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2003- January Highlights

January 1, 2003: Seeking the Unicorn through the Horse.


Fearless Leader: I'll save log here
bonsaikathy: yes
chelyha55: I feel like I don't do my part
Fearless Leader: just tap the screen and select all, highlight and copy
Fearless Leader: right tap the screen
Fearless Leader: I mean
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Fearless Leader: then I save it in an email to myself as a draft
Fearless Leader: with the time I saved
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: I'll do a bird
Fearless Leader: since Aunt Jude is like a bird in a birdbath here
Fearless Leader: welcome back Aunt Jude
jude: Yahoo is really acting up here. The ad won't load and it says Action Canceled, but it takes up the entire screen. I have one line of text showing. Dang!
Fearless Leader: bird head
Fearless Leader: no room for brains
Fearless Leader: not really
Fearless Leader: a beak of some sort
Fearless Leader: birds got necks
teri56: I need to head on out......thanks NJ! Nite All!
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Fearless Leader: see
Fearless Leader: any other requests?
jill_z_q: I think Cheryl wanted to do fantasy fantasy
jude: Someone asked for a unicorn.
Fearless Leader: Man Faced Tiger says..."Cool"
jill_z_q: Oh that was you Kathy
Fearless Leader: Horse...I'll have to bring up a picture of a horse to do the head
Fearless Leader: anyone got a picture of a horse handy on a webpage?
bonsaikathy: I'll see if I can find one real quick
chelyha55: not me
jill_z_q: I found all sorts of cute little mousies
jude: Do a quick search for the Lone Ranger.
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: Let's see if we can capture the horse head, Unicorns just add the horn
jill_z_q: ooh hold on Jyla
bonsaikathy: ok
bonsaikathy: Now that Teri's gone, can someone else take over the virtual scribe duty, I can't do that and screen shots at the same time
bonsaikathy: just describe what you see best you can
jill_z_q: I would if I could but I can't see the webcam
chelyha55: she's making a unicorn, yes?
bonsaikathy: elongated nose and small ears
bonsaikathy: the horse right now, then just add the horn
chelyha55: ok, so she is working on forming the horses' head
bonsaikathy: thanks Cheryl
chelyha55: I used to do portraits of horses
chelyha55: poking out the nostrils
chelyha55: and holes for the eyes.
chelyha55: it is hard to see details at times
jill_z_q: unicorns I should say
chelyha55: I have a friend who draws great unicorns
bonsaikathy: my daughter would go crazy, she's always loved them
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bonsaikathy: lost her entire collection when she sent them to Puerto Rico
jill_z_q: aww that is awful
chelyha55: ouch!
bonsaikathy: they were destroyed, she was needless to say extremely upset
bonsaikathy: I'm trying to start her another collection
chelyha55: I can imagine she would be
jill_z_q: I don't know what happen to my little collection
jill_z_q: I use have a really cool one
chelyha55: so there is a horse's head
Fearless Leader: The Horse is going to take some time
Fearless Leader: it looks like it's swimming across a river
bonsaikathy: You are doing a great job on it though
bonsaikathy: yes it does
pinkb2002: Looks great
bonsaikathy: Folks I'm about falling off my chair, I'd love to stay in here but I just can't stay awake any longer, sorry
Fearless Leader: ok, I'm going to do a log save here and take a break for about 20 minutes
Fearless Leader: be back on the hour
bonsaikathy: NJ I hate to desert you
bonsaikathy: take care everyone
Fearless Leader: No worries we got your Bear out of the waY
chelyha55: nite Kathy
bonsaikathy: thanks NJ
bonsaikathy: nite everyone
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jill_z_q: lol my cat is eyeballing my milk from my ceraal
Fearless Leader: Ok, so I'll be back on the hour
pinkb2002: Ok
jill_z_q: okay if I don't see Happy New Year
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jill_z_q: sure no problem
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chelyha55: smoothing out the surfaces?
chelyha55: working on the eyes...
chelyha55: sunset chop beads
Fearless Leader: Hi honey
Fearless Leader: I'm just surfing about to get a better picture of a horse's head
Fearless Leader: and noodling with this horse head draft while I'm looking around
Fearless Leader: LOL, it'll take more than one Demo to get this horse thing right
Fearless Leader: does not look like a horse yet
techi_mom56: i showed what i was doing to steve (the bears head) and we decided to do a "trophy gallery" in minature....laugh
Fearless Leader: Why Not?
Fearless Leader: That's a great idea and if you get your wall trophies good enough they'll sell
Fearless Leader: I've not seen them offered in mini sites
Fearless Leader: and they would go great with the log cabin set
techi_mom56: chuckle...well we shall see...i have a good book for reference....national audubon field guide to mammals...
techi_mom56: laugh...gotta see that one...a mouse of a different color
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: Here's a horse gift site and their fancy horses and some are unicorns
Fearless Leader: I'm going to check out this page here to fine tune my horse head here
chelyha55: what addy should I use?
Fearless Leader: Excuse me?
Fearless Leader: addy?
Fearless Leader: fer?
chelyha55: address
Fearless Leader: are you emailing something to me?
chelyha55: so I can send you these 3 pics
Fearless Leader: ah....
chelyha55: 3 pics of horse heads
Fearless Leader: sorry I was lost in a horse eye
Fearless Leader:
chelyha55: ok, wait a sec...
Fearless Leader: thank you honey, I need close ups and I can't find any yet
chelyha55: ok they are on their way
chelyha55: they aren't huge but they are clear
jude: What are we doing now?
chelyha55: I think she is retrieving the pics I sent her
jude: Oh, okie.
chelyha55: Webshots has great pics of just about anything you want
jude: What are the pics of?
chelyha55: I sent her 3 pics of horse heads
jude: Okie.
chelyha55: photos from Webshots
Fearless Leader: Just got two pictures ....let me put it on a page and give you a URL
Fearless Leader: it isn't transfering to the webpage right. I might have to rename it
Fearless Leader: but it's the anatomy of a horse's head
Fearless Leader: front and side
Fearless Leader: we got to know the bones and muscles
Fearless Leader: to sculpt it right
Fearless Leader: I'm excited enough to take a break to rename it and get it on a page. I'll save log from here

