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2003- January Highlights

January 1, 2003: Doing Animal Heads Short Order.

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Fearless Leader: Just getting set up
bonsaikathy joined the room
bonsaikathy: Hello there
Fearless Leader: Just getting set up
pinkb2002 joined the room
bonsaikathy: NJ can I ask you a quick question please
Fearless Leader: I'm pulling Jyl in the room, go ahead
Fearless Leader: What's up Kathy?
bonsaikathy: I was wondering if you had the link handy for getting in
the chatroom and all that, I want to send it to a couple friends if
that's ok
Fearless Leader: sure, no problem
Fearless Leader:
bonsaikathy: we're going to try it out on one of my other mini yahoo
groups and it's easier than trying to tell them all how to do it.
bonsaikathy: besides well they are in there they can check out some of
your stuff, lol
pinkb2002: Just had to let everyone know. I am so-o-o-o excited. This
is the first demo I have been able to make it to.
Fearless Leader: Jyl is having some delay coming in
Fearless Leader: Wow, Pink...what shall we call you?
bonsaikathy: welcome, you will enjoy it thoroughly, NJ is a great
teacher believe me
pinkb2002: Oh, NJ this is Bonnie (horse box)
Fearless Leader: Okie Dokie, Horse Box, that's a great tip
Fearless Leader: got ya
Fearless Leader: have you seen my Centaurette?
Fearless Leader: or my Centaur?
Fearless Leader: I'll get the link for the log
Fearless Leader: Centaurette
Fearless Leader: It's one and one half aluminum foil armature to make
a four legged critter
Fearless Leader: with arms
Fearless Leader: for just a regular quadraped
Fearless Leader: use one foil armature
Fearless Leader: man faced tiger
Fearless Leader: anyone at their keyboards?
pinkb2002: I'm here
Fearless Leader: ok, since this is your first time here we have what
are called Virtual Scribes
Fearless Leader: when I show something someone describes what they
see, ask questions
Fearless Leader: or those that read the logs won't have other voices
Fearless Leader: where's Jael and Kathy?
bonsaikathy: I'm here
Fearless Leader: I'm going to post to the list that we've started
Fearless Leader: Yo Kathy, how long you got?
bonsaikathy: until then, will stay as long as I can
Fearless Leader: let me post to the list that we've started
bonsaikathy: ok
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
jude: Howdy!
jude: Doing good!
teri56 joined the room
techi_mom56 joined the room
bonsaikathy: Hi Teri
bonsaikathy: Hi Nancy
teri56: helooo
teri56: oh cool - I love it NJ!
jude: Howdy Teri. Hope you have better luck tonight.
teri56: oh no kidding Jude
Fearless Leader: Putting some Fantasy Creatures up
merrie60us joined the room
teri56: I was so frustrated last night
Fearless Leader: someone talked about Animals
Fearless Leader: and I'm saying Fantasy Animals
bonsaikathy: Hi Merrie
jude: Someone else started it, though.
merrie60us: Hi everyone
bonsaikathy: I need to know how to do a bear
teri56: hi Merrie
teri56: hi Judith
teri56: I needta fill my coffee cup
bonsaikathy: Same to you Jucith
bonsaikathy: sorry, Judith
techi_mom56: happy new year to all....and i get the same old error...must be something to do with my
provider...will have to check with them
Fearless Leader: Nancy you can't see my cam?
bonsaikathy: I think tonight there are some real bog downs because of
the holiday more than likely, I have had a difficult time tonight
getting into some sites
Fearless Leader: Well at least you got a lot of technical help in the
Fearless Leader: I still got to ping the list...brb
techi_mom56: yeah i had to change it but it started before that...
teri56: Bonnie, is tht you?
Fearless Leader: Let's Do Roll Call
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
teri56: Teri, Anderson Indiana
jude: jude, tehachapi, CA
techi_mom56: nancy clatskanie, oregon
pinkb2002: I'm in Bowling Green, Kentucky
Fearless Leader: Bonnie in Bowling Green
Fearless Leader: helps folks remember after time
merrie60us: Merrie Boston
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: ok, let's get started
Fearless Leader: someone needed to make a bear?
bonsaikathy: me
Fearless Leader: now the question is what sort of bear? A cuddly Teddy
Bear? A Grizzly snarling and rearing up?
