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Session Start: Thu Mar 29 20:53:39 2001

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[8:53pm] [8:53pm]« Serious » Nigel was a GOOD guy in Kules Verne. I was amazed

[8:53pm] [8:53pm]« lacroix666 » oh, yes....YES :((((((((((

[8:53pm] [8:53pm]« Shallah » Anyone remember how many peeps were in the MM chat?

[8:53pm] [8:53pm]« VampUK » no one else can play LaCroix like Nigel

[8:53pm] [8:53pm]« cricket1 » PRMA!!

[8:53pm] [8:53pm]« Slopmaster » Over 100

[8:53pm] [8:53pm]« MeLuSiNe- » gers i sent you an email

[8:53pm] <PrimaNW> hiyas

[8:53pm] [8:53pm]« MeLuSiNe- » Prima!!!!!!

[8:53pm] [8:53pm]« lacroix666 » YES

[8:53pm] [8:53pm]«@ Moderator» I don't think Nigel will get bumped tonight by nasty boys. 

He's logged on through me

[8:53pm] [8:53pm]« zula » Have they ever had the movie on sci fi?

[8:53pm] [8:53pm]« dgrequeen » heya Prima

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« cricket1 » k

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« Serious » Jules. sorry typo

[8:54pm] <PrimaNW> hey!

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« necrophiliac » hey dgre

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« gersgal1 » : O

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« N-Hyumin » lol!

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« necrophiliac » hey PrimaNW

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« N-Hyumin » ok

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« dgrequeen » heya necro!!

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« laudon » Tracy?

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« Slopmaster » and in hour something like ten of "our" questions got answered

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« Lucifyra » how long's he gonna be on for?

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« Ryndi » heya necro

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« cricket1 » necro!!

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« dgrequeen » SLOPBABY!!!

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« FrogSplash » Hi Prima

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« EveningStar » necrophiliac!!

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]«@ Moderator» Sorry JO, I am not a tutor :(

[8:54pm] [8:54pm] * cricket1 pounces necrophiliac

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« necrophiliac » ES!

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« VampUK » have i got time to get a drink

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« necrophiliac » oof!

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« Slopmaster » Hey dgre!

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« Slopmaster » Yes a drink

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« necrophiliac » hiya cricket1, who are ya?

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« cricket1 » :)

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« Q » Dana, you feeling faint? I am *laughs*

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« Lucifyra » get me one Trace

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]«@ Moderator» 5 minutes. I'll close the floor in three

[8:54pm] <PrimaNW> hey dgre, I posted part 1

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« Lucifyra » then what??

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« Slopmaster » If he can find the button

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« dgrequeen » Oh, cool

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« Serious » I'm so happy people showed up!

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« Shallah » I think MM chant was over 170 at one point

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« N-Hyumin » i dont think you should talk about nasty boys bumping people

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« seconstar » Did Michael Nader play the part of LaCroix in the movie?

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« N-Hyumin » its not right

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« VampUK » you mean kewl

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« TIBERIUS©¤ » Moderator how can he log on threw you?

[8:54pm] [8:54pm]« Lucifyra » yes

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« N-Hyumin » they are using a telephone

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« VampUK » or as luci and I say focking kewl

[8:55pm] [8:55pm] Moderator sets mode: +n

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« N-Hyumin » ?

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« Slopmaster » Prob does it through a different server

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« Lucifyra » lol at Vamp UK

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« TIBERIUS©¤ » n?

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« Siana » I think the Moderator said he will be on the phone.

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« Lucifyra » his mobile

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« dgrequeen » heh

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« TIBERIUS©¤ » hmmmmm

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[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« dgrequeen » say bye bye folks, we're about to go silent

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« TIBERIUS©¤ » im just here to watch

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« VampUK » there's 60 in here so far

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« HumanVintage » I wonder if Nigel is aware that he's about to be assaulted by 60 adoring fans with no other purpose in life than worshi--- er... enjoying his acting.. ?

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« FrogSplash » bye

[8:55pm] [8:55pm] * Slopmaster thinks Nigal is sending a carrier pigon because its more cost effective

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« Lucifyra » wow!

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« gersgal1 » : O

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« laudon » VampUK I got your story. Someone else sent me something to beta a few hours earlier and I have to finish that before I can work on yours.

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« EveningStar » bye bye

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« N-Hyumin » im gonna watch and shit my pants

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« lacroix666 » four o`clock in the morning

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« TIBERIUS©¤ » hey laemusGT

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« MeLuSiNe- » cerri!

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« cricket1 » bye

[8:55pm] [8:55pm]« laemusGT » hey

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« dgrequeen » Cerri!!!!

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« Serious » I'd work for Sci Fi. and talk to the programming director

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« TIBERIUS©¤ » -=Rolling On The Floor=- Slopmaster

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« Q » :^)

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« Cerri » Hi kiddies

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« Midnight » Everyone have a good chat! bye

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« cricket1 » heya CERRI!!!!!

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« FrogSplash » Hi Cerri

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« TIBERIUS©¤ » -=Rolling On The Floor=- Serious

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« laemusGT » nigel bennett is the guy who plays Prince right?

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« Slopmaster » I'd work for Scifi for 5 minutes

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« necrophiliac » hey Cerri

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« N-Hyumin » if i worked for scifi i would have sex with rabbits all the time!

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« Lucifyra » yes

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« N-Hyumin » !!!

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« VampUK » that's ok. take you time, I haven't started on the next part yet

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« Serious » Rick Springfield? and the guy who plays Salmonious from Hercules

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« Princess » Argh, this is driving me insane!!

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« Lucifyra » hurry up Trace.. I need more!

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« Shallah » Looks like the gang's just about all here...

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« laudon » VampUK Cool

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« laemusGT » oh god he was the ONLY good thing about season 3 of lexx

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« Slopmaster » and one of those would include me getting thrown out of the building

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« TIBERIUS©¤ » scifi is backwards company

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« Princess » Why is Java messing with me?!

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« N-Hyumin » i rabbit..........bam........two rabbit.......bam......three rabbit

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« Slopmaster » So are the people who work for them

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« TIBERIUS©¤ » yup

[8:56pm] [8:56pm]« VampUK » got my can of Red Bull now, that should keep me awake a bit longer

[8:57pm] [8:57pm]« Shallah » The Movie went back WAY before the series...

[8:57pm] [8:57pm]« HumanVintage » He's the only good thing about lexx... period.

