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8-12-01: Emu Egg: 004 -6 Update: Water and just rubbing it takes that membrane off. Vinegar will dissolve egg shell. More captions below.

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Dinner cooked, spaghetti with mild Italian sausage, zucchini and mushrooms, bell pepper and onions. Why should I tell you? Well, it's the reason why more on this isn't done yet (08-12-01 11:39PM, Pacific). But the dishes are done and there's ice cream for dessert. Oh the Emu Egg...well inside instead of having just a thin membrane like in a chicken egg, it had a multi layered rain coat, just kept peeling and peeling and thinking "Gosh, you could make a whole new product line with just this inside skin stuff. I know they make rose petals out of this stuff somewhere in Spain." (04-07-03