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Orchids WebCam Demo January 14, 2003 Orchid made with Papaya Slices

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jude: She's running late!

dahs512: should I not bug her?

kmrhodes: go ahead and bug her

jude: Yes, bug her.

kmrhodes: I would but it would take forever to get back here

jude: Tell her we took a vote.

dahs512: to bug or not to bug...that is the question, whether ti nobler....hee hee

jude: LOL!

jude: I can send her a message.

kmrhodes: you funny gal

jude: Email.

dahs512: i emailed her

kmrhodes: cool

dahs512: Hey Karen, I sure can use that alley goop fast if I don't watch it

dahs512: it is amazing stuff

jude: I did too

kmrhodes: I got a girl who is addicted to it

kmrhodes: she is making molds like crazy

dahs512: I'm making large ones though

kmrhodes: how big

frogger70301: Ahhh, here she comes. I think.

dahs512: I have to limit what masks i use it with

kmrhodes: its fun stuff

dahs512: any so easy

kmrhodes: yeah

dahs512: it make making multiples so easy

kmrhodes: that too

kmrhodes: how do you like not needing a release agent

dahs512: i have a typing lisp today...

dahs512: love it

kmrhodes: just pops out

dahs512: I'm gonna try making a texture stamp out of a dried portabella mushroom

kmrhodes: Oh that will be cool

kmrhodes: pics?

dahs512: oh yeah

auntyalias joined the room

kmrhodes: theres the fearless leader

dahs512: hoooray!

kmrhodes: Yippeeeee

jude: Howdy!

auntyalias: Hey Gang, let me get set up here real quick

kmrhodes: If I wanted to give you a rough thime

kmrhodes: time

kmrhodes: I would say

kmrhodes: Its about time!

auntyalias: I was setting up the SBC Yahoo stuff and it took longer than I imagined and that's why I'm in as AuntyAlias

kmrhodes: whats SBC Yahoo?

jude: How do we know it's really you, then? Hehehehe

dahs512: we can wait

kmrhodes: oh where oh where did out aunty go

kmrhodes: oh where oh where can she be?

jude: Invasion of the Monster Women?

jude: GASP!

kmrhodes: Fist of Doom

jude: LOL!

Honey (honeyrivers) joined the room

jakmiami joined the room

kmrhodes: Invasion of the Monster Women.... hmmm is that us?

Honey: HI all - Ellen here

kmrhodes: Hey Ellen

jakmiami: hi all

frogger70301: Hi, Ellen.

jude: Howdy Judith, Ellen.

kmrhodes: hey Judith

kmrhodes: takes me awhile when I don't know your name

Honey: gorgeous orchidees...

kmrhodes: that goes with your handle

jakmiami: Sorry next time i'll introduce myself properly

kmrhodes: no prob

kmrhodes: just have to wait till someone calls you by name

kmrhodes: I'm making a list for myself. LOL

jude: I have a list, too.

jude: I cannot remember names at all.

auntyalias: ok now I'm going to get a cup of coffee, hit the loo and be back, did everyone read the Orchid Facts post?

jude: Yup!

dahs512: yes

kmrhodes: sorry teach, the dog ate my homework

jude: Ah,yes...the old dog ate my homework excuse.

Honey: yes - I read it..

kmrhodes: my cat peed on it?

Honey: did it get crushed in your pasta machine?

jude: My dog rips up paper, for real. Drives me nuts. Have to keep it all up away from her.

kmrhodes: Thats IT!!

kmrhodes: was she a stray?

jude: Nope.

kmrhodes: raised her from little

jude: Yes, she was adopted from her first mommie.

kmrhodes: Maybe she wants to read

jude: I wouldn't put it past her.

kmrhodes: my cats watch tv

kmrhodes: funny as heck

dahs512: I thought I had done my homework, but I just went and read it.

kmrhodes: Teachers Pet Denise!

jude: She doesn't know she was adopted, btw, so please don't tell her.


kmrhodes: Oh, its our secret

jude: Thank you.

dahs512: nanny nanny boo boo

kmrhodes: paws crossed

auntyalias: Ok I got the settings done now and I'll be back in a few minutes. Does everyone have scrap cane to work with?