[8:57pm] [8:57pm]«@ Moderator» Okay, I'm closing the floor and calling Nigel. Don't be put off buy a couple minutes of deafening silence :)

[8:57pm] [8:57pm]« TIBERIUS©¤ » Princess you mit ebe getting flooded

[8:57pm] [8:57pm] * Slopmaster just has a can of bull

[8:57pm] [8:57pm]« Lucifyra » pass me some.. I"m out of cow..

[8:57pm] [8:57pm]« Princess » Guys, please - can anyone just tell me if my writing is showing up?

[8:57pm] [8:57pm]« TIBERIUS©¤ » -=Rolling On The Floor=-

[8:57pm] [8:57pm]« laudon » LOL VampUK

[8:57pm] [8:57pm] Moderator sets mode: +m

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[8:58pm] [8:58pm]«@ Moderator» Hi everyone, thanks for joining us here. I'm Ben Trumble for SCIFI. As though the misfit crew of the Lexx don't have enough to occupy them, in season three of the popular, twisted SCI FI program they encounter a Machiavellian figure known only as "Prince," a leader on the planet Fire. This villain's villain is played by tonight's guest British actor Nigel Bennett.

[8:59pm] [8:59pm]Joins: DeeinVA ( ««72 users »»

[8:59pm] [8:59pm]«@ Moderator» Nigel has had a distinguished theater career, spending 15 years on the British stage (enlivening such classics as Ibsen's Ghosts, and Coward's Private Lives) before moving to Canada in 1986. He has also appeared in films such as Narrow Margin (with Gene Hackman) and Legends of the Fall. Nigel is also known to vampire fans as Lucien LaCroix on the television show Forever Knight.

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[8:59pm] [8:59pm]«@ Moderator» Brief word about the drill - please send your questions for our guests to me, Moderator, as private messages. (To send a private message, either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" on the command line - only without the quotes.)

[8:59pm] [8:59pm]«@ Moderator» First question

[8:59pm] [8:59pm]«@ Moderator» <cricket1> to <Moderator>: ask him what his first impressions of the character Prince where?

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[9:00pm] [9:00pm]«@ NigelB» I liked him because he didn't say a word for 20 pages

[9:00pm] [9:00pm]Joins: FrogSplash ( ««75 users »»

[9:00pm] [9:00pm]«@ NigelB» Like a child quietly exploring

[9:00pm] [9:00pm]«@ NigelB» He was curious and open and that was appealing

[9:00pm] [9:00pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:00pm] [9:00pm]«@ Moderator» <ideath> to <Moderator>: I have heard that you will be in the US for some filming. If this is true, can you tell us where and when?

[9:01pm] [9:01pm]Parts: Slopmaster ( ««74 users »»

[9:01pm] [9:01pm]«@ NigelB» There may be some filming for Lexx in the US, but I don't know when or where.

[9:01pm] [9:01pm] Quits: Marrah ( ((signed off))

[9:01pm] [9:01pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:01pm] [9:01pm]Joins: typhlosion ( ««74 users »»

[9:01pm] [9:01pm]«@ Moderator» <MeLuSiNe-> to <Moderator>: Will Prince be a big part of season 4 like he was in season 3?

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[9:01pm] [9:01pm]«@ NigelB» Yes he is. He's not as central, but he certainly plays a large part

[9:01pm] [9:01pm] Quits: cricket1 ( ((signed off))

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[9:02pm] [9:02pm]«@ NigelB» The 4th season is even wierder and wackier than 3

[9:02pm] [9:02pm]«@ NigelB» GA

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[9:03pm] [9:03pm]«@ NigelB» The best was the box of oatmeal thust in my face instead of a cross. I used to do ads for oatmeal

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[9:03pm] [9:03pm]«@ NigelB» I don't think ther was a bad one

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[9:03pm] [9:03pm]«@ NigelB» GA

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[9:03pm] [9:03pm]«@ Moderator» <HumanVintage> to <Moderator>: The dialogue on Forever Knight, particularly that of Lucien LaCroix, was surprisingly intelligent, and always interesting. To what extent was Lucius your character, and how much was taken verbatim from the writers?

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[9:04pm] [9:04pm]«@ NigelB» No a lot was taken verbatim

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[9:04pm] [9:04pm]«@ NigelB» The writers wrote for the character we created

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[9:04pm] [9:04pm]«@ NigelB» I knew exactly how he sounded and chould sound

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[9:04pm] [9:04pm]«@ NigelB» But the writers loved the charater and enjoyed writing for him

[9:04pm] [9:04pm]«@ NigelB» I was challenege for them

[9:04pm] [9:04pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:04pm] [9:04pm]«@ Bouncer» - were they all written ahead of time?

[9:05pm] [9:05pm]«@ Moderator» <Lucifyra> to <Moderator>: Does Nigel plan to come over here to the UK to promote 'His Father's Son'?

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[9:05pm] [9:05pm]«@ NigelB» I would love to. His Father's Son is the second of the three novels I co-author.

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[9:05pm] [9:05pm]«@ NigelB» The book is due out any moment now

[9:05pm] [9:05pm]«@ NigelB» And the comments are very good

[9:05pm] [9:05pm]Joins: lcv ( ««94 users »»

[9:05pm] [9:05pm]«@ NigelB» It's a stronger book than the first

[9:06pm] [9:06pm]«@ NigelB» But I haven't been invited

[9:06pm] [9:06pm]«@ NigelB» GA

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[9:06pm] [9:06pm]«@ Moderator» <Midnight> to <Moderator>: I have been a huge fan of yours for quite some time.. and find your web site very interseting... do you ever get time to read your guest book?

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[9:06pm] [9:06pm]«@ NigelB» I confess...I've never had the berve to read it.

[9:06pm] [9:06pm]«@ NigelB» I do log on to visit the links

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[9:06pm] [9:06pm]«@ NigelB» I should read the guest book, but I'm a coward

[9:07pm] [9:07pm]«@ NigelB» GA

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[9:07pm] [9:07pm]«@ Moderator» <KRin> to <Moderator>: I would like to ask Nigel why he started the Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance rather than froting an existing charity?

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[9:07pm] [9:07pm]«@ NigelB» We started really as a way to get rid of my wardrobe from FK

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[9:08pm] [9:08pm]«@ NigelB» When that first year was so successful we decided to go on

[9:08pm] [9:08pm]«@ NigelB» We choose two charities a year

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[9:08pm] [9:08pm]«@ NigelB» And we can change charities every year and do right by them

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[9:08pm] [9:08pm]«@ NigelB» There are so many group[s that need the help

[9:08pm] [9:08pm] Quits: PrinceKai7 ( ((signed off))

[9:08pm] [9:08pm]«@ NigelB» It really feels good

[9:08pm] [9:08pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:09pm] [9:09pm]«@ NigelB» And by the way, it happens again in October!

