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2003- January Highlights

2) January 21, 2003: Chiaroscuro, playing with light and shadow through blends.

Fearless Leader: I'll save log at this point if there's no other
sew_short: none here
kmrhodes: I'm good
Fearless Leader: ok, log save, pix save, and potty break for your's
icare4bunnies: don't forget to cut out the obscene parts
icare4bunnies: lol
kmrhodes: she gotta tinkle
icare4bunnies: obcene?
dahs512: ok
sew_short: And Kay Kay has to shut down and go home
icare4bunnies: hmm how do you spell it
kmrhodes: obscene
kmrhodes: naked
icare4bunnies: that's what I though
icare4bunnies: didn't look right though
icare4bunnies: thought
sew_short left the room
kmrhodes: its your rainbow
icare4bunnies: I need to go in a few myself
kmrhodes: bye kay
icare4bunnies: I mean I need to leave lol
kmrhodes: NJ's going to be doing this all day, right?
jyladams: This is so cool, are we going forward with things, or
repeating this segment?
kmrhodes: probably going forward
jyladams: Oh good
kmrhodes: since there was no questions
Fearless Leader: Ok, back
kmrhodes: I can see possibilities here
jyladams: WB
Fearless Leader: everyone ready, oh Kay had to go home, we'll be
repeating this all day
Fearless Leader: shall we do roll call since I forgot earlier?
icare4bunnies: I need to do some work around the house
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco, Doing highlight and shadow
kmrhodes: Karen, the Clay Alley, gettsyburg, PA
bonsaikathy: kathy in E. TN
icare4bunnies: Jael Champaign IL
jyladams: Jyl in Gig Harbor, WA (state not DC)
kmrhodes: wheres Mitch
Fearless Leader: is Mitch typing and I can't see?
bonsaikathy: No
icare4bunnies: I don't see
frogger70301: Mitch is working!
Fearless Leader: oh I'm not the only one not seeing Mitch
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: roll call Mitch
dahs512: NJ i 'm gonna have to dash also
Fearless Leader: so I can be reassured
frogger70301: Mitch, south LA!
dahs512: nj i'm gonna have to dash
Fearless Leader: ok Denise, how long you going to be gone?
bonsaikathy: see ya Denise
dahs512: until 9 here
icare4bunnies: I gotta go and do some laundry
Fearless Leader: who can capture screen shots when Denise leaves
bonsaikathy: I can for now
jyladams: LA as in Los Angeles or Louisiana??
Fearless Leader: Thank you Kathy
icare4bunnies: have fun all
Fearless Leader: Mitch is a Southern Belle
bonsaikathy: welcome
frogger70301: Louisiana
kmrhodes: Bye Jaeil
dahs512: i will read the logs and see the shots later if someone
willdo it
icare4bunnies: bye
kmrhodes: Jael
Fearless Leader: See ya Jael
icare4bunnies: lol
icare4bunnies left the room
dahs512: thanks all see you ;later
Fearless Leader: Ciao Bella
jyladams: From Rayne Mitch?
kmrhodes: Bye Denise
frogger70301: No, Thibodaux.
dahs512: i will send the log til now and post the shots nj
Fearless Leader: Thanks Denise
jyladams: I grew up in Erwinville, LA
Fearless Leader: I'll move forward if everyone is ready?
kmrhodes: ready
jyladams: READY!
bonsaikathy: I"m getting a cup of tea real quick, I"ll be back asap
Fearless Leader: get tea
jyladams: I want coffee
kmrhodes: don't lace it with anything Kathy
Fearless Leader: get ready and then I'll move forward, need the screen
frogger70301: Did anyone want to do it?
bonsaikathy: ok
Fearless Leader: I'll heat up my cup in the microwave and be back in a
tick. Kathy is doing sceen shots
Fearless Leader: brb
dahs512 left the room
frogger70301: k.
bonsaikathy: HI Mitch, how's it going
kmrhodes: tick....tick.....tick.....tick.....tick.....
bonsaikathy: you ready for your new arrival yet
frogger70301: not yet.
bonsaikathy: Hi Karen
kmrhodes: Hey kathy Hows it shaken
kmrhodes: shaking
bonsaikathy: not bad and you
kmrhodes: fine as a fiddle
bonsaikathy: good
jyladams: what colors are we working with this time?
bonsaikathy: and Mitch How's half pint doing
kmrhodes: what are you making
frogger70301: great.
bonsaikathy: give her a hug for me please, she's just toooo cute
frogger70301: Sure will when she steps OFF my nerves!
bonsaikathy: ;)
bonsaikathy: is she driving you nuts Mom
bonsaikathy: you can send her to her honorary Aunt for a visit, how's
frogger70301: as usual! Want her for a bit?
bonsaikathy: yup
bonsaikathy: I'll keep her a week or two
frogger70301: K. I'm gonna go put her on a bus.
frogger70301: :D
bonsaikathy: I'll be waiting at the other end with a >:D<
Fearless Leader: back
buci131 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Eva
bonsaikathy: Hi Eva
Fearless Leader: hey honey
buci131: Hi all
kmrhodes: hey Eva
Fearless Leader: I did a three color blend
Fearless Leader: by blending silver with pearl and silver with black
Fearless Leader: and connected them at the silver ends
Fearless Leader: did a ribbon
Fearless Leader: and then fan folded the ribbon
Fearless Leader: that's what's been done so far
buci131: thanks for catching me up
Fearless Leader: I'm going to reduce this and match the pearl face to
daytonlinda joined the room
Fearless Leader: for our highlight
Fearless Leader: Linda, Hey honey
buci131: Hiya Linda
daytonlinda: hi all....
