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2003- January Highlights

January 21, 2003: Chiaroscuro, playing with light and shadow through blends.


Fearless Leader: Ok, I'm going to change the cam and open the box of fresh clay that Karen sent to me and I'll be blending black with silver with pearl

Fearless Leader: Kay, I'll be doing this all day so you won't miss anything

dahs512: I'm good til 4 so I'll get shots ok?

Fearless Leader: and don't drive too fast going home

Fearless Leader: ok, Denise, thank you all for waiting for me.

Fearless Leader: who's doing log saves?

kmrhodes: no speeding

dahs512: worth the wait

sew_short: Oh I won't - I'm old and slow

Fearless Leader: I think I can see everyone who's on the cam list

Fearless Leader: I'll save logs

dahs512: i can if we get done in time

kmrhodes: still havent figured out how to save logs in my Mac

kmrhodes: I keep trying though

sew_short: Now I'm hungry for something chocolate and ice creamy

icare4bunnies: lol

kmrhodes: I scream, you scream, we all scream for>>>>>

kmrhodes: anyone?

icare4bunnies: this is truly decadent

kmrhodes: me fun gals

sew_short: Pizza?

kmrhodes: Kay!

kmrhodes: this is my social time

icare4bunnies: denise, I reduced the butterfly cane

kmrhodes: I don't get out much

kmrhodes: LOL

sew_short: Karen, did you keep the note from Edie? I did but have'nt taken the time to study it and try it for saving

dahs512: oh good

kmrhodes: I found out how to do the shots

dahs512: did it reduce ok?

icare4bunnies: got brave

kmrhodes: but the saving logs - just doesnt work fo rme

icare4bunnies: not bad, I scanned them, I'll send them to you

dahs512: you can take shots too Karen

dahs512: you ditched the fear


sew_short: Hey Bonsai

kmrhodes: hey kathy

kmrhodes: where are you?

sew_short: Kathy - you are just in time. NJ is just getting ready to start

dahs512: i don'

sew_short: So, where is she?

kmrhodes: I don't see her on the chatters yet

dahs512: t see her

Fearless Leader: I don't see Kathy either

kmrhodes: nice background NJ

kmrhodes: purple and green

kmrhodes: your address?

kmrhodes: fuzzy

dahs512: Jael they both turned out great!

icare4bunnies: thanks

kmrhodes: oh it looks like a package

sew_short: Priority box is being opened

kmrhodes: wonder who its from

icare4bunnies: it's Christmas

kmrhodes: peanuts

icare4bunnies: lol

sew_short: hummm ... yep - peanuts

kmrhodes: cashews

sew_short: Oh - yeller

kmrhodes: actually

kmrhodes: look at that stack of clay!

sew_short: Red - orange

kmrhodes: HEy NJ

sew_short: See that BIG grin?

kmrhodes: yep

sew_short: *** drolling ***

kmrhodes: that is so cool to actually see a package arrive and get opened

sew_short: drooling

kmrhodes: you really want to drool?

sew_short: yes

kmrhodes: you ought to see my bookcase filled with clay

kmrhodes: all colors

kmrhodes: everywhere!

sew_short: I'll bet!

kmrhodes: and ordered $700 more

sew_short: Hey - you ought to take a pic and post it so everyone can drool

Fearless Leader: These are the colors we're going to work with today

kmrhodes: I just might

Fearless Leader: black, pearl and silver

sew_short: that would be fun

kmrhodes: new and fresh

Fearless Leader: the silver will be in the middle

icare4bunnies: smooshy too I bet

icare4bunnies: lol

Fearless Leader: so let me do the three color blend and get started

kmrhodes: Jael

icare4bunnies: heehee

icare4bunnies: sorry

kmrhodes: tsk tsk tsk

Fearless Leader:

sew_short: Our fearless leader picks up a brand new packing of clay and cuts open the plastic wrapper

sew_short: package

icare4bunnies: I bought a block of Kato's polyclay.... boy does that stink - I mean it smells

kmrhodes: that she got from the infamous supplier, the Clay Alley

kmrhodes: LOL

kmrhodes: I heard the kato clay crumbles a lot

kmrhodes: don;t know firsthand thought

kmrhodes: though

icare4bunnies: this didn't crumble

kmrhodes: after its opened for a couple of weeks

sew_short: She is being really neat about opening it - I would have ripped right into it!

icare4bunnies: it was soft, but it smelled like new plastic

kmrhodes: bake it in a covered roaster

kmrhodes: that might help with the curring smell

kmrhodes: course, when you take off the top - stand back

icare4bunnies: haven't cured it, it smelled like that right out of the package

sew_short: Awwww, opening more clay

kmrhodes: pU

sew_short: LOL

kmrhodes: pressing clay in PM

sew_short: I've never seen Kato clay (nor smelled it)

kmrhodes: look how nice that is to work with

sew_short: Hey, did I just see her use the pasta machine?

