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2003 February Highlights

Ancient Egypt Blue Nile Lotus 

Clay I'm using for this cane:
Pearl for the petals
Pearl Blue for the surround sheets of the petals and for the
Pearl Green mixed with Gold for the stalks.
Pearl Green mixed with Copper for the outline for the Lotus.

You can use what ever colors you want I just have to use this mica rich stash before it is less than fresh. The Pearl Green is already crumbly and I have to mix it with fresh Gold and Pearl just to get it
to cooperate.

So the first cane that is going to be made is the stylized Blue Nile Lotus . It is found in the hands of folks on tomb paintings. It is
built into the columns of temples, it's found in tiles that line
burial chambers as a repeated motif. One reason why The Blue Nile
Lotus (which is really a water lily) is favored is the yellow center
with the blue petals. It's the Sun in the sky. The Sun's journey
through night to be reborn each dawn is the same journey the spirit
takes to come alive each day and be in Egypt again, provided the mummy and the spells are in place. The Scarab is the sign of rebirth for
from waste comes new life, so the Scarab is what is given the life
giving energy to rebirth the Sun each day. The Blue Nile Lotus is
symbolic of that rebirth of the Sun each day, and in the same way
their own rebirth into the perfect afterlife. So we're going to do a
this flower and those who did Fish Scales will have a head start.
Ever wonder why the Lotus was so popular?

Ancient Egyptians got high off of them. Here's a page with some
modern folks drinking wine with lotus flowers soaked in them and then
later on eating them.

The reactions are on this page.

One would suppose that because the Nile was the source of the flood
and therefore new silt that fertilized the soil so crops would grow,
that lotus flowers would be a popular motif. It was more than that.
It was a matter of rearranging consciousness.

Lotus flowers are seen all over Egyptian art. Here are some pictures
of real lotus flowers so we can get an idea of what we are going to