[9:09pm] [9:09pm]«@ Moderator» <Mirazh> to <Moderator>: How did you get involved with Lexx? Was it something you always wanted to be in or was there some other reason?

[9:09pm] [9:09pm]Joins: mac ( ««99 users »»

[9:09pm] [9:09pm]«@ NigelB» I was approached by the producers

[9:10pm] [9:10pm]«@ NigelB» I'd worked with them on a film called Paint Can

[9:10pm] [9:10pm] Quits: Ahha ( ((signed off))

[9:10pm] [9:10pm]«@ NigelB» They wanted a new character and they thought I'd be right for the part

[9:10pm] [9:10pm]«@ NigelB» It seemed like a good idea at the time...and was

[9:10pm] [9:10pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:11pm] [9:11pm]«@ Moderator» <Lucifyra> to <Moderator>: has he had his eyebrows bleached to play Prince again this time?

[9:11pm] [9:11pm]«@ NigelB» GA

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[9:11pm] [9:11pm]«@ Moderator» <cricket1> to <Moderator>: What is the most challenging role you've had in your career?

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[9:11pm] [9:11pm]«@ NigelB» That's tough

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[9:12pm] [9:12pm]«@ NigelB» There have been so many that were tough in different way

[9:12pm] [9:12pm]«@ NigelB» The most satisfying was a film called Different, with Lynn Redgrave

[9:12pm] [9:12pm]«@ NigelB» It was very gratifying

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[9:13pm] [9:13pm]«@ NigelB» It was on Shoiwtime I think

[9:13pm] [9:13pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:13pm] [9:13pm]«@ Moderator» <VampUK> to <Moderator>: Was the episode Francesca you first attempt at directing. I liked it by the way.

[9:14pm] [9:14pm]«@ NigelB» It was my first attempt at directing for television. And I was quite pleased with it. Thanks

[9:14pm] [9:14pm]«@ NigelB» GA

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[9:14pm] [9:14pm]«@ Moderator» <AnglimFCPrez> to <Moderator>: Dear Nigel, I got to see you at Syndicon in Baltimore and you were great with everyone. I was wondering if the sci-fi genre' picked you or you picked it since so much of your work has been in it.

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[9:14pm] [9:14pm]«@ NigelB» I think that it picked me

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[9:15pm] [9:15pm]«@ NigelB» I never had any great desire or interest in sci fi

[9:15pm] [9:15pm] Quits: Uranus ( ((signed off))

[9:15pm] [9:15pm]«@ NigelB» FK certainly started it all, and the genre hasn't let me go

[9:15pm] [9:15pm]«@ NigelB» I've enjoyed it

[9:15pm] [9:15pm]«@ NigelB» A good ride so far

[9:15pm] [9:15pm]«@ NigelB» GA

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[9:15pm] [9:15pm]«@ NigelB» Oh, and I think I'm going to be doing a con in Pittsburgh at some point

[9:15pm] [9:15pm]«@ NigelB» GA

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[9:16pm] [9:16pm]«@ Moderator» <Calico-Kitten> to <Moderator>: Hello, Nigel. Another Lexx question. What exactly was Prince shouting as he plummeted to the little blue planet presumed to be Earth? It has been a big topic at newsgroup of the meaning. It sounded like Prince was saying, "Oh, pain. Oh, joy." repeatedly. Why?

[9:17pm] [9:17pm]«@ NigelB» That's exactly what he was saying, on the other way around. Oh joy Oh pain

[9:17pm] [9:17pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:17pm] [9:17pm]Joins: MacThulhu ( ««107 users »»

[9:17pm] [9:17pm]«@ Moderator» STATION IDENTIFICATION:

[9:17pm] [9:17pm]«@ Moderator» Just a reminder..We're chatting with LEXX actor Nigel Bennett. If you have a question for our guest, please send it to me, Moderator, as a private message. . (To send a private message, either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" on the command line - only without the quotes.)

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[9:17pm] [9:17pm]«@ Moderator» <DeeinVA> to <Moderator>: Good evening, Nigel. Will you have time for more theater this summer?

[9:18pm] [9:18pm]Joins: Shallah ( ««108 users »»

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[9:18pm] [9:18pm]«@ NigelB» I'm hoping to... I'm just working on things at the moment in Nova Scotia. Nothing is definite yet

[9:18pm] [9:18pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:18pm] [9:18pm]Joins: Vigdis ( Clone: Starglider ««105 users »»

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[9:19pm] [9:19pm]«@ Moderator» Gwenn> to <Moderator>: Since you write vampire stories, I was wondering why you never attempted to write for the Forever knight series.

[9:19pm] [9:19pm]«@ NigelB» Oh I did.

[9:19pm] [9:19pm]Parts: Princekai7 ( ««105 users »»

[9:19pm] [9:19pm]Joins: Serious ( ««106 users »»

[9:19pm] [9:19pm]«@ NigelB» I wrote a script which was rejected

[9:20pm] [9:20pm]«@ NigelB» I started writing it at the end of season two, but with cast changes it didn't fit in Season 3

[9:20pm] [9:20pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:20pm] [9:20pm]Parts: nUuRTH ( ««105 users »»

[9:20pm] [9:20pm]«@ Moderator» <VampUK> to <Moderator>: Will you still be in Nova Scotia in August, and if so will you be going to Ger in his one man show around that time

[9:21pm] [9:21pm]«@ NigelB» July and August is our hiatus from Lexx, so if the theater works happens I'll probably turn up there.

[9:21pm] [9:21pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:21pm] [9:21pm]«@ Moderator» <Princess> to <Moderator>: Another Lexx question - How many different outfits for Prince are there exactly? Will they be for sale after Lexx finishes season 4?

[9:21pm] [9:21pm]«@ NigelB» There were three outfits last season

[9:21pm] [9:21pm]«@ NigelB» Dark blue heavy

[9:22pm] [9:22pm]«@ NigelB» Dark blue silk in South Africa

[9:22pm] [9:22pm]Joins: jpmbrant ( ««106 users »»

[9:22pm] [9:22pm]Joins: DirtyGirl ( ««107 users »»

[9:22pm] [9:22pm]«@ NigelB» And a powder blue outfit

[9:22pm] [9:22pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:22pm] [9:22pm]«@ Moderator» <Lucifyra> to <Moderator>: How often does he have to bleach his hair for Prince?

