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2003 February Highlights

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"Here is a small plaque representing the Goddess Isis, used to
demonstrate my inlay method.  Although the "during"
pictures are not too clear, hopefully they will give you a good idea
of how this technique is done.
(scroll to the bottom to see the completed plaque)"

Squiggy's intro to the Isis Inlay page.

I was looking all over for this.


Just digging around to find items made with polymer clay with an
Egyptian Theme.


Egyptian Earrings/Transfer Method
Design by Nanetta Bananto


This saves me the time it would have taken to write all of this up.

What we know of Egyptian art is based on their mythology which shaped
their Funeral art. It changes over time and sometimes the "big boss"
changes, some mortals are given God Status, some Goddesses reached the
western world through the Romans. With a history that spans over
3,000 years myths evolve, change, get over thrown and reestablished
once more. It helps to have an over view.