icare4bunnies joined the room

auntyalias: who's saving logs, doing screen shots and claying along?

kmrhodes: is that you Jael?

jude: Not today, desk is still a mess.

icare4bunnies: yep

icare4bunnies: I don't see anything on the webcam

dahs512: I'll do shots and clay along

auntyalias: ok, Jude since you're not claying along can you be virtual scribe, you're so funny

kmrhodes: you should see orchids on the cam Jael

auntyalias: I love your comments

jude: Okie!

icare4bunnies: nothing is there

jude: I can see now, so can do it!

auntyalias: thanks, now I'll go do my "biologicals" and be back in a tick

jude: Okie, me too!

kmrhodes: Jael what are you doing?\

icare4bunnies: it says the webcam isn't online

kmrhodes: Shes on as auntyalias

kmrhodes: put her on your friends list

kmrhodes: and then try

dahs512: right click on her name and then view webcam

icare4bunnies: ok

bonsaikathy joined the room

icare4bunnies: I was looking at the msat name

kmrhodes: get it Jael?

dahs512: I'm gonna use some of my tiger lily cane

icare4bunnies: yep

icare4bunnies: gotit

icare4bunnies: got it

Honey: Hi Kathy - Ellen here

icare4bunnies: lol

bonsaikathy: HI everyone

kmrhodes: hey Kathy, that was quick

bonsaikathy: I still have some things to do but will ride along until I get caught up

kmrhodes: I fed the birds, got potatoes ready to bake

kmrhodes: got the cat food ready

kmrhodes: just so I could sit here and learn

kmrhodes: without being disturbed

kmrhodes: now the one cat is trying to get my attention

kmrhodes: by putting his claws into my leg

stargazer_sbpcg joined the room

icare4bunnies: do you have trouble with cat fur in your clay?

icare4bunnies: I have bunny fur everywhere

kmrhodes: I pick it out

auntyalias: Ok Kiddos

dahs512: Hello Kathy, you'll have to give us a peek at the project later that you've been working on...hhmmmmm?

auntyalias: Roll Call, name and location

auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco

jude: jude, Tehachapi

kmrhodes: Karen, The Clay Alley , Gettysburg, PA

icare4bunnies: Jael, Champaign (IL)

jude: er...California

Honey: Ellen, Irving Texas

dahs512: Denise, Cedar Creek, Texas

bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN

stargazer_sbpcg: Jean Sheppard (aka StarGazer), South San Francisco, CA

frogger70301: Mitch, Louisiana

bonsaikathy: Denise, will do that when I get just a little more done, got the mountain finished and painted, not to start adding to it

bonsaikathy: sorry, that's now to start adding to it

icare4bunnies: Karen, I still don't like the premo

icare4bunnies: tooooo soft

jakmiami: Judith K, Miami Beach

kmrhodes: oh Jael

kmrhodes: you make me cry

kmrhodes: boo hoo

icare4bunnies: I really like fimo

Honey: I love the premo <grin>

kmrhodes: too hard

auntyalias: Ok, Karen is in Ghettysburg PA and AFK

icare4bunnies: maybe I really am a hot momma

kmrhodes: what is AFK

auntyalias: There's a couple who are viewing who've not shown up yet

jude: away from keyboard?

kmrhodes: you are a hot moma Jael

auntyalias: I'll save logs, Denise you're doing screen shots and Aunt Jude is absolute right, AFK is away from keyboard

jude: she's here.

auntyalias: Ya, but she didn't do roll call though or I got Old Timer's disease

icare4bunnies: I freeze the cane, and still I have major distortion

jakmiami: who me? sure I did!

icare4bunnies: probably need a new blade

kmrhodes: NJ - you gotta show Jael how to do canes with premo

icare4bunnies: I have seen som

icare4bunnies: some

kmrhodes: Yes, thats it. A new blade

jude: I love premo.

kmrhodes: me too

stargazer_sbpcg: me three

Honey: me four

icare4bunnies: but it distorts once I start applying it to my bottles

icare4bunnies: mostly the white and black - they are the worst offenders

kmrhodes: so use the distortion as part of your design

jude: Everyone has their own preferences and that is good.