[9:22pm] [9:22pm]Joins: The359 ( ««108 users »»

[9:22pm] [9:22pm]«@ NigelB» About every ten to fourteen days.

[9:22pm] [9:22pm] Quits: jpmbrant ( ((signed off))

[9:22pm] [9:22pm]«@ NigelB» And you can actually see little tiny roots after four days.

[9:22pm] [9:22pm]«@ NigelB» Incredible

[9:22pm] [9:22pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:23pm] [9:23pm]«@ Moderator» <Lindy> to <Moderator>: How long did the make up take for the Secret Adv of Jules Verne episode you did? (Good show btw)

[9:23pm] [9:23pm]Joins: desperate ( ««108 users »»

[9:23pm] [9:23pm]«@ NigelB» That took about an hour and a quarter every day

[9:23pm] [9:23pm]«@ NigelB» They used an airbrush

[9:23pm] [9:23pm]«@ NigelB» They airbrushed me with paint

[9:23pm] [9:23pm]«@ NigelB» GA

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[9:24pm] [9:24pm]«@ Moderator» <Lucifyra> to <Moderator>: Why did he wear more make-up to play LaCroix in the third season?

[9:24pm] [9:24pm] Quits: Poet ( ((signed off))

[9:24pm] [9:24pm]«@ NigelB» I didn't think that I did. But lots of people have said that I did

[9:24pm] [9:24pm]«@ NigelB» I had the same makeup person, so that's not it

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[9:25pm] [9:25pm]«@ NigelB» But it was always very extreme if yopu think about it

[9:25pm] [9:25pm] Quits: ancs ( ((signed off))

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[9:25pm] [9:25pm]«@ NigelB» Like a demonic clown

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[9:25pm] [9:25pm]«@ NigelB» GA

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[9:25pm] [9:25pm]«@ Moderator» MeLuSiNe-> to <Moderator>: what was our most memorable moment of filming Lexx?

[9:25pm] [9:25pm]«@ NigelB» On the beach in Namibia

9:26pm] [9:26pm]«@ NigelB» There was aday when we were trying to hold up a green screen and 

it took four men to hold it against the wind

9:26pm] [9:26pm]«@ NigelB» Namibia is unlike anything I have seen before

[9:27pm] [9:27pm]«@ NigelB» The desert is so ememse

[9:27pm] [9:27pm]Joins: AuntyAlias ( ««92 users »»

[9:27pm] [9:27pm]«@ NigelB» The ocean is so huge...And there is nothing between there and South America

[9:27pm] [9:27pm]«@ NigelB» We saw so many kinds of animals.

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[9:27pm] [9:27pm]«@ NigelB» What a place to work.

[9:27pm] [9:27pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:28pm] [9:28pm]«@ Moderator» <nUuRTH> to <Moderator>: We've heard about how you initially felt about the character "Prince," but is there any aspect of him in particular that you came to enjoy, as the series progressed?

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[9:28pm] [9:28pm]«@ NigelB» I think I kind of enjoyed everything about him from the start

[9:28pm] [9:28pm] Quits: Shardan˛k † ( ((signed off))

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[9:28pm] [9:28pm]«@ NigelB» Like my character in FK he has tremendous power

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[9:29pm] [9:29pm]«@ NigelB» And great freedom comes with that kind of power

[9:29pm] [9:29pm]«@ NigelB» I like that about him

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[9:29pm] [9:29pm]«@ NigelB» GA

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[9:29pm] [9:29pm]«@ Moderator» <Marrah> to <Moderator>: I loved Keeper of the King, and have been a fan of yours for quite a while - you play the best "bad guys" yet make them so attractive. I wanted to know how much of your personality come out in "Keeper"?

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[9:29pm] [9:29pm]«@ NigelB» Quite a lot, I think

[9:30pm] [9:30pm] Quits: Ryndi ( ((signed off))

[9:30pm] [9:30pm]«@ NigelB» I think in a way writing is more personal than acting

[9:30pm] [9:30pm] Quits: saasaa01 ( ((signed off))

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[9:30pm] [9:30pm]«@ NigelB» There's a lot of me in His FAther's SDon as well

[9:30pm] [9:30pm]«@ NigelB» You can't avoid it

[9:30pm] [9:30pm] Vanquish was kicked by Bouncer (Bouncer)

[9:30pm] [9:30pm]«@ NigelB» A lot of Richard's fears are mine

[9:30pm] [9:30pm]«@ NigelB» I don'

[9:30pm] [9:30pm]Joins: Jan1228 ( ««78 users »»

[9:30pm] [9:30pm]«@ NigelB» t like to fly either

[9:30pm] [9:30pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:30pm] [9:30pm] Quits: Leigh ( ((signed off))

[9:31pm] [9:31pm]«@ Moderator» <Janet> to <Moderator>: Both Prince and LaCroix are very sensory and tactile. Is that something that was planned by the writers or something you brought to it?

[9:31pm] [9:31pm]«@ NigelB» Certainly with Prince I brought it to the role

9:31pm] [9:31pm]«@ NigelB» From the first episode I saw that he would smell everything

[9:31pm] [9:31pm]«@ NigelB» Sniff people

9:31pm] [9:31pm]«@ NigelB» That worked well with his obsession with water

9:31pm] [9:31pm]«@ NigelB» Since he comes from a dry planet

9:32pm] [9:32pm]«@ NigelB» These are the kind of moments that you create on the set with the director

[9:32pm] [9:32pm]«@ NigelB» GA


[9:32pm] [9:32pm]«@ NigelB» Well, the third book will be about the end of the world

9:33pm] [9:33pm]«@ NigelB» We decided to tackle something small

9:33pm] [9:33pm]«@ NigelB» And I won't say any more about it than that!

[9:33pm] [9:33pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:33pm] [9:33pm]«@ Moderator» STATION IDENTIFICATION:

[9:33pm] [9:33pm]«@ Moderator» Just a reminder..We're chatting with LEXX actor Nigel Bennett. If you have a question for our guest, please send it to me, Moderator, as a private message. . (To send a private message, either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" on the command line - only without the quotes.)

[9:33pm] [9:33pm]«@ Moderator» <Shallah> to <Moderator>: Despite evil darkness of both the LEXX and FK characters you portrayed--- there seemed to also be a deep lonliness as well-- Care to comment?

