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Index pages for the different sections are in alphabetical order. On each page are text links and thumbnails to the things in that section.

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Past Month's Highlights

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One Tile Tutes

Past Month Highlights with Demo Links

1999-2002 Index of the earliest explorations. Albums and web sections that were lost when PhotoPoint went dark and Geocities axed a couple of my websites.
September and October 2002 Highlights: Day of the Dead, Kwanzaa, Shady Sadie and animal print review.

WebCam Demos for 2002 September: Introduction to Mini food. Tiny Shoes and Jackets. Then face sculpting, leaves, flowers, basket weave and putting these particular elements together. 

WebCam Demos for 2002 October: Tiny Shoes, Foods- Watermelon, Grapes, Salad. Glitter Girls TLS and Glitter experiments. Chop beads and color cards. 
November 2002 Highlights Feathers and Fish Scales experiment. Dressing a pre-Holiday mini scene. Rumble in the Jungle rebuild. 

WebCam Demos 2002 November: 11-26: Hair Implants; 11-16 and 17, 2002: Fish Scale Experiments; 11-07-02 - WebCam Demo: Mini Scenes. 

December 2002 Highlights Christmas Room Box, Easy Breezy Natasha Bead Tricks, Prince of Fire Sculpting, Face Off #30: Symmetry and Attractiveness. Play With Your Food. Demos: Shady Sadie Gets Hairy 2, Tiger Cane Review; Natasha Beads; Fan Fold Flowers. Rambles: Holiday Stress; Don't Lie About Your Age; I Don't Do Cute. Stan Rice Memorial. Religious Holidays 2002

WebCam Demos of 2002 December:  Forest Kai Face With Flowers; Tiger Cane Review; African Chop and Toss; 

2003- January Highlights: Chiaroscuro - Working in highlights and shading through blends. Hand blending - we don't need no stinking pasta press to blend colors. Mushroom Preview. Orchids. Tropical Fruit: Banana, avocado, papaya, guava. Rhubarb and an orchid made from Rhubarb cane. Peanut Butter and Jelly Jewelry and playing with our mini food to make a face. 

2003 January: Tropical Fruits, Orchids, Chiaroscuro - blending in highlights and shading in our canes. Hand blends - pasta pressless blending. Natasha logs to pinch pots in minutes. Bubble Pinch pots. 

2003 February Highlights : Ancient Egyptian Month with canes, sculpting and rambles. The Extended Family Sculptures.  Everything seems to be going to Pot, ok. Wigging out with Cowboy Kai. Purple and pearl petals and Purple Roses. Pressed Sheet Experiment with tons of Translucent clay. A ramble about what is TLS and how are we going to use it as miniaturists. 

2003 February: Walk like Egyptians, Lotus Cane, Going 2 Pot, Roses and pressed sheets of grave disappointment, Night Owl Tips, Natasha Chop of Lotus, 

2003-March Highlights: Mexico Month, Peanut Butter and Jelly in a Jar, TLS face painting and sculpting hair of the Egyptian Extended family, beginning of Nursing Mommy, reorg of bead section and rebuild of leopard kitty mold. 

2003-April-Highlights: Reckless Eyeballing, index of eyeballs, All sizes, the armature works in all sizes. One inch scale to 1/76th scale figures. Micro Cam, New Micro Mini Bodies, poses and expressions tell a micro mini tale. Lil' Man Rebuilt, Living Arts Center and Dr. Christine Evans, Nursing Mommy Figure Finished, Easter Emu Effort - Madonna and Child sculpture in an Emu egg, to be hinged. Pink and white flower experiments. Animal print chop covered pens, Tiger Cane Natasha log covered pens, Sleeping Lady Pen. Leaf Lady Tin. Breakfast Demo

2003-May-Highlights:  Jewelry Index Update. Peacock Index and two pages of Thumbnails enlarged, Bonsai Kathy is our new Moderator for MSATClayArt.Reckless Eyeball Tin Demo, Ramble: The Importance of loving yourself first. Water Lilies and things you can do with a leaf shape. Welcome Back Jen and the MAYAN Maiden Blood Ritual Sculpture, not Aztec. Moved End of the Run Beads to the Chop Directory. Free your Mind with Matrix. Chop Rambles: What to do with canes of grave disappointment and It's not just another Natasha Trick. Tornado Relief Volunteer: Bonsai Kathy. Hinging the Emu Egg. More Flowers in WebCam. Day of the Dead tin and taking the two colors through their paces. NagaMan section built. Folded Sheets of Abalone Tins. It's Raining Men. Anatomy Studies. Lovely Rita the MerMaid. Tiffany Lamp Shade Cane Tute. Moved May Doll to Sculpting directory and rebuilt Prince of Fire Gets a Hand. Started the Video Lending Library. 
2003- June Highlights: Japan Index - 3 Inro and Japanese reference pictures. The difference with sculpting with Polymer Clay and Earth Clay or One Color Clay. The Lex Gigeroff figure and experiments with making mini eyeglasses and sunglasses with TLS. The Creole Queen, a figure done in demo and thoughts about draping raw clay sheets on a raw figure and THEN posing. Full sized faces and focusing on eyes. Reviewing Leopard, basket weave and folding clay, still needs captions. 
2003-July Highlights: Africa Index - Sculpting, animal print uses, new African Chop Beads. New Skull Form and faces made. Cane slices on face. Sculpting Patrick Stewart, Bruce Willis, and Lex Gigeroff. Fictive Fu Man Chu Sculpture.  Review of folding clay, Natasha Mini Bananas, Leopard spot Kwick Kitties and Animal Print Cane covered pens. 
2003 August to the present will be found at NoraJean.Com
Monthly Highlights Since 8/2003 What's New for for CITY-o-Clay
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