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When starting out a sculpture of a known actress it's necessary to gather up pictures. It's prudent to get pictures of your subject in the role you're going to replicate, as well as in other roles, as well as at interviews and signings. This way you can get views of all sides of their face and body. Turn your sculpture from all sides and compare with the pictures. 

Ellen Dubin as Giggerota The Wicked

Watch for Ellen this fall in the Fantasy Mini-series "A Wrinkle in Time" as "Aunt Beast".

Mistress Tamara in Forever Knight

Roger's Gallery for Giggerota

Made in Canada: SciFi Actors: Ellen Durbin

SadGeezer's Giggerota Bio

She Wears a Man Skin Suit
She woos Stanley
She eats "Thinking Meat"
Study of the faces. 
"Lexx" (1997) TV Series .... Giggerota The Wicked (1997)
... aka "Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories" (1997) (Canada: English title)
... aka "Lexx: The Series" (1997)
... aka "Tales from a Parallel Universe" (2000) (USA: first season title)