[9:34pm] [9:34pm]«@ NigelB» I think the lonliness comes from eternity

9:34pm] [9:34pm]«@ NigelB» They are immortal

[9:34pm] [9:34pm]«@ NigelB» Immortality must be very lonely

[9:34pm] [9:34pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:34pm] [9:34pm]«@ Moderator» <gersgal1> to <Moderator>: Nigel, Who came up with the idea of The Night Crawler on Forever Knight? Did one of the actors? Incidentally, no one could give him the character and flair that you did.

9:35pm] [9:35pm]«@ NigelB» The was written into the first episode

9:35pm] [9:35pm]«@ NigelB» But teh Night Crawler changed with each season

[9:35pm] [9:35pm]«@ NigelB» He was a heavy metal dj in the beginning

[9:35pm] [9:35pm]«@ NigelB» Then a lonely voice in the darkness later

[9:35pm] [9:35pm]«@ NigelB» GA

 [9:35pm] [9:35pm]«@ Moderator» <nUuRTH> to <Moderator>: If , now this is an if question, could choose to play the part of any character, from film, theater, or so on, who do you think you would most enjoying playing as? That is, if you could ever decide...

9:36pm] [9:36pm]«@ NigelB» I don't know...

9:36pm] [9:36pm]«@ NigelB» I get asked this and I always mean to work on an answer

9:36pm] [9:36pm]«@ NigelB» The type of character, is certainly someone who admits his weakness and trys to come to terms with it

[[9:37pm] [9:37pm]«@ NigelB» I'm sure there are dozens of such characters.

[9:37pm] [9:37pm]«@ NigelB» GA

9:37pm] [9:37pm]«@ Moderator» Magus> to <Moderator>: How do you think Prince came to his 

existense? A God-like being or a highly evolved human, etc??

:37pm] [9:37pm] Vanquish was kicked by Bouncer (Bouncer)

9:37pm] [9:37pm]«@ NigelB» I don't think that even the writers know that

9:37pm] [9:37pm]«@ NigelB» I think he just worked his way to the top of the food chain

[9:38pm] [9:38pm]«@ NigelB» The problem is that if anthing kills him, they've lost

[9:38pm] [9:38pm]«@ NigelB» I think in one episode he said he didn't know where he came from

[9:38pm] [9:38pm]«@ NigelB» He just knows what he does

[9:38pm] [9:38pm]«@ NigelB» GA

9:38pm] [9:38pm]«@ Moderator» <dark-ravenette> to <Moderator>: i wanted to ask Nigel if he still keeps in touch with the cast from Forever Knight

[9:38pm] [9:38pm]«@ Moderator» <Lucifyra> to <Moderator>: Did he ever imagine the character of LaCroix would be so popular?

9:39pm] [9:39pm]«@ NigelB» I don't really keep in touch

[9:39pm] [9:39pm]«@ NigelB» I bump into Ger occassionally, but that's about it

9:40pm] [9:40pm]«@ NigelB» Most of the time when you work on a long term project there is a 

sense of family while you are working, but it doesn't really last when you move on

9:40pm] [9:40pm]«@ NigelB» I'm sure we would all still be friends if we saw each other

[9:40pm] [9:40pm]«@ NigelB» GA

9:40pm] [9:40pm]«@ Moderator» <ideath> to <Moderator>: Your writing is great. Can you tell us what your favorite authors and or titles are?

9:41pm] [9:41pm]«@ NigelB» My favorite author is Gabriel Garcia Marquez

9:41pm] [9:41pm]«@ NigelB» Love In The Time of Cholera

9:41pm] [9:41pm]«@ NigelB» One Hundred Years of Solitude

9:41pm] [9:41pm]«@ NigelB» I started writing when I was still a kid

9:41pm] [9:41pm]«@ NigelB» I still have fifty pages of a book I started twenty years ago

9:41pm] [9:41pm]«@ NigelB» I enjoy writing very much

[9:42pm] [9:42pm]«@ NigelB» Glad you like it

[9:42pm] [9:42pm]«@ NigelB» GA

9:42pm] [9:42pm]«@ Moderator» <nUuRTH> to <Moderator>: Its very common for an actor to

 bring his own personality to a character, but have you ever taken a role that has somehow

 changed your life in ways that you didn't or couldn't have imagined?

[[9:42pm] [9:42pm]«@ NigelB» Well yes, Forever Knight is a perfect example

[[9:43pm] [9:43pm]«@ NigelB» It changed all of our lives

[9:43pm] [9:43pm]«@ NigelB» It made us successful

9:43pm] [9:43pm]«@ NigelB» I don't thinkl a role has ever changed my beliefs or feelings

9:43pm] [9:43pm]«@ NigelB» But every role has to change you to some degree

[9:43pm] [9:43pm]«@ NigelB» GA

9:44pm] [9:44pm]«@ Moderator» What was Legends of the FAll Like?

9:44pm] [9:44pm]«@ NigelB» Working w/ Brad Pittg was fun

9:45pm] [9:45pm]«@ NigelB» And working on a big budget film is quite an experience.

There is so much TIME taken

[9:45pm] [9:45pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:45pm] [9:45pm]«@ Moderator» <cricket1> to <Moderator>: Please? just one fun little question! :)

 did you like those lexxy boots?

9:45pm] [9:45pm]«@ NigelB» They were hand made for me here in Halifax

9:45pm] [9:45pm]«@ NigelB» They weren't the most comfortable boots in the world

[9:45pm] [9:45pm]«@ NigelB» They're tibht

[:46pm] [9:46pm]«@ NigelB» They were interesting

[9:46pm] [9:46pm]«@ NigelB» GA

9:46pm] [9:46pm]«@ Moderator» <blonde1228> to <Moderator>: How did you like working with

 Wesley Snipes?

9:46pm] [9:46pm]«@ NigelB» Wesley was great

[9:46pm] [9:46pm]«@ NigelB» He's very professional

9:46pm] [9:46pm]«@ NigelB» It was good fun

9:46pm] [9:46pm]«@ NigelB» The mockup of the White House they build in Toronto was amazing

[9:46pm] [9:46pm]«@ NigelB» GA

9:47pm] [9:47pm]«@ Moderator» STATION IDENTIFICATION:

[9:47pm] [9:47pm]«@ Moderator» Just a reminder..We're chatting with LEXX actor Nigel Bennett. If you have a question for our guest, please send it to me, Moderator, as a private message. . (To send a private message, either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" on the command line - only without the quotes.)

