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This section is where we study known black faces. I have Wesley Snipes, Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman.  For the women I have Oprah Winfrey, Woopie Goldberg, moved Old Jane Pittman over here, and Halle Barry.

The pictures were gathered off of the web and are here only as study guides. The heads that will be sculpted while looking at a famous person are destined to be "faces in the crowd" or background characters.  Famous faces are familiar faces and I'm wondering if having familiar faces in the background might make folks watching the scene feel more at ease.  It's just a theory.

Also, you all know that if I don't have a face to study all the faces I sculpt will default to be Asian.  As seen in the "Obachan" section. For more on sculpting experiments check out the Biz-Archive Sculpting section. 

Or check out the two part "Face Sculpting" videos on YouTube.  01-16-07 Face Sculpting One of Two

 and 01-16-07 Face Sculpting: Two of Two

Astrology note: I've added pictures of these people's natal chart. Morgan Freeman doesn't have a birth time, so check the upper left of the charts to see if birth time was known or not.

Found a new website TopBlacks "The largest website of positive profiles of people of color. "

04-23-08 Sculpting Known Faces That page reviews other studies of famous faces, my bald headed white men: Patrick Stewart, Bruce Willis, Arnold Vosloo, as well as a few non-bald white men.

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