Fearless Leader: ok

Fearless Leader: taking two slices of silver

Fearless Leader: and one slice each of black and pearl

Fearless Leader: I ran them through the press only once

Fearless Leader: they get these automatic pointy ends

Fearless Leader: which is what we need for a blend

Fearless Leader: don't over condition before doing a blend

Fearless Leader: the blending will condition it enough

Fearless Leader: ok?

dahs512: ok

sew_short: ok

Fearless Leader: one pass and then put the pointy ends together

Fearless Leader: make it easy on yourself

Fearless Leader: cut the ends off so there's just an inch or so of the colors at the end

Fearless Leader: we're just concerned with the blend

Fearless Leader: if there's enough silver to connect in the middle

Fearless Leader: that's all we need

bonsaikathy joined the room

icare4bunnies: the focus is kinda fuzzy

Fearless Leader: we don't need a big shadow on the end

Fearless Leader: or a big highlight in the middle

Fearless Leader: Hey Kathy

kmrhodes: Bonsai is here!

dahs512: just in time

Fearless Leader: just doing a blend with black and silver, pearl and silver

bonsaikathy: hi there

Fearless Leader: I was just telling your Claymates that you don't have to condition clay like mad when you're going to do a blend

Fearless Leader: just one pass and use the natural pointy end to over lap

Fearless Leader: ok?

bonsaikathy: yup

Fearless Leader: ok now I'll blend these two and they will be connected to solid silver in the middle

Fearless Leader: that's HALF of the cane we'll need to do a shaded and highlighted silver cane

Fearless Leader: if there's any questions I'll take them now

dahs512: yes Jael, little fuzzy. She is getting a new web cam soon though

kmrhodes: can you

Fearless Leader: I didn't see Jael type

Fearless Leader: Jeal type for me so I know I'm getting your text

icare4bunnies: see me now?

Fearless Leader: ah good, thanks

dahs512: she just did


dahs512: ok

Fearless Leader: I'm punchy from last week

sew_short: hehe

Fearless Leader: Denise, no kidding, I'll need reassurance all day to get over it

Fearless Leader: LOL

kmrhodes: we love you NJ

kmrhodes: right girls

icare4bunnies: what are you getting over?

sew_short: right

bonsaikathy: right

Fearless Leader: I couldn't see you or Karen or a whole bunch of folks on my chat log last time

Fearless Leader: and it made me crazy

dahs512: last week she couldn't see some peoples text

icare4bunnies: I see

Fearless Leader: for questions, comments everything you and other folks wrote I couldn't see

dahs512: and now so does she

icare4bunnies: bummer

Fearless Leader: so I'm twitchy today and will ask all the time

kmrhodes: darn 'puters

Fearless Leader: ok, let's do the blend

sew_short: OK, so now what do we do?

icare4bunnies: blend blend blend

kmrhodes: describe whats happening

icare4bunnies: roll, pinch, and put it through the machine

icare4bunnies: with dard at one end and light at the other

sew_short: I will when I figure it out ... looks like she ran the black and silver blend thru the pasta machine

icare4bunnies: dark

dahs512: rollin' rollin' rollin', rawhide!

kmrhodes left the room

icare4bunnies: roll the blend, and pinch the roll to fit it in the machine to shorten the amount of folding in the blen

sew_short: Are you always rolling in the same direction - same side?

icare4bunnies: blend

icare4bunnies: always with the different colors at the ends

sew_short: ok

dahs512: she made the log then put it through the pm

icare4bunnies: always the same direction

dahs512: oopsie

icare4bunnies: until it looks like a smooth transition, popping bubbles with the exacto knife

sew_short: thanks

Fearless Leader: black to silver

dahs512: Karen got bumped

icare4bunnies: then run it through length wise

icare4bunnies: so its long from dark to light

sew_short: Nice

kmrhodes joined the room

dahs512: yea

icare4bunnies: wb karen

icare4bunnies: next blend, white and silver

dahs512: need some velcro, Karen?

kmrhodes: darn thing

kmrhodes: got some?

dahs512: lol

kmrhodes: ticks me off

dahs512: just tryin' to keep you here

kmrhodes: gotta get out the super glue

sew_short: NJ ran the silver and white thru pasta machine and started the roll, pinch, blending

kmrhodes: look how nice that blends Jael

Fearless Leader: ok so now we have two blends

kmrhodes: smile

Fearless Leader: we're going to connect them at the silver ends

sew_short: ok

icare4bunnies: never had a problem with the blends

icare4bunnies: just smooshing

icare4bunnies: hee hee

icare4bunnies: silver in the middle

kmrhodes: connecting the two blends at the silver side and putting it thru the machine

icare4bunnies: look at that long strip

kmrhodes: to form one long sheet

Fearless Leader: ok, now I am going to fold this like an accordian so there's pearl on one end and black on the other, silver in the middle

icare4bunnies: how do you control it?