[9:47pm] [9:47pm]«@ Moderator» Tag> to <Moderator>: <Tag> Hi, my question for Nigel: Lexx's 3rd Season dealt with religious suject matters (Heaven and Hell, etc.). Are you a religious person? How were you brought up?

9:47pm] [9:47pm]«@ NigelB» I am not formally relgious at all

9:48pm] [9:48pm]«@ NigelB» I believe that you make your own Heaven and Hell here and now

[9:48pm] [9:48pm]«@ NigelB» I have spiritual beliefs that are important to me

9:48pm] [9:48pm]«@ NigelB» I think we do have a spirit

[9:48pm] [9:48pm]«@ NigelB» and the spirit goes on

9:48pm] [9:48pm] The359 was kicked by Bouncer (Bouncer)

[9:48pm] [9:48pm]«@ Moderator» <angelmay> to <Moderator>: What was it like working with the

 cast and crew of the Lexx Show?

[9:49pm] [9:49pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:49pm] [9:49pm]«@ NigelB» I was talking to some of the crew this evening

[9:49pm] [9:49pm]«@ NigelB» They are such a wonderful crew

[9:49pm] [9:49pm]«@ NigelB» We have amazingly talented people

[9:49pm] [9:49pm]«@ NigelB» Especially the cgi guys

[9:49pm] [9:49pm]«@ NigelB» Very high quality

[9:49pm] [9:49pm]«@ NigelB» The crew on the set works so hard, and they work such long hours

[9:49pm] [9:49pm]«@ NigelB» They're the real troopers behind the show

[9:49pm] [9:49pm]«@ NigelB» GA

9:50pm] [9:50pm]«@ Moderator» <Lucifyra> to <Moderator>: Has he visited Glastonbury as he seemed to have the directions to the Chalice Well and Tor just right :)

9:50pm] [9:50pm]«@ NigelB» Yes I have

9:50pm] [9:50pm]«@ NigelB» I've visited about three time now

9:50pm] [9:50pm]«@ NigelB» It's a magical place

9:51pm] [9:51pm]«@ NigelB» If you climb to the top of Tor on a sunny day there is a feeling of peace, and you can actually feel the power

[9:51pm] [9:51pm]«@ NigelB» GA

9:51pm] [9:51pm]«@ Moderator» <Vamp1228> to <Moderator>: What do you do to relax?

 [9:51pm] [9:51pm]«@ NigelB» At the moment I'm putting a bathroom into my cottage

[9:52pm] [9:52pm]«@ NigelB» I hunt, and fish, and I play golf

[9:52pm] [9:52pm]«@ NigelB» I go for hikes

[9:52pm] [9:52pm]«@ NigelB» GA

9:52pm] [9:52pm] Leviathan was kicked by Bouncer (Bouncer)

9:52pm] [9:52pm] The359 was kicked by Bouncer (Bouncer)

[9:52pm] [9:52pm]«@ Moderator» Lucifyra> to <Moderator>: What do his sons think of the 

characters he plays?

[9:52pm] [9:52pm]«@ NigelB» They didn't watch Forever Knight

[9:53pm] [9:53pm]«@ NigelB» They've watched Lexx

[9:53pm] [9:53pm]«@ NigelB» They think it's kind of wierd

[9:53pm] [9:53pm]«@ NigelB» I'm never sure if they are proud of me. or if it's a burden

9:53pm] [9:53pm]«@ NigelB» I think at least they really know that tv isn't real

[9:53pm] [9:53pm]«@ NigelB» And that's good

[9:53pm] [9:53pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:54pm] [9:54pm]«@ Moderator» <StormBorn> to <Moderator>: I hear you like to cook--what's your specialty?

[9:54pm] [9:54pm]«@ NigelB» I have a lot of venison in my freezer


[9:54pm] [9:54pm]«@ NigelB» So I'm very good at that

[9:54pm] [9:54pm]«@ NigelB» I like barbeque

[9:54pm] [9:54pm]Joins: KRin ( ««90 users »»

[9:54pm] [9:54pm]«@ NigelB» The man's way of cooking

[9:54pm] [9:54pm]«@ NigelB» Nothing to clean up

[9:54pm] [9:54pm]Joins: MikeC ( ««91 users »»

[9:55pm] [9:55pm]«@ NigelB» I live on a Salmon river, so I cook a lot of fish

[9:55pm] [9:55pm]«@ NigelB» GA

[9:55pm] [9:55pm]«@ Moderator» Our last question. What advice do you have for those who aspire to be actors

[9:55pm] [9:55pm]«@ NigelB» Do it

[9:55pm] [9:55pm]«@ NigelB» Just do it

[9:55pm] [9:55pm]«@ NigelB» If you want to be an actor, find a way to act

[9:56pm] [9:56pm]«@ NigelB» Don't be told you can't

[9:56pm] [9:56pm]«@ NigelB» Don't be told you should

[9:56pm] [9:56pm]«@ NigelB» The more you act, the better you will get

[9:56pm] [9:56pm]«@ NigelB» Apart from that find a good school and get the best training possible

[9:56pm] [9:56pm]«@ NigelB» Then keep trying!

[9:56pm] [9:56pm]«@ NigelB» Thanks so much to evertyone who logged on

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]«@ NigelB» I'm glad you enjoy Lexx so much

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]«@ NigelB» Good night!

[9:57pm] [9:57pm] Quits: Bouncer ( ((signed off))

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]Parts: NigelB ( ««89 users »»

[9:57pm] [9:57pm] Quits: StormBorn ( ((signed off))

[9:57pm] [9:57pm] Quits: ClosetNA ( ((signed off))

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]Parts: DirtyGirl ( ««86 users »»

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]«@ Moderator» WE'll open the floor now

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]Parts: Maritas ( ««85 users »»

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]Parts: NiteMar ( ««84 users »»

[9:57pm] [9:57pm] Moderator sets mode: -m

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]Parts: dgrequeen ( ««83 users »»

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]« AnglimFCPrez » Good night.. thank you Mr. Bennett!

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]« Jan-1228 » Good Night Nigel!!!

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]Joins: charise333 ( ««84 users »»

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]« MeLuSiNe- » wow

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]Parts: Shiloh-Namir ( ««83 users »»

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]« HumanVintage » Hey... you didn't let us say goodbye

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]« nUuRTH » Thanks for joining us Nigel Bennett, it was a pleasure!

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]« Calico-Kitten » Cool chat, guys.

