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2002 Feather Index

Here is the feather technique. Taking an animal cane and turning fur to feathers. 
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1) Taking an animal cane 2) Backing it with pearl after a first pressing.  3) press the pearl and animal cane together.
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4) Slice and keep track of the width by stacking the slices. 5) Run those stacked slices through the press.  6) Now here is the trick, you slice again, thin, staggering the slices. 
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7) Take what you just stagger sliced and press that at an angle, sticking the corner in first.  8) This is what happens when you go nuts.  9) I'm just too excited about the potential of this technique. 
10 11 In order to get a variegated look to your feathers use your trims in a chop and toss, make a chop loaf, take a slice and do it  to it.