teri56: I don't NEED one, but would like to see the snarling variety
bonsaikathy: like the ones we have here in E. TN
bonsaikathy: grizzly is fine, I can figure out how to change it to
black on my own
teri56: NJ is starting with some brown clay
teri56: and formed a nose
teri56: looks like a bear alread
Fearless Leader: Trick to a bear is it has a Dog's snout and fat
Fearless Leader: round face with a dog's snout, it has a cold nose
Fearless Leader: but can open it's mouth and has strong jaws
Fearless Leader: so we got the cheek muscles to think of
Fearless Leader: a bit of a forehead, some ears
teri56: moving some clay around, making dents for the eyes
teri56: using her clay shaper to make the holes in the snout, the
lines of his mouth
teri56: she's not being gentle - NJ is really bossing the clay around
Fearless Leader: I got a phone call, brb
teri56: rearranging some more of the clay to emphasize the cheeks
teri56: that's amazing, how with just a few pushes NJ makes it look so
lifelike already
bonsaikathy: it's amazing to me how fast she does these things
teri56: look at the profile - the brow ridge
jude: My darn monitor is all wonky and dark. Can't see much. Shoot.
teri56: can you adjust the brightness level Jude?
jude: It's adjusted as much as it goes.
teri56: oh man
jude: Don't ever buy IBM. Sigh...
pinkb2002: Where do you get one of those clay pusher things? I haven't
seen any here in Bowling Green.
teri56: Bonnie - Karen at clay alley has them
jude: Yeah, Karen carries them.
teri56: I've seen them a couple of other places online, but have only
actually ordered from Karen
pinkb2002: Thanks Teri, I'll check it out. My hubby ordered some
things from her for me for Christmas.
teri56: lucky Bonnie!
jude: She has the fastest service I've ever seen.
pinkb2002: Oh yeah, I got some Alley Goop. It's really neat
pinkb2002: He also got me one of the thingys to help with the clay
gun. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but plan to test it out
jude: I got one. It works well.
jude: Technical term, thingy.
jude: Helps to push the plunger.
pinkb2002: Well, I had an extremely hard time getting anything out of
the clay gun. In spite of all my 'weight training' I wasn't strong
enough to push the plunger down.
bonsaikathy: helps with pushing the clay through the clay gun, you can
also use a caulk gun, works well for me
teri56: it saves your hands from terribly pain
Fearless Leader: back
Fearless Leader: The bear.... what determines a bear in one's mind?
teri56: ferocious expression
pinkb2002: I was using a caulking gun, and bent it all out of shape.
Guess that's what you get when you buy it at the dollar store
Fearless Leader: let's review, the body is a piece of cake when you
remember that the bones of a human hand is much like the bone lay out
in a bear's paw
Fearless Leader: it has a cold nose, split lip
Fearless Leader: upper and lower jaw, but a small chin,
Fearless Leader: big cheeks for chew chew chewing
Fearless Leader: predator's eyes go forward
Fearless Leader: for the hunt
Fearless Leader: not like animals with hooves, the prey has eyes on
the sides of their heads
Fearless Leader: so the eyes, are faced forward
jill_z_q joined the room
bonsaikathy: Hi Jill
Fearless Leader: from there's it's just a matter of what color you're
going to have your bear
Fearless Leader: Suzy, goes by Jill
bonsaikathy: that is really great information NJ
merrie60us left the room
jill_z_q: Jill goes by Suzy
merrie60us joined the room
bonsaikathy: sorry, hi Suzy
teri56: Suzy - NJ is sculpting a bear
jill_z_q: Cool
teri56: the ferocious kind, not the cuddly one
jill_z_q: can't wait to see the pics
jill_z_q: I'm using ME
jill_z_q: I think it is my router
teri56: NJ is using the clay shaper again to define the details of the
bear's face
jill_z_q: what is your provider and do you have firewall?
teri56: Is someone getting the screen shots?
techi_mom56: nj...i am winging it on the bear...
jill_z_q: Yes me!
bonsaikathy: I am
teri56: ok, thanks Kathy
merrie60us left the room
Fearless Leader: Ok, so there's a bear's head
teri56: the cheeks are much larger
Fearless Leader: more or less
bonsaikathy: 13 pics so far
Fearless Leader: I need more clay or to take this and put it on foil
so the center isn't all clay
Fearless Leader: but you get the idea though don't ya Kathy
jill_z_q left the room
bonsaikathy: he has a smile
jill_z_q joined the room
Fearless Leader: he got berries in his mouth
Fearless Leader: makes him smile
bonsaikathy: yes I do
bonsaikathy: seriously NJ it's wonderful
Fearless Leader: now this looks more like a juvenile bear
Fearless Leader: not full grown
Fearless Leader: a grown bear would have a longer snout I'd think
Fearless Leader: larger ears too
jill_z_q: and big scary teeth!
Fearless Leader: all the better to Eat You With My Dear
bonsaikathy: Hey Jyl, I need a fox too, haha
jill_z_q: giggles
jill_z_q: Nancy do you have a firewall?
