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The Grand Earth Trine of March 14, 2012


This Thursday, February 2nd, 4pm ET / 9pm UK join Nora Jean Stone and I as we talk about the Grand Trine that appears March 14th! What does it have in store for you? Woman's Wisdom - Nora Jean Stone - Mars in Virgo for 9 Months!



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To paraphrase Lunar Living (link below) Look at the Kite as a cross bow. The sextile aspects are the bowstring. The opposition is the arrow. The planet across the chart from the sextiles is the target, in this case it's Mars retrograde in Virgo. Kites work best with others involved. It's not a "loner" pattern. End of paraphrase.

Oppositions are opportunities for the two sides to meet in the middle. The Grand Earth Trine could be complacent, like Ferdinand the Bull, satisfied in the paddock chewing his cud. The Opposition inside of that Grand Trine, making the Kite pattern, is the emphasis this configuration needs to get something done.

What gets done depends on where these planets fall inside of your chart. I have Virgo in the 8th house, so the topic group resources is coming up again. This is the second of three Grand Earth Trines that will happen. The first was in mid November 2011, the second is mid March 2012, and the third is in mid May. The Kite shows up in the Grand Earth Trine in mid May too Those are links to Planet Watcher so you can see the Kite yourself. The date of March 14, 2012 has not only a Grand Earth Trine but also a "Kite", which means that another planet opposes the Grand Trine. In this case it is Chiron and Neptune in Pisces that  oppose Mars in Virgo. The link to Lunar Living explains what this means and I can't copy and paste it here. Emphasis is mine.

"The grand trine symbolizes earned, special advantages to be enjoyed in this life in the element common to the three planets. Trines indicate a harmonious flow of energy, the potential for creative self-expression, or blessings, gifts and talents related to the planets and houses involved. If not offset by hard aspects (squares, oppositions, semisquares, or quincunxes), however, the grand trine can symbolize too much stability leading to inertia, passivity or inactivity owing to a lack of obstacles and the compensatory effort in one’s life: spiritual exercise, as it were. Therefore a good way to tap a grand trine’s latent energy is to have at least one planet square or opposed to a planet in the grand trine. This planet in hard aspect can often produce enough stimulus to mobilize the grand trine’s otherwise latent energy. If you have such a planet in your chart, get to know it so that you can develop a habit of using its energy to break free of your inertia.

"For these reasons medieval and Renaissance astrologers considered the grand trine an unfortunate aspect, the native doomed to a life of indolence, stagnation and missed opportunities. Modern astrologers do not interpret them so severely, if negatively at all, perhaps due to the relatively greater ease with which one can get by in today’s world. Suffice it to say, some individuals with grand trines do not accomplish as much as they could in life because the easy flow of events does not stimulate achievement and ambition."

"Mars entering Virgo sets off a grand earth trine with Jupiter Rx in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn that will be in effect most strongly November 16-23.

Mars retrogrades back into this grand earth trine in March when the configuration will be exact. Jupiter in Taurus, Mars Rx in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn will be exactly trine each other at 9 degrees of the earth signs from March 12-14, 2012.

Mars in Virgo will trine Pluto in Capricorn one last time on May 15-17, 2012 with Mars moving direct. At that time, Jupiter in Taurus will be out of range.

Needless to say, within these grand earth trines, the application of specific choices and actions — including what we choose not to do or say — has big ripple effects, creating real, concrete, structural changes." Lesson Eight: Introduction to the Aspects, Part Three - The trine

"Clare: Grand trines occur when three planets are in trine to each other, so they will share the same element. All 'closed' aspect patterns have a feeling of self-sufficiency about them, and the grand trine is so whole and complete that it tends to cancel itself out. In our culture, which values the work ethic and the achievement of goals, the grand trine tends to be on the receiving end of judgements such as laziness, inertia, a lack of self discipline, and the avoidance of responsibility. These criticisms do not allow for the inner sense of harmony, wholeness and completion which is such a positive feature of the grand trine."

"Grand Trines in Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

These signs find their expression in the physical and material realm.

Earth Grand Trines are not as energetically expressed as the other elements in Grand Trines.

One of the reasons for this is the element of Earth is associated with the material plane, and individuals with a Grand Trine in Earth will tend to be very grounded and practical in their approach.

Earth signs enjoy organization and security. Earth signs are have a propensity for the sensual and therefore indulge themselves in world pleasures and creature comforts."


 Depending on what houses and planets are the Grand Trine, this is also an indication of spiritual inspiration in a chart. Many great spiritual leaders so Grand Fire trines. On the other side, Grand Water trines can indicate that as well.

        The trine formation is considered beneficial and a harmonious flow of energy. However, I would caution the reader to watch over-generalizations in any astrology delineation. As in life the energy is about friction and flow, positive and negative, to reach the point of BALANCE. A chart with many trines and few SQUARES can act have the potential of being challenging because it does not have the balance. The abundance of trines in a chart may indicate a lack of stimulation to achieve and may indicate energy flow of complacency. On the other side of this is the person who needs no outside help for motivation and is quite driven. As a result the individual may lack a sensitivity to other folks needs, wishes or desires.

       When looking at a chart that has Grand Trines, it helps to ask a few questions. (NOTE: we are only dealing with natal interpretation and not transit/progression interpretation)

1) What is the Ruler of the chart?
2) Where is the Ruler of the chart in relationship to the Grand Trine?
3) Is there a final dispositor that is part of this Trine?
4) What are the missing components in the chart? Aspect, element, house placement, etc.
5) Any unaspected planets?
6) What is the predominant ASPECT in the chart? 
7) Do the squares balance off the Grand Trine?

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