dahs512: So does everyone know to help with scribing what they see?

kmrhodes: You said it Jude

stargazer_sbpcg: yup!

icare4bunnies: sigh.

stargazer_sbpcg: scribing? no

Honey: yes - I'll scribe for as long as I'm here

auntyalias: I just got a boat load of email from 7/28/02 come in just now

auntyalias: if that isn't the weirdest thing

kmrhodes: I'll help with what I know

icare4bunnies: I've had that happen

dahs512: just type what you see so when she reads this later she can see what we saw?

dahs512: Does that make sense?

kmrhodes: NJ, Jaels canes distort

icare4bunnies: I really prefer fimo, especially since I have a pasta machine to condition it

dahs512: I won't be able to do that much typing, due to screen shots and claying along

kmrhodes: okay, you are our Fimo gal

auntyalias: the trick to being virtual scribe is to describe what you see whether you understand it or not

auntyalias: so those who cannot be here with us can see through your eyes

auntyalias: and it keeps me from having to type so much and I can clay more

jude: NJ asked me to scribe, but if anyone else wants to it's fine with me.

stargazer_sbpcg: ah, ok...

icare4bunnies: lol

dahs512: thanks jude

auntyalias: ok, is everyone comfortable with making canes in general?

stargazer_sbpcg: go for it jude!

icare4bunnies: yep


auntyalias: stacking sheets to get lines

dahs512: Iwas just trying to let the new ones to help

auntyalias: doing bullseyes and going to lace cane

auntyalias: that sort of thing?

icare4bunnies: I make really nice canes with fimo lol

kmrhodes: I understand how to do it

dahs512: me too

icare4bunnies: yes

Honey: yes - I pretty much know the basics

jude: Yup.

auntyalias: because if you are I'm just going to jump into the orchids with both feet. But if you're still unclear about canes we'll do a chevron flip and a bullseye to lace cane first.

stargazer_sbpcg: yes with SIII, Premo, Fimo Soft, and Kato

stargazer_sbpcg: i havent done a chevron flip before...

auntyalias: ok then I'll show you what I'm going to be pulling from ...the mini food cane stash

jude: There was something there and then it disappeared!

jude: This is the way NJ stores her canes.

stargazer_sbpcg: neato! color cooridinated too!

auntyalias: The fruit and vegegable side is better for flowers

auntyalias: the meat and bread side just makes gruesome orchids

auntyalias: eeeek

icare4bunnies: better than my boxes

jude: Yes, looks like they are color sorted.

icare4bunnies: I have to dig

auntyalias: for those who don't know ...this cane storage is made with free Priority boxes from the post office

icare4bunnies: lol

auntyalias: priority envelopes covered with foil is the zig zag partitions

icare4bunnies: good job

stargazer_sbpcg: i used to keep my canes in zip-loc baggies...

icare4bunnies: me too

icare4bunnies: or in wax paper

kmrhodes: so Nj you make lots of canes and then just store them?

stargazer_sbpcg: yikes! i did that too...

auntyalias: Now with orchids you can use petals that are of different colors and patterns and add them together and get away with it

icare4bunnies: so do you wrap them before you slip them into their zig zags?

auntyalias: so let's take a couple of canes here and do some orchid moves with them

stargazer_sbpcg: wahoo!

jude: The work table with some clay.

bonsaikathy: I love the way you have done the partitions, it's a great idea

icare4bunnies: incoming stem!

bonsaikathy: is it tin foail bent in a zig zag

icare4bunnies: is the yellow the center?

jude: Looks like a bullseye cane and a green rope. Can't see what the other is.

auntyalias: Using the Papaya skin lace cane and the Papaya inside we're going to make an orchid by slicing three from one and two from the other

auntyalias: for the 5 petals. The stalk there and the LIP of the orchid will be fussed with later

jude: These are small canes it looks like.

jude: She is taking some slices.

jude: Two slices from the papaya cane.

