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quotes from Osiris, Isis and Horus vs Seth Ancient Egypt 
Ok below are quotes from

The Eye of Horus is a charm to ward off bad luck. To know where Horus
is located in the pantheon of Egyptian Gods below there's what
webhotep has to say. I'll add that the pieces of Osiris that Isis
found to ressurect him the one piece she couldn't find was his penis,
so she fashioned one of clay and then begat Horus. Neat trick I'd say.
Horus means "one who is above" so the falcon is a symbol of Horus. But
the falcon is also a symbol of Ra, the Sun god, who travels in a boat
through many obstacles through the night and who protects him from
Apophis, the angry serpant?...Seth, yup, the trouble maker Seth, God
of Chaos and the desert. One can ask scary gods for protection from
scary things. One would pray to Seth for protection from snake and
scorpion bites, for instance.

The rebirth of Osiris is a symbol for the wished for rebirth of the
mummified dead. One's tomb was one's duwat, or Underworld. The tests that one goes through to be judged is a reflection of the same difficulties that Ra takes through the night. That Osiris was mummified by Anubis, the jackled headed God, that folks hoped that their mummification would serve the same function, help them be reborn in the afterlife. The Mummy is the individual's Osiris which give the soul rebirth. Like Osiris gives energy for the rebirth of the sun every day at dawn. That's why you see the sun disk between cow's horns on headdresses of Isis. The scarab is supposed to have been given the life giving energy for the Sun from Osiris and that's why scarabs are so popular, for from dung to new life, it symbolized that coveted rebirth.

So that's enough for now, but know that the eye of Horus is where the
RX symbol you see at Pharmacies comes from. You can see two samples on
my home page.

Here's what has to say about these gods.


Night form of the sun, god of the gods

Perhaps, with Isis, the best known Egyptian god. Born of the earth god
Geb, Osiris was once a fertility god, adopted the properties of an ancient royal god, and thereby acquired the crook and flail of a pharaoh. Associated with death, rebirth as it relates to the germinating seeds of row crops and
the nurturing waters of the Nile. As he brought forth the earth's
bounties, food, wine in abundance, he became known as the perfect one,
or the eternally good.

His brother Seth became jealous of his power and influence and killed
Osiris and tossed his parts into the Nile. It is believed that the
parts resided all over the two lands. His wife, Isis, with her sister
Nepthys, found his parts and made him whole in a divine act of love, in which Horus was conceived. The major cult shrine of Osiris was at Abydos, where Seti I built a great temple for him.

At his death he became ruler of the netherworld. Later, Horus emerged
as the son of Osiris and the living Pharaoh became the incarnation of Hous and the dead king, he succeeded became Osiris.

Function: Supreme being, god of resurrection, of the afterlife.

Imagery: As a man, bound in mummy wrappings, black or dark-green
skinned as a reference to resurrection. He wears the crook and flail. The djed pillar symbol represents the backbone of Osiris, or Osiris himself.

Great of magic

Her name means throne, associating her with royalty. She is best known
for having brought her murdered husband Osiris back to life by
assembling his parts and bringing him to life, as she joined with him
and conceived a royal son, Horus. Then she, with her sister Nepthys,
mourned Osiris, buried him. Isis and Nepthys are be seen as funerary

Function: Patron of royalty, the essence of womanly charms, the
essence of eternal love. With the ancient Greeks became a protector of

Imagery: Isis became closely associated with Hathor, so she is seen
with Hathor's attributes, but often with the sun disc, the ureaeus of
royalty, the horns of Hathor and falcon wings on either side of her
head. The tet symbol is considered to be the sign of Isis, or the
Blood of Isis. It resembles an ankh whose arms have melted down to its

Horus was a solar god and brother of Seth. He was also the son of
Osiris and Isis, He was conceived when Isis revived his father's dead body and born to avenge his father against his brother, Seth. Horus was thought to have four sons, Imset, Qebehsenuf, Duamuttef and Hapi, who help the guide the dead, canopic jars that held the bodies vital organs after embalming, were made in the form of the sons.

Function: Horus is the god associated with the king or Pharaoh, the
living god.

Imagery: Horus was represented as a falcon or a falcon beaded man,
his eyes were the sun and the moon. As the falcon, equated to the
king. The eye of the moon was the eye that was lost in battle with Seth. The "eye of Horus" charm is considered protection against evil.

The embodiment of strength, who fought the Apophis serpent, but became
jealous of his brother Osiris and killed him. Though he's associated with abominable behavior, the ancient Egyptians believed that unbridled aggression and strength, must necessarily reside in a good leader--Thus
the Pharaoh was said to be "the heir to two brothers." The ancients
had a dualistic view of the world, thus Seth was god of the desert,
while Osiris was god of vegetation and regeneration. Irons and metals, found in the earth, were his bones.

Later, Seth came into contention with Horus. The Horus versus Seth
myth expanded to offer detail of the famous battle between the two
brothers. Seth was feared, Horus was the avenger of his father Osiris.
Seth lost his testicles and Horus an eye and Thoth stopped the fight.

Function: Patron god of strength, aggression; ruthlessness. Patron of
foreign nations.

Imagery: Shown as a ram-headed man, wearing a Pharaohs crown, his arms
swing aggressively. Originally shown as a man with an arrow-tail, and as an unidentified animal with square-cut ears.