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2003- January Highlights

Polymer Clay Techniques

Kathy, Eva and Denise  caught these screen shots of doing the blends and fan fold for working with light and shadow. 119 pictures

Now on their new photo gallery page.

Chiaroscuro Preview, 

with a bit of a ramble below the picture. January 21, 2003: The Play of Light and Shadow, blending in our shade to simulate depth. From Noon until the cows come home, live webcam demo on this trick.  


January 19, 2003:

Put your mixed through their paces and see what comes up. 

Chiaroscuro, for those who are new to the term, is the play of light
and dark to make depth in painting. The Renaissance painters started
realizing that if they play with the light and dark they can get
depth. That along with a better sort of oil paint where they can layer
thin translucent layers over and over to build up an area, and this
might seem like a digression but it is not.

How did those painters get the light, let's say on a human form? They
painted the human form in black and white with shades of gray. The
forms looked like the aluminum robot until the warm flesh tones were
layered on very thinly, before that was done veins were painted in,
red and blue, then the flesh was painted over in these translucent
layers. Neat trick for they were able to build up the shaded parts,
leaving the parts that needed the highlights unpainted. Trick yes,
can we use it...nope.

We have to blend in that highlight and to do that we got to know
blends, jelly roll and plug and from there we can start building canes
that have depth and shading.

I made effort in doing that with Claychik's portrait and was less than
successful but it's still a direction I'd like to develop further
before I start teaching face canes.

Now miniaturists who are yawning at this point are missing a great
point... in a room box or a doll house there's need for pipes, ducts,
wall sconces, a number of metallic objects. The lighting in a doll
house or room box isn't the most ideal to make REAL metal shine or
have highlights where you want them. So if you build a highlight along
the length of that pipe you bring the highlight with the pipe and it
will have more depth than a metal object of the same shape but being
deprived of the right lighting. I'll have to show you to make you go
"Oh Yeah, now I see!" But if you make any metal colored clay object in
miniature, make the sections with a blended highlight and your polymer clay miniatures of metal colored clay will have more depth, will have more realistic punch in a mini scene