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Painting with TLS

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TLS is translucent liquid sculpey: Below the three pictures is the post I sent to the list when Yahoo Groups decided to go wonky on us. 7-18-02, 10:22pm Pacific.

I didn't share this with the list when I made it because it was the
TLS painting of grave disappointment and I couldn't even chop it up in
revenge. So it sat, right out where I can see it, so I can figure how
to make it better next time.

I took the New Abalone Pallet to paint that logo. The pallet, and
pictures 1 through 5, are experiments with mixing TLS with clay and
painting with it. Checking for translucency with back lighting.

Then I made effort to do up a TLS Painted Logo for the List. I wanted
to put it on our web pages on my site. Like the Lexx pages have His
Divine Shadow's Iris on their pages. I thought that abalone pallet was
nifty and what's to worry. I mix clay with TLS and just paint me
something nifty.

What a knicker twister it turned out to be.

The mix could be thinner, then the pigment gets more spread out. When
I'd apply the TLS paint it would peak and giving effort to sand it
down was done on the experiment of my name and new Cattle Brand that
Heartlands (Rob and Melissa) are making for me as a stamp. The sanding
down of the TLS was less than acceptable for me and I threw myself on
the sofa and buired myself in a quilt, in a funk. A lot of time was
put on these TLS painted things of grave disappointment.

But they are great for examples of how it does work, outside of
expectation leading to disappointment for me. I had to get out of that
head space and ask myself, well what the heck does it really DO then.
That lead me to think, "This crap is like whipped cream or frosting or
.... oh HEY... "
Using TLS and mixing with clay for sauces, graveys, whipped cream and
Just look at the thumbnails on this page. Up to thumbnail 3 it's just
clay, no TLS painting. Thumbnails 4 and 5, show the same doll with a
VERY little bit of pigment in mostly TLS, for the blush of the cheek,
it enhance shadows at the collar bone and under the ribs. TLS mixed
with dark brown eyeshadow went on for eyebrows and nipples.

When TLS is mixed with eyeshadow or acrylic paint, it will not cure
FLAT, it doesn't run or ease out of bounds or go anywhere in curing.
What mound you see before curing is the mound you'll have after
curing. Nice to have discovered that. TLS painted eyebrows and cheeks
can withstand multiple curings. I don't know if acrylic paint can
withstand one curing.

Ok, so where does this lead us? We know we can make whip cream and
frosting. Mixing TLS with clay for mini food worked alright. Painting
with TLS mixed with clay is another matter. Now there is TLS that has
gold, silver and copper, I think Karen said she's ordering it, . If you're using TLS mixed with gold to
embellish jewelry or doing EASY BREEZY filigree (hint mongo hint), I'd
order the gold TLS and keep the mixing and the extra lumps and the
peaking to another effort, like frosting the cake. If you paint,
expect a Van Gogh effect unless you use a LOT of TLS and a bit of

That's all I know so far about painting with TLS.

But while I'm plugging list members home businesses.... Rob is Honey Man for Melissa, and
conspired with me for birthday surprises for her. He posts and he's a
really nice person. Order a stamp from them if you got a mind for one
that's original and yours to use with your clay art to sell. No
problem with permissions in using a stamp for sales if you use your
own original designs.