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2003 February Highlights

Purple and Pearl petal with inserts. 

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Flower Tutorials


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1, You only have to fold it in half and press once. But press it thin and roll it like a jelly roll.
2, This is the new wrinkle in the blend technique. Wring that jellyroll like a wet wash cloth and then press, only three times.
3, After it is blended fold and press so it's a long ribbon and then fold it like you're folding a paper fan.
4, Once folded take a ribbon of pearl that's as wide as your cane is long. Taper the end. Slice the cane and insert for stripes.
5, When you're done with the inserts top with more Pearl. Reduce and remember for flowers reduce with big ends and small middles so you have different sizes of petals. Make yourself a flower.