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A nudge for Eva, if you want a laugh.



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9-15, Animal skin print, I host
  1. Me
  2. CherylD
  3. Dag
  4. Ellen
  5. Eva
  6. Michelle
  7. Teri


ANIMAL CANE. Anything made of animal cane, any animal cane as long as your pile of swap goodies can fit in ONE BOX. So little critters, turtles made of leopard spot cane, tiger cane beads (5 beads make one mini exchange), zebra pinch pots. It will be a September Swap date.

For those who are new.... this jewelry shown above was made with the Tiger Cane
Found on the Animal Cane page.

Take that tiger and chop it up for beads and you get something like this...Biz-Archive/Faux/TigerChop/Beads-group

I saw the tiger and chopped it up. But I did not shoot the deputy. I
and I, all else is Babylon.

It's a bit of a slow loading page, but it's a sneak preview after all,
getting to see the finished item and the process shots will come
later. Or you can glean the trick of it with the links below. This is for the beaders, can't let them feel neglected or have them
think they can't do the Animal Cane Swap.

If you're really really new and don't know what a chop and toss is
take a safari through the African Themed Chop and Toss extravaganza...

Same site, two pages on Animal Print beads, might give some ideas to
the Animal Print Swappers.