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01-13-11 Earth Much?


As the Moon moves into Taurus it is joining a mob of Capricorn planets: Sun, Mars, Pluto and the North Node have been hunkering down in Capricorn and look who is coming? Mercury is leaving Sagittarius, getting tired of tasting its own feet, and coming to join the Capricorn gang. All this earth energy does what exactly? 


It slows us down. Mars in Capricorn takes action when it is profitable, safe for the reputation, when there's a plan. Pluto in Capricorn is going to be there for such a long time it will transform business and government, stripping off the dead wood, getting rid of that which does not work, making things run better. The transformation is a "like it or lump it" situation. Mercury in Capricorn is concerned with how one thinks and communicates with regard to business and government. Planning is ruled by common sense and dollars and cents. Think - budget cuts discussions with local, state and fed agencies. 


All this Capricorn energy calls to Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. Saturn is in Libra, which wants things to be fair, just, equal, pretty, and let us not forget POLITE. This brings the discussion of verbal civility in political discussion into the forefront of our attention in America. International news is discussing this too since the polarization of American politics has been noticed overseas.


Capricorn and Saturn have a way of putting the breaks on being impulsive. They bring rules and regulations to the subjects the planets govern. 


Capricorn and Libra are square to one another, meaning they have a stressful energy, an itch that one must scratch. Is it Elaine Lock who says, "Squares are like stairs"? We can rise to the challenge if we go up the stairs, but it takes energy. It takes no energy to fall down stairs willy nilly. 

Keep this Capricorn/Libra tension in mind as we edge towards March and April, when there will be a stellium (4 or more) planets in Aries. You can already see how Jupiter and Uranus in late Pisces are already forming a square to the Mercury, North Node and Pluto in early Capricorn. That late Pisces location is close enough to start giving us the taste of the Aries square that will be soon coming.


These signs are Cardinal and since November of 2008, we've been experiencing the tug-a-pull of Cardinal planets and you know how the last couple of years have been. Not easy, to say the least. Do an online search for "Cardinal T-Square" for any dates between 2008 up to 2015. There are a lot of articles written about that. 

 Thu, 13 Jan 2011 20:45:17 GMT

FARSIDE ERUPTION: An active region on the farside of the sun erupted during the early hours of Jan. 13th and hurled a bright coronal mass ejection (CME) into space. This animated gif plays a movie of the expanding cloud recorded by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO):