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Jack Fertig

1955- 2012

Jack Fertig, a fellow volunteer with the San Francisco Astrological Society, passed away August 5, 2012. To quote the Steering Committee page:

"A professional astrologer since 1977, Jack Fertig is especially well known to the GLBT community through his internationally syndicated sun sign column, Q Scopes. With a BA in History and a well-stamped passport, he is especially interested in geo-political astrology, which he teaches through the International Academy of Astrology. He lectures at meetings and conferences from San Diego to Serbia, and sees clients at his office on San Francisco's Cathedral Hill - or online through video conferencing. Jack is a founding member of AFAN and currently serves on their steering committee. He is also a lifetime member of NCGR and ISAR. Every December Jack presents a geo-political forecast for the coming year through the San Francsico chapter of NCGR. "

He was an influence in many areas: gay rights, astrology, gays in Islam, just to name a few. I just had one year being on the Steering Committee with him and I found him to be nurturing, inclusive, informative, funny, irreverent, and he will be missed.

"Sister Boom Boom, was the drag nun persona of astrologer Jack Fertig (February 21, 1955 – August 5, 2012[1]), a retired member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.[2][3]

"Fertig was born in Chicago, Illinois. Often erroneously credited as a founder of the group, Sister Boom Boom actually joined the Sisters in 1980, several months after its founding. She left the order in the Spring of 1986. Her full name was Sister Rose of the Bloody Stains of the Sacred Robes of Jesus, which would trail into a sing-song cadence and a long fermata. This called for a short nickname.

"In 1982, Sister Boom Boom ran for a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors with agitprop campaigning tactics bringing humor and raising issues she felt were being ignored in the race. She won 23,124 votes with her occupation listed as "Nun of the Above". Five supervisors were elected; she placed eighth.[4] After she started campaigning for mayor in 1983 against incumbent Dianne Feinstein, San Francisco passed a law requiring candidates to use only their legal names on the ballot. This was commonly called the "Sister Boom Boom law".[2]

"Boom Boom wrote a theatrical-ritual exorcism of Jerry Falwell and Phyllis Schlafly performed in Union Square July 13, the Friday before the 1984 Democratic National Convention in Union Square before a crowd of 2,000.[5] She is one of the characters in Emily Mann's play Execution of Justice about the trial of Dan White for the 1978 Moscone–Milk assassinations. George Moscone was mayor of San Francisco and Harvey Milk was the city’s first openly gay supervisor.[6] In the Broadway production she was played by Wesley Snipes.[7]

"Jack Fertig retired Sister Boom Boom in 1985, and joined a sobriety program.[3] Born to a Jewish father and a Christian mother,[8] he converted to Islam in 2003. He worked as an astrologer[9] until his death in San Francisco, California, from liver cancer on August 5, 2012."

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