Fearless Leader: I'm excited enough to take a break to rename it and get it on a page. I'll save log from here
Fearless Leader: Cheryl
Fearless Leader: dig
Fearless Leader:  MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/01-01-2003-3HorseHead
Fearless Leader: I got your three pictures up and linked to the Demo Index already. I'm making effort to save and load up as soon as possible. 
Fearless Leader: I'm going to make effort to convert those anatomy photos. They are really important to a horse effort. 
Fearless Leader: brb
pinkb2002: I have got to go. Thank you so much NJ. I have learned so much. I will come back when I can.
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Fearless Leader: MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/01-01-2003-HorseHeadAnatomy
Fearless Leader: There's the page for the Horse Head Anatomy. Boy was that a slog to find
Fearless Leader: but I'm really glad I found it. I've been wanting to get Horses right and this will be the thing that will help me the most
Fearless Leader: regular anatomy
jude: That's pretty good.
Fearless Leader: I have the cat skeleton on my site and if we're going to do animals that are real let's get some basic anatomy lessons on them. Horses have such a mythical quality for humans. They are great subjects
jude: It has great detail.
Fearless Leader: their partnership with humans goes deep in our emotional psychic past
Fearless Leader: I felt that when I got to groom Lady, Doffy's Throughbred. First time close to a horse and I knew my bones remembered them
Fearless Leader: like a good partner
Fearless Leader: I'm going to fill my coffee cup now that these pictures are up
Fearless Leader: like a treasure hunt those anatomy pictures. LOL
Fearless Leader: brb
chelyha55: I'll have a look at it in a little while Jyl.
Fearless Leader: I can't see Jyl typing. I wonder if I should reboot or something
chelyha55: Speaking of anatomy, I remember that the thing that taught me the most about drawing
Fearless Leader: Yahoo gets weird like that
chelyha55: human figures was when the art teacher
chelyha55: brought the skeleton from the science class
Fearless Leader: exactly
chelyha55: and had us draw it
Fearless Leader: learn tons from bones
Fearless Leader: I have pictures from my anatomy book, had them up on photopoint, should I rebuild that on the site?
chelyha55: he sat it in a chair with it'slegs crossed.
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: you made me laugh real loud
chelyha55: might not be a bad idea if we are going to get into sculpting figures
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