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Polymer Clay Techniques
More than you wanted to ever know about color cards.

The most difficult thing about this Color Card series is not to "over think" the whole process. Without a plan I take the colors through their mixing paces, not knowing what might happen. I keep track of what primary color I started with by putting a ribbon on the card. If I mix it half and half with white, it is marked as a twisted rope. The resulting hue is a ribbon, as I add one part white or pearl there will be a circle of what is the result, with little hearts of how many portions of white or pearl was added to it. Seems logical to me. I came up with a system, you find a system that works for you. 02-23-09: Review of Color Cards

Sample Group of 10 Color Cards

Fuchsia Experiments
Toasty Top
Color Card for Giraffe Mix