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]« Mirazh » well that was nice after being flooded most of the time

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]« Windraider » Thank you Nigel

[9:57pm] [9:57pm] Quits: shadowlover ( ((signed off))

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]« cricket1 » Thanks, good nite!

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]« HumanVintage » Goodnight Nunkies!!!!

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]Parts: Slopmaster ( ««81 users »»

[9:57pm] <PrimaNW> Who forgot to ask if he's gonna be at Uncon?

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]« Demon-Formerly-Known-As-Prince » BYE MR BENNETT WE PRAISE YOU!!!

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]«@ Moderator» Thanks everybody for your hundreds of questions

[9:57pm] [9:57pm] Quits: JO ( ((signed off))

[9:57pm] [9:57pm]« Calico-Kitten » Good night, Nigel. Great chat.


[9:58pm] [9:58pm]Parts: MeLuSiNe- ( ««79 users »»

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]Parts: DevilGirl ( ««78 users »»

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« Lucifyra » Good night Nigel xxxxx

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« cricket1 » gah?! prima! I knew I was forgetting sometghing!

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]Parts: SŁˇve® (¤§ˇlvër KˇTTëѤ ««77 users »»

[9:58pm] [9:58pm] * LadyDrusilla frowns

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« zula » Mine froze

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]Parts: angelmay ( ««76 users »»

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« Vigdis » Goodnight ! I'm sorry I missed so much- computer problems...

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]Joins: DevilGirl ( ««77 users »»

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« AuntyAlias » I went link dead and am sooo bummed

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]Parts: Marci2 ( ««76 users »»

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« Calico-Kitten » I'm a deer hunter, too. Wow. I like Lexx even more now than ever.

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« necrophiliac » FS and I asked, cricket1

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« lacroix666 » Good Knight, Nigel

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« MikeC » I kept getting ping flooded by a jerk

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« Desiree-FK » Good Knight Mr. Bennett and Thank You!

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« Midnight » good to see mine wasn't the only one

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« Aurora » he's gone!!

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« HumanVintage » Now wait... how did one person get about 10 questions up, while some of us were shunned?

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« gersgal1 » me sometime!! : )

[9:58pm] [9:58pm] Quits: lcv ( ((signed off))

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« Lucifyra » what's your addy?

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« starfireone » Will there be a chat log posted somewhere?

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« cricket1 » oh, necro, did he get to answer?

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« Marrah » I kept getting booted off and banned

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« necrophiliac » nope

[9:58pm] [9:58pm] Quits: Windraider ( ((signed off))

[9:58pm] [9:58pm] Quits: BabyLexx ( ((signed off))

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« cricket1 » shoot

[9:58pm] [9:58pm] Quits: Demon-Formerly-Known-As-Prince ( ((signed off))

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« gersgal1 » Good Knight everyone!!! : )

[9:58pm] [9:58pm]« Serious » The chat kept freezing up for me

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« FrogSplash » I asked 4 times

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« AuntyAlias » Midnight, nope you're not the only one with computer problems

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« gersgal1 » I had fun!! : )

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« MikeC » Marrah, so did I

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« AnglimFCPrez » I think something's wrong with the web tonight. same here.

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Vamp1228 » knightie knight everyone

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« LadyDrusilla » I was kicked out a few times it seems.... blah

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]Joins: Slopmaster ( ««73 users »»

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]«@ Moderator» The transcript from the chat will be available in a few days

[9:59pm] <PrimaNW> don't worry I got it Vig

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]Joins: Princess ( ««74 users »»

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]Parts: MyDarlingXev ( ««73 users »»

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Laudon » next time try accessing via IRC, you don't get bumped.

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]Parts: gersgal1 ( ««72 users »»

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Calico-Kitten » Mine would lag and I would refresh. I seek the transcripts to print it out.

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Aether Storm » its not the weeb AnglimFCPrez

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« cricket1 » nite everyone

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« MikeC » no, there were two jerks trying to flood the channel

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Aether Storm » its the flooders

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« AuntyAlias » chat log chat log, where?

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« necrophiliac » I've got a full log too

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« starfireone » Great, thanks! Can't wait to read the chat log

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Aurora » I wanted to aks if he like choral music! What a stupid question!!

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« lacroix666 » not really great chat...

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« necrophiliac » night everyone

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Slopmaster » Jack Off's

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Serious » Thank You Moderator!!

[9:59pm] [9:59pm] Quits: xevgazer ( ((signed off))

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Midnight » Mod.... did you ask any of my questions?

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Vamp1228 » great, I can see what I missed and whether any my questions were answered

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« cricket1 » woo

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« zula » where do you get the transcript?

[9:59pm] »»»» Moderator changes topic to 'Dominion Chat'

[9:59pm] [9:59pm] Quits: Princess ( ((signed off))

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Vamp1228 » thank moderator, great job

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Vigdis » Great! I'll need to read it...

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Midnight » Thanks Mod for all your help

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]Parts: DevilGirl ( ««69 users »»

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]Joins: xevgazer ( ««70 users »»

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]Parts: necrophiliac ( ««69 users »»

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Mirazh » so when is Xenia coming here? heh

[9:59pm] [9:59pm] Quits: xevgazer ( ((signed off))

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Lucifyra » they were Tracy..

[9:59pm] [9:59pm] Quits: Anja ( ((signed off))

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Magus » was my question answered about the traits???????? i got moofed!!!!

[9:59pm] [9:59pm] Quits: AnglimFCPrez ( ((signed off))

[9:59pm] [9:59pm] Quits: Audio51 ( ((signed off))

[9:59pm] [9:59pm] Quits: Aurora ( ((signed off))

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Slopmaster » Great security as usual

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« cricket1 » thanks Moderator :)

[9:59pm] [9:59pm] Quits: blonde1228 ( ((signed off))

[9:59pm] <PrimaNW> from your Mirc Log folder

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« KRin » one got asked Midnight

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]Parts: Kai-SA ( ««62 users »»

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Calico-Kitten » Yea, thanks Moderator.

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« Vamp1228 » which ones Luci

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]Parts: LordLOC ( ««61 users »»

[9:59pm] [9:59pm]« MikeC » I'm glad Nigel put in a good word for the CGI guys on the show

[9:59pm] [9:59pm] Quits: MacThulhu ( ((signed off))

[9:59pm] [9:59pm] Quits: kid ( ((signed off))

[9:59pm] [9:59pm] Quits: ForeverLurker ( ((signed off))

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]« zula » thanks

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]Parts: cricket1 ( ««57 users »»

[10:00pm] [10:00pm] Quits: quietly ( ((signed off))

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]« Midnight » cool... too mad I missed it!

