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December 12, 2010

Need I say that Mercury is Retrograde? The b2evolution multi tab blog interface I was using for my AstroBlog crashed. I made effort to use the back up copy and still that did not fix it. So rather than frustrate myself with sewing cloth 100 times that will tear 101 times I erased that AstroBlog and am building a new astrology section with regular web pages. Like this one.

The task of finding articles I wrote, testimonials that other people wrote is proving to be an exercise in patience. I have resigned myself to finding what I can find and writing new content if I can't find what I did write before. I do miss my "disclaimers" they were funny to me. I will write new disclaimers then.

So this is just a short note of "What's Going ON?". If you need to contact me for a reading you can email me at 

March 31, 2011: Another Mercury Retrograde. The best thing to do during a Mercury Retrograde is anything that starts with "re": review, rebuild, recycle, research. I'm amused that I'm here "reviewing" my astrology section on yet another Mercury Retrograde.

I'm happy that I found all the testimonials from people I've done readings for. I'm happy that I expanded this astrology section to have more than the last one. I'm happy that I found my old "disclaimers" and added them to the new page.

Do not fear Mercury Retrogrades. If something goes wonky and you have to rebuild what you create will be better for the effort.