to  (14:49:17):

I like to say "panties"

Grace 4108 says to  (14:50:07):

(L)(F)Thank you and Blessings for the insight!

amagentablue says to  (14:50:10):


AuntyAlias says (14:50:48):

amagentablue says to  (14:51:03):

Aunty..yer a stylin' girl!

amagentablue says to  (14:51:59):

oh boy freeee cookies

MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:52:31):

If you like what you heard, meet my Tip Jar!

Grace 4108 says to  (14:52:32):

Loved the show!! Thank you both!

MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:52:37):

MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:52:45):

Find me on Facebook!

Marigold930 says to  (14:53:50):

thanks for the great show you two

AuntyAlias says (14:54:15):

Thanks for showing up - it was a stone gas

AuntyAlias says (14:54:17):



Marigold930 says to  (14:54:44):


Grace 4108 says to  (14:54:52):


MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:54:52):


MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:55:01):

Thanks for dropping by everyone. :)

Grace 4108 says to  (14:55:03):

love and light!!

Kingdomhere says to  (14:55:12):

bye bye

MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:55:20):

Now, that nerdy remix. :)

Marigold930 says to  (14:55:44):

listening .. new age and industrial?

AuntyAlias says (14:55:56):

Dr. Who

MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:55:59):

Doctor Who dance remix, y'allz! :)

AuntyAlias says (14:56:05):

How fun!

Marigold930 says to  (14:56:11):

ahhh ok

AuntyAlias says (14:56:11):

I had a great time Matty

MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:56:26):

me too! that was great!


MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:56:50):

Gotta lie down soon... my luings sound like the TARDIS.

MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:56:57):


MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:56:58):


MatthewAstrologer says to  (14:57:03):


Marigold930 says to  (14:57:20):

prop up on some pillows and have a good rest :-)

AuntyAlias says (14:57:19):

I'm outta here, got to get the web page set up. xoxo