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 On Site Flowers and Leaves

Real Orchid Pictures

The Centaurette's job is to gather flowers, come see the different flowers she has.


Aunt Jude's Carnations on a box

8-28, Flower Swap, Michelle is host:
I've decided to type up a little set of guidelines for the Flower Swap.
This is the list I have so far. If more people sign up, I'll edit it as I need to.
Kathy in E. TN
Linda Bohrn
Linda Diaz
NJ &
If I left you off, just give a shout and I'll add ya.
I'm gonna let sign up go until June 15. Let's try to shoot for a due date
of Wednesday, August 28. If you need more time, shout out and let us know.
It shouldn't be a problem.
The flowers can be anything you want to make. You can make 3D flowers,
a flower cane(might get cured during shipping), vinegar eggs with flowers on it, jewelry with a flower theme, or anything you can think of. They don't
have to be 100% clay, either. If you do other crafts, feel free to
include them.
I'd like to go with Cheryl on the newbie box idea. If you wouldn't mind, make a few extra flowers for a donation to the newbie box. One or two extra from each of us would hopefully be many flowers for our new claymates. That is, if
possible. If things are too tight for you to spare a few more, then
don't feel like you have to. That is for only if you WANT to.
This is my first time hosting a swap, so if I forgot anything, I'm sorry.
Just let me know what else needs to be set, and I'll get to it.

Here's another link for y'all. In Italian, but you can get the stuff
from the projects from the pics.

Hint: I am using one of these for my eggs.

Hope it helps someone!



Flower Swappers this is the link I wanted to find for you. Change the
color of the petals and you have a big variety of flower
possibilities. This same technique with different shaped leaves will
give you different flowers. 

"I re-did the rose tute for a couple of people on GSOLFOT, though.
or if the link is too long,
eliza and click on the "Tiny Roses" album. This style would work well
for miniaturizing capodimonte roses for a doll house, but it's pretty
easy to adapt to stemmed roses, using small-gauge floral wire.

Have fun!
Elizabeth The PolyParrot"

Well what do you know. PollyParrot not only put flowers and leaves on
a bead, using  miniature techniques, she put a page together about

It's a must see for the Flower Swappers, some ideas on mini flower
construction. Want a bigger flower, use the same construction but use
larger amounts of clay.

How to Make a Hydrangea Cane
by Dawn Naylor
How to Make DawnDazees
by Dawn Naylor

The TrueLEIGH Rose Cane
by Leigh Ross

A Simple Flower Cane
by Mia Rox

I knew if I looked long enough I'd find this. For folks who want to
do flowers as canes, this link has flower patterned beads. I knew I
saw this somewhere.