icare4bunnies: stretching

jude: Now, using her thumbs and fingers she is pinching around the edges of the cane, flattening it.

jude: Stretching it into a petal shape at the same time.

jude: It's almost a tear drop shape.

jude: Now she's doing the other slice.

jude: Same way, using thumbs and fingers and pinching all around the edge.

jude: this flattens it and makes it easier to stretch, too.

jude: she has the other cane now. Can't tell what...

icare4bunnies: creasing

jude: She's using a clay shaper tool, I think.

jude: Pencil?

icare4bunnies: heart shape

kmrhodes: #2 cone clay shaper

auntyalias: brb, door

jude: Yes, she is making a heart shape from this piece of clay.

stargazer_sbpcg: she's going to the door to see who's there... hee-hee

icare4bunnies: should have put "gone claying"

dahs512: Give me a sec to save some of the shots

icare4bunnies: on her door

auntyalias: ok, let me know when you're ready Denise

auntyalias: I'm making this cane into a heart and after I slice off three pieces, with one being thicker than the other two I'll press them flat, see what happens

jude: I can see what she did now. She took another cane and shaped it into a heart. Pinched one side to be the bottom and put a crease in the top.

jude: Now she is bending the papaya petals.

auntyalias: Like tearing paper edge

jude: Shaping them, rolled them slightly so they are bent up at the edges.

jude: Yes, the tearing paper trick.

stargazer_sbpcg: wavy...

jude: It thins the edges and makes them look more natural, too.

dahs512: ok ready for more

auntyalias: we'll be doing that paper tear move a lot with these orchids. Is Denise ready?

dahs512: yes

dahs512: i even got a couple while i was saving

auntyalias: so three slices of the heart shaped lace cane with one being bigger than the rest and then press

jude: Okie, getting some slices of the lace, heart-shaped, cane.

jude: One large and two smaller.

jude: They are going to be put through the pasta machine.

icare4bunnies: it's a dragonfly!

jude: She lays them all into an almost dragonfly shape, with the green rope down the center.

jude: butterfly?

icare4bunnies: more of a dragonfly

icare4bunnies: the papaya slices on the bottom

jude: the lace cane slices are at the top with the papaya slices below.

icare4bunnies: then one big one on top

jude: the large lace cane slice goes at the top like an angel on a Christmas tree.

auntyalias: LOL

auntyalias: I love you Aunt Jude


auntyalias: ok we have 6 of the 7 bits we need for an orchid

jude: With wings outspread. Hehehehe

auntyalias: now for the LIP

jude: Now, don't you give us any lip!

stargazer_sbpcg: lol

auntyalias: which could be big or small or pouched or looking like a female spider waiting for a trist

kmrhodes: lady bug

dahs512: lol

jude: NJ places a red thingy, just at the base of the big slice, at the top of the green rope.

jude: Ah,'s a red lace cane.

dahs512: got it

auntyalias: good work, Denise, thanks

jude: Red thingy is the technical term for it, however.

auntyalias: ok that's a simple lace cane with white center and red surround on the bullseye

jude: Is that a slice off the red lace cane?

auntyalias: yuppers

dahs512: yea

jude: You just took a fat slice?

jude: Okie.

auntyalias: and I'm thinking I'll add it with something else just to be freaky

icare4bunnies: lol the picture goes dim when nj types

jude: you can't leave well enough alone, huh? Exciting!

kmrhodes: looks like an eye cane

dahs512: looks like any iris

icare4bunnies: alien eye

stargazer_sbpcg: looks like an eyeball 'iris'...

jude: She is going to add a blue thingy. Lace cane with a bullseye in it.

jude: Eyeball cane, yes, could be!

auntyalias: yup, it's from the Folded Cane trick

auntyalias: and I think we can do easier eyeballs with the folded cane trick

kmrhodes: thats a new demo, huh?

auntyalias: let's cut a bit of this and take that lace cane and cut a couple of slices and turn the red lace cane into little bowls

auntyalias: stick them in the center of that green stuff there

auntyalias: and make an interesting LIP

jude: Okie, the red disappeared and then the whole picture went wonky.

jude: There it is...slicing the red cane.