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]« Lucifyra » the one about how he liked to relax

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]« Calico-Kitten » ::::waves at the Moderator and gives a thumbs up::::

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]« Jan-1228 » If anyone from FORKNI logged this please let me know on the e-mail list thanks!!!

[10:00pm] [10:00pm] Quits: Lindy ( ((signed off))

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]« Serious » Seems like a thoughtful kind a guy

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]Joins: antimind ( ««56 users »»

[10:00pm] [10:00pm] Quits: Santiago ( ((signed off))

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]« Vamp1228 » I saw that one, didn't answer the one I told you to ask as well did he

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]« Magus » WAHHHH! my question was probly asked and I missed it!!!

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]« Lucifyra » Mod.. I wish you'd asked him the one about whether he'd ever drink blood.. sigh

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]« Midnight » Gotta run... havet o go to hoo.....LOVE YA NIGEL!

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]« ideath » I lost my connection. Can anyone tell me the answer to the religion question.

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]Parts: FrogSplash ( ««54 users »»

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]« Lucifyra » no and I asked it

[10:00pm] [10:00pm] Quits: mryouwho ( ((signed off))

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]« Lucifyra » he didnt answer my Uf ones either

[10:00pm] [10:00pm]« lacroix666 » he isnt religious

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« Calico-Kitten » Mine, too. Come on transcripts.

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]Parts: Cerri ( ««52 users »»

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]«@ Moderator» I couldn't see the flooding here. But part of that was because I was literally getting a dozen questions a minute and I was trying to read through them

[10:01pm] [10:01pm] Quits: SantiagoXt ( ((signed off))

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« Vamp1228 » when can do it again

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« ideath » Thank you

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]Joins: Alex ( ««52 users »»

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« starfireone » he did say he believes there is a spirt that lives on

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« lacroix666 » he thinks you make your own heaven and hell on earth

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« Aether Storm » is playing ĆĆ[south park - eric cartman - come sail away]Ć[5mins 13secs]Ć[44khz]Ć[128kbps]Ć[5.01mb]Ć[Stereo]Ć[Ćther Mp3 Player v3.0 Final]ĆĆ

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« lacroix666 » :)

[10:01pm] [10:01pm] * LadyDrusilla sighs (like Facie-man)

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« Alex » hello

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]«@ Moderator» You can always look for BOUNCER and ask for his help

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« Laudon » ideath, the impression I got was he's spiritual but not religious.

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« Calico-Kitten » Life may not be perfect but this chat was grand.

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« MikeC » Moderator, I was being ping flooded by those two jerks who kept getting kicked, I /msged you from my other account

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« Alex » goodknight

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« Vamp1228 » he didn't say whether or not he could pronouce Ger's name and I was really wondering about that

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« MikeC » I thought Bouncer was just a bot that you controlled

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« Serious » Yes, I kept getting a "no more messages" thing. Imagined Mod was drowning

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« Lucifyra » me too

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]« Midnight » GOOD NITE ALL............ IT WAS A PLEASURE WHEN MY COMPUTER WAS WORKING!

[10:01pm] [10:01pm]Joins: FrogSplash ( ««53 users »»

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« Lucifyra » he also didnt answer wh

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« LadyDrusilla » Good night

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« AuntyAlias » Nighty Night Midnight

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« HumanVintage » Hum, I want more nunkies...

[10:02pm] [10:02pm] Quits: drakh ( ((signed off))

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« Calico-Kitten » Night, Midnight.

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]Parts: GŞb®ˇeŁ Knˇgh† ( ««51 users »»

[10:02pm] <PrimaNW> Well, gotta go wrap this log for transmission - FS you need a copy?

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« HumanVintage » In Jello, preferably

[10:02pm] [10:02pm] * LadyDrusilla waves to those leaving

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« Serious » Night Midnight

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« Lucifyra » whose idea it was for Nick and LC to hold hands in Sons of Belial

[10:02pm] [10:02pm] Quits: antimind ( ((signed off))

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« Alex » GoodKnight

[10:02pm] [10:02pm] * LadyDrusilla laughs

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« Magus » nighty noot

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]Parts: EveningStar ( ««49 users »»

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« lacroix666 » could anyone send me a log

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« FrogSplash » Getting one from Necro thanks thought Prima

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]Joins: IllinoisJules ( ««50 users »»

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« lacroix666 » ????????????

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« AuntyAlias » Thanks Prima, looking forward to the log

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« Alex » see you

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« Lucifyra » Prima.. can I have a copy of the log?

[10:02pm] [10:02pm] Quits: mrfrey ( ((signed off))

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« Vamp1228 » I've been wondering about that too, as you well know Luci

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« starfireone » Good night all, enjoyed it!

[10:02pm] <PrimaNW> yes

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« Summer » nite

[10:02pm] [10:02pm] Quits: Alex ( ((signed off))

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« Laudon » Vamp, there's a wav of him saying "Geraint" from his role in "A Child's Christmas in Wales"

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« Serious » Where will the chat be posted?

[10:02pm] [10:02pm] Quits: Summer ( ((signed off))

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]Joins: Warrior-Lady ( ««48 users »»

[10:02pm] [10:02pm] Quits: starfireone ( ((signed off))

[10:02pm] [10:02pm]« Vamp1228 » Is that Ger or Nigel?


[10:03pm] [10:03pm]« Laudon » Vamp, it's Nigel

[10:03pm] [10:03pm]« Midnight » IF anyone wants to chat to me about Nigel.... wouild love to hear from you.... can't have enough Nigel fans chatting! Email me at

[10:03pm] [10:03pm]« Vigdis » Did anyone ask obout the ending of FK?

[10:03pm] [10:03pm]« lacroix666 » where can i get a log??????????????????????????????????

[10:03pm] [10:03pm]« Calico-Kitten » Yes. The chat will be transcribed and available in a couple of days.

[10:03pm] <PrimaNW> gotta motor peeps

[10:03pm] [10:03pm]« Vamp1228 » I want to know that too

[10:03pm] [10:03pm]« Laudon » Vamp, I have the wav

[10:03pm] [10:03pm]« AuntyAlias » Prima, I'll post it on my site when you send it to me.

[10:03pm] [10:03pm] Quits: Marrah ( ((signed off))

Session Close: Thu Mar 29 22:03:17 2001




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