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2003 February Highlights

Ancient Egypt Discussing the Extended Family Sculpture  


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bonsaikathy joined the room
auntyalias: I sent out a multiple invite just now, the first time I
tried that
auntyalias: highlight with control
bonsaikathy: Hello honey, how's it going
frogger70301 joined the room
auntyalias: or control, highlight, then invite to cam
auntyalias: Hey Mitch
bonsaikathy: yeah, I saw that the other day and thought of you right
off the bat
merrie60us joined the room
auntyalias: I got to get this box, Yo Merrie, brb
frogger70301: Hey, I can only stay for a min.
auntyalias: then I shall be quick for you Mitch
merrie60us: I can't stay that long I have to get up at 5 for the next
few weeks to get to work extra early
merrie60us: ooh
frogger70301: ooh, I likes!
merrie60us: I really like that
merrie60us: egyptian people
frogger70301: gorgeous!
bonsaikathy: same here Merrie
bonsaikathy: they are wonderful NJ
bonsaikathy: I love them
auntyalias: He got a nice butt
auntyalias: dig it
auntyalias: when you sculpt a butt
auntyalias: and then drape fabric over it
auntyalias: you get the butt shape
auntyalias: when you make a doll's body wrapped tape
auntyalias: like a barrel
bonsaikathy: I was smoothing the butt of the one I made last week this
afternoon and it got me chuckling so bad, Gary was laughing and he
didn't even know what I was laughing at
auntyalias: you won't get this nice effect when the fabric falls on
auntyalias: Same with the back of the woman even though she's wrapped
auntyalias: That shadow
auntyalias: made with her legs there
frogger70301: oooh pooh. hubby's going to bed early. Wanted to talk to
him before he went to sleep. Gotta go.
auntyalias: you can only get these easy sculpting effects if you make
the body
frogger70301: I'll try to come back in a bit.
bonsaikathy: he just started laughing because I was so tickled
frogger70301 left the room
auntyalias: Ciao Honey, ok
auntyalias: The fabric on the woman
bonsaikathy: oh NJ, they are so beautiful
bonsaikathy: You did a wonderful job on them
merrie60us: Nora Jean, Cheryl said to tell you she is under the
weather and her computer is also acting up so she cannot join this pm
auntyalias: is a sheet of that tigers eye leaf, gold and brown trans
auntyalias: Okie Dokie
auntyalias: Take a sheet of pressed what ever you got
auntyalias: and run it through the press, one pass per setting
auntyalias: getting thinner and thinner
auntyalias: when it's at it's thinnest
auntyalias: wrap it around your doll bodies
auntyalias: you see, you don't have to have a perfect doll body
auntyalias: but it does help with the fall of the clay fabric if
there's hips
auntyalias: and butts
auntyalias: and breasts
auntyalias: and such all to drape over
auntyalias: and it's so easy, this trick
bonsaikathy: good thing because mine is far from perfect, lol, but for
a first try it is ok, now to smooth when I finally have some time
auntyalias: using clay sheets like Indian Saris
auntyalias: Naw, she was a wreck
auntyalias: I had trouble with her dang thighs because I wrapped foil
around like a mummy
auntyalias: and it wanted to separate
bonsaikathy: same here
auntyalias: then her hands and feet needed to be lobbed off for they
were too long
auntyalias: full size no trim is ok for men
auntyalias: for women we got to think shorter torso, shorter arms and
auntyalias: but more hip and breast
auntyalias: I had a hard time bending her knees
auntyalias: for since I cut her feet off and made new ones
auntyalias: where the knee was
auntyalias: was half way down the shin
auntyalias: can't bend there without saying ouch first
auntyalias: so I thought, screw it
auntyalias: she ain't bending her knees then
auntyalias: she'll have to stand with Pa
auntyalias: so wrapping her hid a multitude of sins
auntyalias: I did wrap under the baby and then placed the baby on her
and wrapped again
bonsaikathy: to look at them now you wouldn't know they are not
perfect underneath
auntyalias: not perfect at all
auntyalias: Pa got a crack on the back of his neck and foil is
sticking otu of his elbow
bonsaikathy: have you cured yet
auntyalias: is my camera froze?
