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The chopped bead pages: Layered Beads The How To: The clay runs that the chop came from are below. 

Layered Beads Text


New Abalone, Tiger Cane, 

Premo Pearl Mix Clay

On the left side of the plastic lid is a penny for size reference. This is the first layer, Tiger Cane Chop.
This is the second layer, dark abalone with a lot of blue and green. And some left over from the Premo Pearl Mix. 
This is the third layer, it's a light pearl and new and old abalone trim that I layered and reduced and chopped up.
After putting in three layers pop it out of the holder by smacking it down on the table like you're throwing Liar's dice at the bar, POW
Compress the log from all directions, from the top, from the side, take a brayer to it and roll everything flat.
When you're done compressing the loaf cut it in half.
We could have put the light stuff on the inside or the dark stuff on the inside like this, but here is where I want you to slice off this big mirror image for a pendant later.
Slice the loaf in half. Take the half and cut it again in half. Take that slice and cut it in half again. That's one bead worth. You'll get 8 bead logs this way.
Here's the slicing of the one bead log. At the top is a bead log. Slice that in half, that's the second row. Then take those slices and slice them in half again. Trick to Natasha beads is to open the last two slices like a book. Those four little slices in the third row is your bead, open where they were sliced like a book for your mirror image.
After opening the slice like a book put the two mirror images together, you'll have two of them.
Then take those two mirror images and put them back to back so all the outside corners are now in the center and you have four mirror images on your new natasha bead.
I take it a step further and pull the ends into a point. Now we can start playing around with the large slice we cut earlier and make a pendant and have matching beads to go with it. Easy Breezy.