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BH4DO Face Molds

Sculpt-Mold-Iterations: You do not need to sculpt a face perfect the first time. Once you get part of the face done to your satisfaction - cure it- make a mold- make an impression and then work on the rest. Repeat as needed.

04-27-08 Faces: Continuing on the "iteration" method of face sculpting, here are the latest experiments from my work table.


04-20-08 Face Molds: This is part of the experiment for HB4DO . The process is to take a sculpted face, make a mold, and adjust the impressions to get many faces out of one face mold.

05-05-08 Faces: 15 faces from 5. The trick is to change the face with each successive mold.
05-08-08 Add Face Mold Take a sculpted face and make a mold. From that mold make an impression. Add more clay and sculpt a different face. 25 pictures.

05-13-08: Making a Face Mold with polymer clay.