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2003 February Highlights

Does it all seem like it's 


Point Being? 

Well maybe it is.

It's an imperfect world and like the Chinese curse

"May you live in interesting times."

We are, right now. So what's the point of these mini pots?

To create a perfect world within our Room Boxes and Mini Scenes.
That's the draw of miniatures, that's the trick of it.

The living room and kitchen are always clean. The children playing
peacefully and quiet. The dog doesn't dig up the potted plants, beds
are made and the interior decoration is as you always wished you had
but can't afford.

In our Doll Houses the owner is not slumped over a desk full of
unpaid bills with a prowler lurking around the back in the dark. We
don't build doll houses or room boxes like that.

There's a delight that comes from making a Poo Bear Honey pot. It
brings back memories of a childhood not fraught with danger at every
turn, with responsibilities of adulthood. It offers us an opportunity
to make memories with our children that they can hearken back to when
they grow up and shoulder their responsibilities.

When the world is imperfect, as I do suspect it ALWAYS is and ALWAYS
will be, we strive to create a perfect world, or go to the past as
I've been doing for Egyptian Month, or create a fanciful world with
magical creatures and stunning beauty. For all those wonderful things
are within us all the time. Our need for beauty, for magic, resides
inside of us all. Our need to satisfy wishes of a more lavish life
style is there too. These needs can be satisfied in miniature if by
nothing else.

So when it seems like it's all going to pot, let it, let it be mini
pots. Make a wee tea set and set you out a sweet luncheon with your
favorite action figures... mine are not dolls, they are up for action
thank you. LOL When the world outside seems just a little too grim, a
little too dystopian, let's dream a bit, allow the inner child to
come out and play. If you've done what you can humanly do for the
responsibilities that you shoulder then come clay with us.

For we are building our perfect, beautiful and peaceful world, mini
pot by mini pot. Our room boxes and mini scenes need some vases, tea
sets, honey jars and urns... my personal favorite, mini urns.

If you don't do room boxes and mini scenes, then hang these mini pots
off of a chain and call them hollow beads, hang some tea pots and tea
cups off of earrings and go to a Tea with some friends and laugh up a

Our creative energy is the sweetener in our lives. Everything else is
work, chores, responsibilities. We are responsible to no one else but
ourselves when we create. It's a moment of selfishness, our time, our
clay, our dreams and we have a right to these and a duty to do them.

Why is it a duty to create art? Think of a world without art, music,
dance, theater? Think of a world bereft of color and shape. Pretty
bleak, huh? Our duty to ourselves and to those around us is to
sweeten life with our creative efforts. For the rest of all of that
stuff is just Babylon, I and I...

for me self, this rude girl, I'm going to Pot

Jah Love, mon