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MSATClayArt  Stoner Swap 8-18-2002

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From: nahani <>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 12:02 AM
Subject: Re: [MSATClayArt] Audrey's Awesome Coral

Chomping at the bit is better... long as you aren't doing any sacrificial offerings from watching those show!

Time for bed, but basically I used Cadmium Yellow, a bite of red, a bit of white, a teensy bit of pearl.

The different shades of the corals were from the extra reds.

The dark pieces, well that's my trusty potting soil mix, the kind that has some bits of mica in it and the white poly stuff and the humus.

I roll the clay in that and knead it together.

The last two batches, I used a shell that had barnacles on it to impress a pattern similar to the bumps in the real coral.

Dunked them into the future bath straight out of the oven so they had the gleam like polished coral.

That's all...