Fearless Leader: Now it's smiling
Fearless Leader: ok, what's next?
jill_z_q: cat!
jill_z_q: a Lion!
jill_z_q: grrrr
Fearless Leader: Cat..., ok... let's take the clay we just used and
reform it to a Cat form
Fearless Leader: What determines a cat face
Fearless Leader: it has a very short forehead
Fearless Leader: a short snout
Fearless Leader: eyes forward for it is a predator
jill_z_q: cute nose!
teri56: almond eyes
Fearless Leader: strong cheeks for clamping teeth onto the neck of
jill_z_q: almond?
jill_z_q: what about cashews!
Fearless Leader: the eyes are detail work, but my focus here is to get
the general shape that says Cat
Fearless Leader: and it's that short snout, strong cheeks
Fearless Leader: low forehead
Fearless Leader: ears closer to each other
teri56: mmmm, kind of a triangular head, right?
bonsaikathy: I think it would be
jill_z_q: goes and looks at her cat
jill_z_q: he has big round green eyes that glow. I should send that
pic through the list LOL
pinkb2002: It's looking a lot like a mouse
teri56: looks Eygptian, with the slender, graceful neck
Fearless Leader: The more you take away the more it will reveal itself
to you
Fearless Leader: start out with the general feel of Cat
teri56: lol@Jyl
Fearless Leader: snort snout, low forehead
pinkb2002: Yeah I can see that.
Fearless Leader: and then take away bit by bit to get down to the type
of cat you want
Fearless Leader: this is Short Order so we're getting the general
Fearless Leader: for a Lion, exaggerate everything
Fearless Leader: super size it
Fearless Leader: that's all
Fearless Leader: change the color you have Panther
Fearless Leader: or Leopard
jill_z_q: what about the mane part
Fearless Leader: or house cat
teri56: cat face would look good with the leaf surround
Fearless Leader: depends on what you want for the Mane, if with clay,
slap it on with extruded ropes
Fearless Leader: if you want to add real hair
Fearless Leader: that's an option too
Fearless Leader: depends on your aim
teri56: hmmmm, then we could use your wigging technique
Fearless Leader: yuppers
Fearless Leader: now someone said mouse
Fearless Leader: mouse is a whole different kettle of fish
Fearless Leader: it is prey
jill_z_q: Pinky did
teri56: yeah, do a mouse
Fearless Leader: eyes going sideways
Fearless Leader: ok, long narrow snout, cold nose
Fearless Leader: BIG hears
Fearless Leader: for it's prey
Fearless Leader: small brain pan
pinkb2002: Hi, My name is Bonnie
jill_z_q: Hi Bonnie -I'm Suzy on the list :0
pinkb2002: Glad to get to chat with you Suzy
jill_z_q: same here
teri56: NJ is morphing the cat into a mouse
teri56: the snout is enlongated, and pointy
bonsaikathy: bigger ears
teri56: eyes moved to the side of the head
teri56: yes, the ears are bigger, and moved apart a little
Fearless Leader: ToPo GiGGo from Ed Sullivan?
Fearless Leader: Mice don't have necks to speak of
Fearless Leader: their heads seem stuck on their bodies with little to
no neck
jill_z_q: Okay I'm actually too young to know who that is. Yay!
techi_mom56: too...but i have seen clips...
Fearless Leader: So a Mouse more or less, but what determines a Mouse
Fearless Leader: longer pointy snout
Fearless Leader: eyes to the side
chelyha55 joined the room
jill_z_q: what about a rat?
jill_z_q: they are similar
teri56: no forehead
Fearless Leader: cheeks are big for chewing nuts and storing stuff
jill_z_q: Hi Cheryl
techi_mom56: beady eyes....
Fearless Leader: no forehead and the eyes don't show white
Fearless Leader: black eyes without white showing
chelyha55: Hi all
bonsaikathy: Hi Cheryl
Fearless Leader: Doing animals Cheryl...ooops my mouse fell over
jill_z_q: heh
jill_z_q: which one!
chelyha55: is that an elephant I see?
Fearless Leader: Could be if we pulled the snout
chelyha55: or was that the mouse
Fearless Leader: more
chelyha55: oh I see
Fearless Leader: that is the mouse
Fearless Leader: we did a Cat and a Bear with the same lump of clay
Fearless Leader: noodling out animal face shapes
Fearless Leader: let me do an animal face and let's see who's first to
guess what the animal is going to be, ok?
chelyha55: speaking of animas I have a very angry cat here
teri56: I'm game
jill_z_q: okay sounds cool
bonsaikathy: ok
jill_z_q: dalmation!
bonsaikathy: looks like scooby doo
jill_z_q: lab
Fearless Leader: arf arf
jill_z_q: dog
teri56: it's rover
jude: Sandy?
