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This was written a back in 1991, edited again 1999 and again today 12-12-10.


Attitude, behavior and consequence are the ABC's of my astrological point of view.  One is born with attitudes inherited from the genetic family: manic depression, sense of humor, artistic and musical talents.  One develops attitudes from their environment, culture and time in history.  These attitudes prompt people to behave in predictable ways and the consequences of their actions are also fairly predictable.

For example: a passionate and insecure individual could be potentially jealous and possessive.  Mix that in with a propensity toward violence and sudden action.  It isn't difficult to predict the potential for domestic violence and a series of difficult relationships. 

It all started with an attitude.

Change the attitude and behavior changes.

Change behavior and change consequence.

So is astrology a form of behavior modification?  In part, but there are spiritual, philosophical, psychological elements, and God knows what else thrown in the soup.

Then there is the regular wear and tear of life: births, love, passion, disillusionment, and death. All are added to the problems you already bring with you by way in your genetic and cultural inheritance.  Not many people have solutions to the basic problems of life, so don't feel bad.  There seems to be the acceptance that everyone is just supposed to muddle through life; that there is some sort of great justice in that we are all amateurs.

I don't see it that way. I see no extra honor in reinventing the wheel. I want the time I save in figuring it all out to be used in amusing my self and enjoying the life I have. Seems simple enough. Some people get stuck in the cycle of intellectual and philosophic rambling and never come out to smell the rose, kiss the baby, aid the elderly and accept death philosophy and grace. 

This is where Astrology comes in. 

What I offer is not just a recognition of problems, discovery of talent, and preparing for regular life challenges, but also a spiritual or philosophical way of dealing with them. This is how you change an attitude. There is nothing I can do about life tragedies other than give you a completely different point of view with which to perceive them. Some things cannot be changed but if they are perceived in different way they lose their ability to bother us.

For instance, a person says something in a mean way and hurts your feelings.  You could carry the grudge and be mean back each time you see this person. Or you can be mean to other people and pass the dirty end of the stick to the next person.  Or you could look at the person who was mean to you, realizing this person is majorly unwell and wants company in the way misery loves. You can refuse to play along in the vortex of negativity. You can realize this person is obviously uncomfortable in the life, and may have bothered you for a minute, but they are uncomfortable most of the time, and that's where the pity comes in. This did not change the event of someone calling you a jerk in rude and loud tones in front of a lot of other folks. It only changes your reaction to the event.  Your attitude is altered by a perception shift.

If you are ready for a perception and perspective shift then we can move on.

Know now that the terrain we travel on is the inside of your attitudes, perceptions and perspectives as they were chosen by you when you entered this life. This is for those who believe in reincarnation. You carry the past karma from previous life times, both good and bad. You have the ability to learn lessons in this life to break certain relationships that follow you from one life to the other, as well as break habits that you hold on to from one life to the other. The people you come in contact with, as well as choices you make are linked with a past that most do not recognize. 

Your astrology chart is the map you chose to work out your spiritual development in this life. You can muddle your way through this landscape and never know your way, or you can learn the topography.  We walk into the landscape of your "inners".  Like any exploration you can discover what you like and what you don't like. If you don't like what you see, change it. If you like what you see, didn't know you had it before, then exploit it.  I've done my duty to dissuade.


One of the things people invariably ask me is, "How does Astrology work?"  My answer invariably is, "Search me!"  There are many books dealing with the scientific study of Astrology, written with the intent to convince non-believers by way of mind-boggling numbers, graphs and statistics.  It is enough to turn me off of Astrology to have to wade through it all.

I don't know exactly how a lot of things work: refrigerators, elevators, this computer I am using, the human brain with which I perceive all the things that work and I don't know how.  The list goes on, but somehow it has never worried me very much.  I use things because they work and they save me time and energy. I use the elevator because I do not want to walk 22 flights of stairs before an appointment.  I use the refrigerator so I do not have to preserve my food with tons of spices.  I use this computer because I do not wish to retype all these pages each time I do a chart.  I use my brain to figure out things, not necessarily to study the workings of the brain as an end in itself, although that is a fascinating thing to do, brain science.

This is the spirit I approach Astrology.


I needed to learn about myself way back when and Astrology wasn't the first method I tried.  Meditation, vegetarianism, cult religion and new age philosophies are just a few of the methods I studied. I sought a method to analyze my life and to help me make better choices, utilize my talents and save me time not having to relive the same lessons wrapped up in another relationship, job or locale. I tossed the other methods into the garbage because they didn't work for me.  They may work for others and God bless them if they do.

After studying and using Astrology for some years I know it works for me and a handful of my clients and students. Beyond that I can't vouch.

Astrology has saved me time and energy.  I was able to target my major in college by way of tapping a heretofore hidden talent for languages and writing.  I was able to enter the work force using the same skills I was developed while going to college. This skill set was one of many sets available to me.  Astrology enabled me to see where my strengths were and to utilize them.  On the other hand it also enabled me to see where I am a major jerk and to point the way to self improvement. I have been able to be a better mother to my children by understanding their individual needs, communicating with them recognizing their uniqueness, and defusing areas of potential trouble. I know my own needs for self healing, recreation and creative abilities, making me a happier and satisfied individual.

I wasn't always this happy and spiritually together.

I wasted much time and energy by not heeding my own intuition when it has come to affairs of the heart.  Even though I had hunches that Mr. So and So was not as wonderful as I wanted, I would look away in denial.  Now I feel I have an arbitrary screening device to protect my hungry and sensitive heart.  But it took time to learn these things.  Add those years of learning  to the much wasted time, looking for love without the advantage of being able to have a overview of a lover's psyche and potentials, and I find there aren't as many fellows hitting on me now a days to screen, so I screen for others.

Negative lessons work too, they just hurt more.

The only way you can know that Astrology will save you time and energy is to get your chart read or learn to read your own chart yourself.  If is it false - toss it in the garbage and take me off of your Christmas Card List.  If it is true then the work of self-improvement begins and I can offer moral and spiritual support.  With that out of the way let's begin.