Fearless Leader: I glare at it

icare4bunnies: it would stick to the machine for me

Fearless Leader: growl when I turn the handle

Fearless Leader: LOL

sew_short: LOL

icare4bunnies: lol

kmrhodes: threaten it with the fist of doom

Fearless Leader: Your room is too warm I think

icare4bunnies: right, that works

icare4bunnies: definitely

Fearless Leader: I keep my work space cooler than I would keep a room just hanging out watching TV or reading

Fearless Leader: I'm going to cut off some of this pearl at the end

icare4bunnies: it's the warmest place in the house, summer or winter

icare4bunnies: don't know why

Fearless Leader: we want a highlight, not a stripe

kmrhodes: using the potters rib to cut off a bit of the pealr

kmrhodes: pearl

kmrhodes: folding it accordian style

dahs512: is she folding?

kmrhodes: back and forth

sew_short: yes

icare4bunnies: very neatly I might add

icare4bunnies: wow I am impressed

jyladams joined the room

kmrhodes: making sure it attaches to itself

dahs512: about an inch wide?

kmrhodes: looks like it

kmrhodes: cutting off ....

kmrhodes: what?

kmrhodes: still folding

kmrhodes: back and forth

icare4bunnies: that would work well for any blend, say if you needed a graduated blend for a feather

kmrhodes: someone take a shot of that

icare4bunnies: a stack

icare4bunnies: anyone taking pics?

Fearless Leader: ok, three color blends are your friend

dahs512: I am

dahs512: Hello Jyl

Fearless Leader: just about everything has a highlight

Fearless Leader: everything has a shadow

Fearless Leader: Hey Jyl

Fearless Leader: I'll take questions at this point

jyladams: sorry I am so late....

icare4bunnies: ooh a rainbow

dahs512: we just started

kmrhodes: just got started

Fearless Leader: Yes Jael, a rainbow will work as well

sew_short: NJ - when you cut some silver at the end - wasn't that white?

kmrhodes: okay NJ, you cut off something when you were folding. What was it?

icare4bunnies: I mean jyl's font is a rainbow

icare4bunnies: lol

jyladams: This is the "highlights and shadows" section is it not?

sew_short: LOL

dahs512: yes

Fearless Leader: Jyl this is the hightlight and shadow demo

Fearless Leader: I blended silver with pearl

dahs512: lol

Fearless Leader: and silver with black

Fearless Leader: for a metal pipe or chain mail has highlights and shadows

Fearless Leader: as well as the metal color

Fearless Leader: you can do it with gold too

Fearless Leader: the black and gold goes bronze

Fearless Leader: and the gold and pearl is too pretty

Fearless Leader: we are aiming for adding shadow and highlight with blends

Fearless Leader: do two blends and add the common color in the middle

Fearless Leader: I fan folded the ribbon that the two blends made when the silver ends were connected, that bit I cut while folding was where it was connected and it was off center

Fearless Leader: so I sliced and made it on center and continued to fold

Fearless Leader: did I miss any other questions?

Fearless Leader: does anyone need the link to the blends page on my site?

jyladams: yes please

Fearless Leader: I can get it for you really quick because I use my Search Engine

Fearless Leader: LOL

icare4bunnies: lol

Fearless Leader: I'll get it for you Jyl, brb

icare4bunnies: hey, I made my text go rainbow too

kmrhodes: searching/...... searching.....

icare4bunnies: just figured out how

dahs512: Biz-Archive/Canes/HandBlend/008.htm

Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Blend-Grp.htm

dahs512: i won

dahs512: hee hee

jyladams: Rainbows are fun! If everybody has a "special" color you can tell who is talking without reading names

Fearless Leader: The main Blend's group

sew_short: NJ My question was you cut silver off in the beginning but I though that end was white???

Fearless Leader: I cut both, Kay

sew_short: thought

Fearless Leader: I cut off excess pearl which shows up as white on cam

Fearless Leader: and I cut the silver while folding because it was goofing up the fold by being uncentered

sew_short: ok

Fearless Leader: that's all

Fearless Leader: I'll save log at this point if there's no other questions

sew_short: none here

kmrhodes: I'm good

Fearless Leader: ok, log save, pix save, and potty break for your's truely