jude: Very small red slices.

jude: she is using her clay shaping tool into the center, pushing it into the center to form a small bowl.

dahs512: need more light, NJ

honeyrivers left the room

jude: Using her fingers now to shape the bowl better.

jude: How to build a better bowl, huh? Good!

dahs512: I'm cussing at your camera NJ

stargazer_sbpcg: it worked!

jude: She is now doing the same with the other red cane slice.

jude: using her clay shaper to form a small bowl.

jude: Then using her fingers to smooth out the bowl.

jude: Make it look nice.

jude: Okie, two red bowls.

jude: Look like eyes staring at me.

jude: Oh...looks like the eyeball cane. Looks like a kiwi, sorta.

auntyalias: Now how did I get that slice to do that?

auntyalias: Anyone?

stargazer_sbpcg: mobius?

kmrhodes left the room

icare4bunnies: you looked at it funny

jude: It's magic!

dahs512: stretching the edge

jude: Using the tearing trick?

jude: It's like a fortune cookie.

auntyalias: when you slice the cane

auntyalias: don't slice it straight

auntyalias: slice it so it's a wedge of cane

auntyalias: with more clay at the top and less clay at the bottom of a heart shape

auntyalias: press going first from the point

icare4bunnies: kinda dark

auntyalias: then press sideways for each side of the heart

auntyalias: narrowing the rollers with each press

auntyalias: then paper tear the edges

jude: Oh, neat.

auntyalias: now let's put those red bits on the bend of that LIP

auntyalias: Now we're ready to put the seven bits together into one orchid, are we ready?

jude: Okie, she's picked up the small red bowls and placed them on the eyeball slice she just described.

dahs512: can't see

jude: Ready!

dahs512: #$%#$%

icare4bunnies: I think my problem is that I never really looked at an iris closely

auntyalias: Denise are you cursing?

auntyalias: LOL

dahs512: yes

icare4bunnies: dark

jude: Such language!

jude: We are back to the original six shapes (dragonfly).

dahs512: i need a well lite pic of the lip

jude: NJ has the green rope and the red-bowled eyeball cane.

jude: Is placing the green rope on the front with the top of the rope just touching the red bowls.

jude: shaping the petal and pressing it underneath to the rope.

jude: Can't see what she's doing. I think she's adding the other petals, one at a time.

jude: Yes, she is.

jude: The papaya petals are being pressed into the back just below the first.

icare4bunnies: I have to go now, catch you all later

jude: The other petals are added the same way, each in turn, pressed into the back.

icare4bunnies left the room

jude: Each overlaps slightly the one next to it and they are placed in the same area as they were laid out in the dragonfly.

jude: She also slightly bent, moved cajoled each into position and formed them more neatly into a petal shape.

auntyalias: There

dahs512: got it

stargazer_sbpcg: Wahoo!!!

auntyalias: now we could pull those three top petals and ruffle their edges

jude: Neat!

auntyalias: 7 bits

auntyalias: and it's an orchid

jude: That is really great.

auntyalias: any flower petal shape or color or pattern can be used

stargazer_sbpcg: very beauteous!!

auntyalias: and Easy Breezy

auntyalias: I'll take questions now

dahs512: I'm gonna go save pics

auntyalias: ok, I'll save log

jude: The red things...when you put them on the petal...I can't see clearly which way you placed them. Bowl side up or down?

jude: Looks like down to me. Okie.

dahs512: got that one too

jude: Although, orchids have it either way, don't they?

auntyalias: There's so many ways to attract pollinators

jude: Yup.

auntyalias: that's the goal of the LIP to attract something to come in and exchange pollen

auntyalias: now this can be shaped and formed and fussed with more

auntyalias: which I'll do with the upper petals but I wanted all of you to see that it's only 7 bits

auntyalias: any 7 bits as long as you have a stalk, a lip and 5 petals to make an orchid

jakmiami left the room

jakmiami joined the room

jude: Right.

auntyalias: Denise are you ready

auntyalias: I got some pictures of exploded Orchids to share

dahs512: wait

jude: Exploded?

jude: You doing flower abuse?