bonsaikathy: no
auntyalias: oh there it goes
auntyalias: see the crack on his neck
bonsaikathy: I see it
bonsaikathy: yup
auntyalias: he got foil sticking out here and there
auntyalias: so there's post production that needs to be done
bonsaikathy: hey you can put a arm band around his arm to cover that
one, no problemo
auntyalias: she's got a face job I gotta do
auntyalias: baby got to get his neck trimmed
auntyalias: but I rushed to wrap them and set them up because I wanted
to see if they could stand on their own
auntyalias: without a "stand"
auntyalias: as such
auntyalias: their two feet in the back count as one part of a tripod
bonsaikathy: I have some cracks and foil showing too, but I've been so
busy I've not been able to do anything more to it until tonight, a
little bit ago, well I was talking to Cheryl
auntyalias: their other two feet are the two other parts of the tripod
auntyalias: and tehy stand up
bonsaikathy: that was very clevor
auntyalias: I hate those stands dolls are on
auntyalias: like a stick up their butt
auntyalias: ouch
bonsaikathy: I do to
auntyalias: I want them to stand on their own
auntyalias: somehow
auntyalias: and it's fitting that the way they are most stable
auntyalias: is when they are in the family unit like that
techi_mom56 joined the room
auntyalias: Ruth asked if it were Jesus, Mary and Joseph
auntyalias: I told her BINGO
auntyalias: for when Jesus, Mary and Joseph took shelter in Egypt
ljcswartz joined the room
techi_mom56: hi everyone
auntyalias: Joseph would have had to shave his head and beard to fit
auntyalias: Howdy Nancy
auntyalias: Hey Jackie
ljcswartz: hi all
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to ljcswartz (2/25/03 6:33
ljcswartz: WOW
auntyalias: I was mentioning to Kathy
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: thanks honey
auntyalias: who's stuff is that?
bonsaikathy: NJ, if you get a chance look at that url, it's the
picture trail of Sherise Landry, her Mrs. Haveshom doll, I love the
face on it
auntyalias: post it to the list
bonsaikathy: ok, will do
auntyalias: we need "interesting faces"
auntyalias: Ok, what I was nattering to Kathy about earlier is this
auntyalias: we don't need no sticks up our butts
bonsaikathy: I also want you to see her Angry Angel Doll it's
auntyalias: or Our doll's butts
ljcswartz: I have about a hundred years of work ahead of me..........
I want to be able to do this too
auntyalias: we can stand out figures together and they form a tripod
auntyalias: this is easier than you think
auntyalias: She's a mutant under those wraps
auntyalias: I just pressed a clay sheet to the thinnest and wrapped
her like a native of some under developed country
auntyalias: baby's naked
auntyalias: Pa only got that skirt on
auntyalias: it just looks complicated
ljcswartz: I have been studying faces more lately
auntyalias: but it's like wrapping a burritto
auntyalias: ain't it trippy Jackie
auntyalias: I watch commercials that are stupid just to look at noses
and ears
ljcswartz: haha
auntyalias: see how her fabric folds
auntyalias: that's totally accidental and it was just how the clay
sheet landed
auntyalias: I had Pa pull the material away from baby's face just for
auntyalias: but otherwise
auntyalias: just take a clay body and wrap it in thin pressed sheets
auntyalias: and call it a day
auntyalias: Ma don't have hair, we don't know
auntyalias: we can't see it
auntyalias: we could glue a couple of strands sticking out of her
auntyalias: that'll do it
auntyalias: the two back feet are one part of the tripod
auntyalias: the two forward feet are the second and third part of the
auntyalias: they don't need a stand
auntyalias: they lean against each other
auntyalias: and stand on their own
auntyalias: I like that
auntyalias: I hate stands and it is a nice message
auntyalias: Now about the extended family
auntyalias: the kids have NO bodies
auntyalias: they are heads on sticks
auntyalias: got a little neck and shoulder only
auntyalias: their body wasn't going to show
bonsaikathy: cool idea
auntyalias: Uncle has a body but it's just clay covered foil
auntyalias: no muscle
auntyalias: just can bend the knees and elbows
auntyalias: the way I pinched the clay fabric
auntyalias: Fakes a body for Sissy
auntyalias: it SEEMS like there might be a little girl body under
auntyalias: it's just air
bonsaikathy: folks I hate to run out but I have to be up mighty early,
talk to you later,
auntyalias: hokus pokus
auntyalias: Ciao Kathy
bonsaikathy left the room
auntyalias: So I'm open to Short Order Claying
auntyalias: So Jackie and Nancy
auntyalias: got any requests