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Audrey's Mr. Happy

8-30, Chimbo Swap, Ellen is an exemplary host, check out her page

I've finished my 'cord of Chimbi' for the swap and thought I'd go ahead
and pop up a pic. Below is the link for it - I was going for an
'amulet' look and ended up doing a sort of filigree chimbo. I also felt
the need halfway thru to experiment with a different color combination
(hense the 2 types of chimbo) and I was also working on making them
smaller (they range from 3/4" to 1-1/2").

**For the newbies, Chimbo is the Japanese term for 'penis' (Chimbi
became the plural) and we are currently in the middle of a Chimbo Swap.

DO NOT look if you don't want to see pc Chimbo - or if you are in the
swap and want to be surprised. You have been warned....

Thanks to all and looking forward to seeing the rest of the chimbos here
later this month.

Hugs to all - Ellen

Would this make this couple both Queens? Oh stop, I'm just having fun. They are both Kings because Kay King made them.

Be careful not to burn your chimbos. This is called "Chimbo Ouchies"

"the creatively burned chimbos (currently in my possession for the
swap) are Maria's delightful creation.  And if she had not said
something we would not have known there was a problem, they look like a VERY excellent blend.