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Ancient Egyptian Art Links - 1

Ancient Egypt 

What's the point of the Egyptian Links? 

This is from a quick Yahoo Search. I checked out all the links and
those that didn't come up I deleted here. I checked some of these out
in a quick sort of drive by manner, but there's great stuff in all of
these sites.



Lotus Flowers: Drink wine with lotus flowers soaked in it, or eat the flowers and rearrange your consciousness like the Ancient Egyptians. 

Egyptian Mythology: A useful overview

The Ancient Egyptian Site: good historical and religious overview.

Get your Hieroglyphs Right Here.

Under Resources...there's pages of Hieroglyphs, for example...
over 800 for a Man and his activities

Ancient Egyptian Pottery - includes information, pictures, and history
of Egyptian pottery and ceramic arts.

Egyptian Artifacts Exhibit  see the model granary

Louvre - Department of Egyptian Antiquities

Pharaohs of the Sun: Akhenaten, Nefertiti, Tutankhamen - online
version of the exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Spendors of Egypt - selection of artifacts from the 2,800-year rule of
the pharaohs.
See the Set of four canopic jars

This is the most interesting site and one where I'm going to get lost
in for a while.
The Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt  [read review] -
exhibition focuses on the understanding of the afterlife among
Egyptians in the period of the New Kingdom (1550-1069 BC) through the
Late Period (664-332 BC). Check out the
collar of the princess on the images page
There's a map of Ancient Egypt here.

This site take a minute to mine, but check out their highlights, you
can pick a picture and then preview it. There's a beautiful Faiyum
portrait, but I can't give you a link because it opens up a small
window for viewing. It's worth checking this site.
Victoria Museum of Egyptian Antiquities at Museum Gustavianum


Here's another great link, one of my favorite Egyptian sites:

Click on Egyptian Antiquities (found at the bottom, big red box with a lot
of links). Or go directly to:

Some wonderful things there...


I went to go check that site out and found this example of Tomb Miniatures

I want to make some of these, scenes from life in mini.

Then Jude sent more links through, thank you Aunt Jude!

This is a good one...some links are broken, but most work:

Ancient Egyptian Furniture and Woodworking

Ancient Egyptian Pottery

Pharaohs of the Sun

Splendors of Ancient Egypt

The Quest for Immortality

The Victoria Museum of Egyptian Antiquities


was interested in what faience was made of ..and found this site with lots of pictures of beads/amulets and such