Fearless Leader: Now doing animal heads isn't difficult when you stop
to ask yourself
Fearless Leader: does it have room for brains?
Fearless Leader: does it need strong jaws for clamping teeth into the
neck of prey?
jill_z_q: Ooh a bird speaking of brains
Fearless Leader: does it need large ears to hear the predator
greatauntjudy left the room
Fearless Leader: LOL
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: birds and snakes
Fearless Leader: both start out the same
Fearless Leader: but the question here is what shall you key in on in
your mind's eye when you do animals?
Fearless Leader: does it have a long snout
Fearless Leader: short snout
Fearless Leader: low forehead
jill_z_q: I think the head
Fearless Leader: eyes forward or to the side?
jill_z_q: for a general
Fearless Leader: I'll take questions at this point
Fearless Leader: who's saving logs?
Fearless Leader: Kathy is doing screen shots, yes?
chelyha55: I just got here so no questions as yet
chelyha55: I sure wish I knew how to save logs
Fearless Leader: I'll save log here
bonsaikathy: yes
chelyha55: I feel like I don't do my part
Fearless Leader: just tap the screen and select all, highlight and
Fearless Leader: right tap the screen
Fearless Leader: I mean
greatauntjudy left the room
Fearless Leader: then I save it in an email to myself as a draft
Fearless Leader: with the time I saved
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: I'll do a bird
Fearless Leader: since Aunt Jude is like a bird in a birdbath here
Fearless Leader: welcome back Aunt Jude
jude: Yahoo is really acting up here. The ad won't load and it says
Action Canceled, but it takes up the entire screen. I have one line of
text showing. Dang!
Fearless Leader: bird head
Fearless Leader: no room for brains
Fearless Leader: not really
Fearless Leader: a beak of some sort
Fearless Leader: birds got necks
teri56: I need to head on out......thanks NJ! Nite All!
teri56 left the room
Fearless Leader: see
Fearless Leader: any other requests?
jill_z_q: I think Cheryl wanted to do fantasy fantasy
jude: Someone asked for a unicorn.
Fearless Leader: Man Faced Tiger says..."Cool"
jill_z_q: Oh that was you Kathy
Fearless Leader: Horse...I'll have to bring up a picture of a horse to
do the head
Fearless Leader: anyone got a picture of a horse handy on a webpage?
bonsaikathy: I'll see if I can find one real quick
chelyha55: not me
jill_z_q: I found all sorts of cute little mousies
jude: Do a quick search for the Lone Ranger.
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: Let's see if we can capture the horse head, Unicorns
just add the horn
jill_z_q: ooh hold on Jyla
bonsaikathy: ok
bonsaikathy: Now that Teri's gone, can someone else take over the
virtual scribe duty, I can't do that and screen shots at the same time
bonsaikathy: just describe what you see best you can
jill_z_q: I would if I could but I can't see the webcam
chelyha55: she's making a unicorn, yes?
bonsaikathy: elongated nose and small ears
bonsaikathy: the horse right now, then just add the horn
chelyha55: ok, so she is working on forming the horses' head
bonsaikathy: thanks Cheryl
chelyha55: I used to do portraits of horses
chelyha55: poking out the nostrils
chelyha55: and holes for the eyes.
chelyha55: it is hard to see details at times
jill_z_q: unicorns I should say
chelyha55: I have a friend who draws great unicorns
bonsaikathy: my daughter would go crazy, she's always loved them
icare4bunnies left the room
bonsaikathy: lost her entire collection when she sent them to Puerto
jill_z_q: aww that is awful
chelyha55: ouch!
bonsaikathy: they were destroyed, she was needless to say extremely
bonsaikathy: I'm trying to start her another collection
chelyha55: I can imagine she would be
jill_z_q: I don't know what happen to my little collection
jill_z_q: I use have a really cool one
chelyha55: so there is a horse's head
Fearless Leader: The Horse is going to take some time
Fearless Leader: it looks like it's swimming across a river
bonsaikathy: You are doing a great job on it though
bonsaikathy: yes it does
pinkb2002: Looks great
bonsaikathy: Folks I'm about falling off my chair, I'd love to stay in
here but I just can't stay awake any longer, sorry
Fearless Leader: ok, I'm going to do a log save here and take a break
for about 20 minutes
Fearless Leader: be back on the hour
bonsaikathy: NJ I hate to desert you
bonsaikathy: take care everyone
Fearless Leader: No worries we got your Bear out of the waY
chelyha55: nite Kathy

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.