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Carolyn's Coffee Grinder Sacrificed to the ClayPen

Ok NJ, I don't have a food processor, but I do have an electric coffee
grinder.  I know it is smaller, but then I use smaller amounts of clay.  I
no longer am brewing organic coffee beans, so haven't used it in like two
years.  Can I use it for clay?



If it can grind coffee beans it'll chop clay. That's just usually such
a small container, like a half a handful. I'd just do it in short
bursts, brrrrrppptttt, brrrrpppttt. That's it. Then check. You don't
want the chunks to be too fine or any design in your cane ends will be
too cut up to see. Smaller chops, finer chops got to be made into
smaller beads, the larger beads with fine chop only looks blurry from
a distance. Up close, busy...sometimes too busy.

If you have finely chopped stuff and you have enough small beads, do
the "ick" save. Mix the fine chop with some larger bits. Like I did
with the last three pictures in the chop pallet section.

So you going to sacrifice the coffee bean grinder to the claypen? No
way to test to see if it'll be ok, for once used, that's it.  Keep us
posted on its use, more folks have coffee grinders than food
processors I reckon. That sort of experimentation might be useful.




ROTFLMAO!  Ok, I got all of the coffee out of it.  lol  The only really dried up stuff I could find was some very dry crumbely brown.  Put it in there with a couple of drops of oil, and gave it a spin.  Did the pulse thing, then went for it.  lol It worked as far as breaking it up!  lol

Very fine, looks like light expresso grind!  lol

So now what do I do with all of this fine powder?



Ok, here is the deal...I took half of a small block of hard crumbly Fimo and
ran it through the coffee grinder.  It soon became pulverized.  I added a
couple of drops of oil and gave it a spin or two.  I then took and dumped
all of the Fimo onto my large tile and started mashing it together.  It
bonded up well into a ball.

Was still hard to mush.  Ran it through the PM, and it crumbled.  Added a
couple more drops of oil, then it was oily and crumbly!  lol  I was given
some Quick mix and so cut off a slice and added it to the brown Fimo.  Ran
it through the PM several times.  Even taking it down to the thinnest

End result.  Fimo is usable.  Difference from me doing it by hand?  Doing it
by hand it would have taken longer, and it would have ended up sticky.

Using the coffee grinder served it's purpose in that it saved me from trying
to chop the hard clay up by hand, and then starting a tiny bit at a time to
condition it.  What would have taken me several hours to do, was cut down to
maybe an hour at most.  It saved my hands, and arms from hurting so much.

Comments:  Glad I sacrificed it to the clay goddess!  lol