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2003 February Highlights

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6) The TLS Experiment, just gotta do it

First of all let me give you a pat on the back for posting for the
first time. I know it can be a little scary just jumping in but you
done good.

TLS stands for Translucent Liquid Sculpey. It's polymer clay in a
thick fluid form. So there's a number of ways one can use it for it is
clay and not glue or paint or anything else we're used to using with
polymer clay.

Some of the uses for TLS make mini food just too yummy. Ever want
gravy on your roast beef mini plate? With TLS and a bit of that sliced
roast beef mashed to a gravy consistency you have it. If you ever
wanted whipped cream on a banana split and chocolate syrup on the ice
cream, TLS with the right color clay will give you that.

Biz-Archive/food/ Diner-Grp
Check the Diner page and there's experiments with TLS and making
pasteries. I just went nuts.

Then putting a glaze on a Roast Turkey, the right color clay and TLS
you brush on a glaze that allows the turkey to show through, just look
like it's been roasted.

I mix TLS with make up blush from my cosmetic drawer. I brush that TLS
with blush on the cheeks of already cured doll faces to give them a
sun kissed look.

TLS can be used as a glue to put broken bits of clay back together. It
can be used as repair caulk when some carving got a little out of hand
and you need to fill in a gash. It can be used on raw clay, cured clay
and can be recured like any other clay.

But what's under utilized, in my opinion, is the fact that it is a
medium like water is to water colors, like linseed oil is to oil
paints, it can carry pigment and then be treated like clay. That just
flips me out, it really does. I'm never sure if acryllic paint is
going to take repeated curings that my dolls require. I didn't want to
use painter's caulk for my mini cake frosting or whipped cream because
I tend to recure things, add things in piles and then recure. Clay
will act like clay and this is liquid clay is all.

So anything that drips, pours, whips up, glazes, blushes... all these
things and more TLS can be used to accomplish and still have
everything be clay and respond to repeated fussing.

Gosh... Am I forgetting anything...Oh yes, let's say you want to do
some stained glass effect. TLS is translucent and if you just tint TLS
with a bit of clay color and then paint it on glass, put up some
"lead" borders and you have a stained glass window for your Doll's
House or something to hang on your own window to catch the light.

We've not done half the experimenting with TLS as we could. Leaves us
something to discover together, yes?

Thank you for posting and it was a good question.