auntyalias: LOL exactly

auntyalias: in a scrap clay frenzy

jude: Here in CA some of our flowers are protected.

auntyalias: this is going up on PC PolyZine for next month

stargazer_sbpcg: Wahoo!!! (i guess you saw my Feather Cane tute) ???

auntyalias: so are there any questions while I wait for Denise to be ready for the next shot

dahs512: ok, i'm ready

auntyalias: Yuppers Jean we saw your Feather Cane, nifty, use them in an orchid now

stargazer_sbpcg: way cool!!

auntyalias: Thanks Denise, I'd like one pix per example and there's a half a dozen, tell me when you got the shot, ok?

dahs512: k

dahs512: make sure you get it lit well

auntyalias: here's the first one all white

dahs512: k, bot it's not very clear

auntyalias: wait up

jude: Can you maybe scan them instead?

dahs512: or digi cam it?

dahs512: k, but it @#@#s

dahs512: k

jakmiami left the room

dahs512: nobody is going to be able to see this #%$^

dahs512: i'll be nice now

jude: Promise?

dahs512: yes

jude: Hehehehe

auntyalias: try that

dahs512: k

dahs512: got it

auntyalias: ok Denise?

dahs512: ok

auntyalias: next

dahs512: ok

dahs512: tell me when

dahs512: got it when it was lit

auntyalias: cool

auntyalias: next

dahs512: got it

jude: Looks like some kind of weird machinery there in the background. Medical looking, isn't it?

dahs512: book holder?

auntyalias: ok gang

auntyalias: how would you make those petals

dahs512: got it

auntyalias: what technique do you need to use to get that motly spot effect?

auntyalias: Anyone?

dahs512: a version of the fan fold?

auntyalias: LOL

frogger70301: no idea.

jude: Looks almost like a pansy petal.

dahs512: with distortion

auntyalias: Put an extra petal on Denise's guessing flower

auntyalias: a verson of the fan fold

auntyalias: get a bunch of snakes

dahs512: stab the cane with a credit card

auntyalias: and don't sweat making them all even

auntyalias: the more uneven the better

jude: Stabbing and snakes? Yikes!

auntyalias: roll out a sheet of white

auntyalias: and stack the uneven snakes in a stack and surround with the white


auntyalias: and stack the uneven snakes in a stack and surround with the white

auntyalias: reduce and take the end of the cane, the raggedy end and cut that off and stack it once

auntyalias: a solid bullseye for the tip, but cut into it with a credit card then surround add to the stacked two sections you've already made

auntyalias: reduce and slice

auntyalias: frill the edges with the tearing paper effect

auntyalias: now the lip

auntyalias: that blend wih spots

auntyalias: that's the fan fold with the blend ribbon

auntyalias: there's some blends that I've shown you with the exploding orchids

auntyalias: so a strong purple can be blended in white with a bright yellow tip and you can get away with it

auntyalias: lips that look like frilly lace cuffs on 17C fops done in spots and stripes and you can get away with it

auntyalias: Now this orchid has petals like a Pansy


auntyalias: and in the center the lip is spotted to look like an inviting lady bug

dahs512: got it

auntyalias: who is saying

auntyalias: copulate with me Big Boy

auntyalias: just to stir up the pollen

dahs512: lol

auntyalias: Got that picture Denise, I love this one

dahs512: yes

auntyalias: thank you

frogger70301: that one is gorgeous!

dahs512: got it

auntyalias: Now I wouldn't think of putting Tongues of Fire lace can with a blended pink and white giant lip

auntyalias: with what looks like a wee fairy sitting at the center

auntyalias: fairy makers head's up

auntyalias: for fantasy figures

auntyalias: we can make the center of the orchid little people

auntyalias: and the petals their arms, or wings and the lip their skirt

auntyalias: there's a lot of potential in orchids to build mini scenes inside of a whacked out orchid

auntyalias: I'm saving the log at this point

auntyalias: potty break for those who need it

jude: I have got to go, but will be back later.

jude: Maybe I will rephrase. I have got to leave, but will be back later.

jude: Great demo! I can't wait to try it!