Fearless Leader: Fearless Leader: I did a three color blend
Fearless Leader: by blending silver with pearl and silver with black
Fearless Leader: and connected them at the silver ends
Fearless Leader: did a ribbon
Fearless Leader: and then fan folded the ribbon
Fearless Leader: that's what's been done so far
Fearless Leader: For Linda
Fearless Leader: now I'll reduce this
bonsaikathy: HI Linda
kmrhodes: hey linda
Fearless Leader: we ready?
bonsaikathy: I am
kmrhodes: go
Fearless Leader: What does this fan fold need?
Fearless Leader: THE FIST OF DOOM
bonsaikathy: squishing
buci131: stretching and reducing
jakmiami joined the room
buci131: Hiya Judith
buci131: Fearless Leader: I did a three color blend Fearless Leader:
by blending silver with pearl and silver with black Fearless Leader:
and connected them at the silver ends Fearless Leader: did a ribbon
Fearless Leader: and then fan folded the ribbon Fearless Leader:
that's what's been done so far
jakmiami: hi eva
Fearless Leader: Thanks Eva, Hey Judith
buci131: That's what's been done so far and now she's reducing
bonsaikathy: NJ
Fearless Leader: just reduced a three color blend
Fearless Leader: now I'll cut it in half and put the light sides
together that will be our highlight
bonsaikathy: On the chatroom it's still listed as be right back
buci131: Oh I get it
Fearless Leader: now to reduce again...Oh Eva, explain how you
understand this
bonsaikathy: NJ did you see my last post
Fearless Leader: Let me fix that Kathy, my bad
bonsaikathy: thanks
buci131: I wasn't sure what you meant initially about putting the
pearl together
buci131: after ribbon folding it
buci131: so I see with the pearl in the middle you get the shading on
the outside
buci131: insta-shadow
Fearless Leader: Thanks Kathy, just spaced on it
buci131: no lighting necessary
Fearless Leader: Yes Eva that's right
bonsaikathy: welcome
kmrhodes: gotta take puppy for her walk - be back later
Fearless Leader: for mini scenes don't have the right lighting even
for real metal
bonsaikathy: bye Karen
buci131: later Karen
Fearless Leader: see ya Karen
Fearless Leader: now we can use this highlight and shadow trick with
other colors
kmrhodes left the room
Fearless Leader: anything you're doing, dark green to light green to
Fearless Leader: for a leaf cell that has a highlight and shadow built
buci131: lots of potential with that
Fearless Leader: let's reduce this and cut some pieces out and I'll
show you how it make a flat slice looked CURVED
Fearless Leader: it's just too trippy
Fearless Leader: ready?
buci131: yep
daytonlinda: yes
bonsaikathy: can't wait
buci131: She's showing the end of the cane
buci131: and now she's reducing part of it even more
Fearless Leader: when you reduce, you don't have to reduce the whole
Fearless Leader: it gets crazy, hard to handle
Fearless Leader: reduce one end and work with that
Fearless Leader: also, if you reduce the whole thing like this and
then change your mind and want larger versions you're screwed
Fearless Leader: already reduced
Fearless Leader: ok?
buci131: ok
bonsaikathy: ok
buci131: what did I miss?
buci131: I see a flat sheet of black
bonsaikathy: I was wondering the same thing
buci131: and now she's slicing the cane on the small end
bonsaikathy: bet she's going to put the slices on the black sheet
bonsaikathy: yup, that's it
buci131: and doing just what Kathy said--putting slices on the black
daytonlinda: oh my goodness!
buci131: OK I missed it (child stuff)
buci131: cool--thanks!
buci131: now she's slicing the cane again--looks like the larger size
buci131: side
bonsaikathy: Each time she's put it up for us to see, I"ve missed
getting a good shot, it gets blurry before I can snap it
buci131: and placing those slices on the same black sheet in a diff
buci131: I haven't been able to get a good one of the sheet up close
yet either
buci131: I got one--a little blurry but you can tell the light/shadow
things pretty well I think
Fearless Leader: did you get the close up on that?
Fearless Leader: or should I hold it there a bit longer? Tell me when
you got a good shot
jyladams: did she put the slices on the black sheet on their sides?
not face down?
buci131: No Jyl (is that right?), she put them face down
bonsaikathy: did the cam quit, it stopped moving on my screen
buci131: nope it's still working
buci131: I'm not getting a clear shot right now
buci131: I got two previous that were clearer than this one NJ
misty222bagwell joined the room
buci131: Hiya Misty--you made it!
jyladams: Jyl is right, but it looks like the outer edge that I am
seeing right now
misty222bagwell: Hi
misty222bagwell: Yea
buci131: the outer edge of what?
nor4man93553 joined the room
bonsaikathy: I got a shot but it's not the clearest
jyladams: of the sliced circles
faye_shelton joined the room
Fearless Leader: there
jyladams: what are the silver rings that I am see ing now?
daytonlinda: they are flat slices but look 3D
Fearless Leader: flat slices
bonsaikathy: I think I got a good one NJ
buci131: I took that one NJ--I think it will work.
jyladams: they are oblong, not circles?
buci131: BRB--baby stuff
Fearless Leader: ok Eva
bonsaikathy: for some reason it froze up on me for a minute, but got
it now
buci131: false alarm, heheh
buci131: OK we've got the flat sheet and
Fearless Leader: Ok
buci131: the cane and a couple of other things I don't get
Fearless Leader: What we have here
Fearless Leader: is the cross section of the cane
Fearless Leader: the end cut on top of the cane
buci131: ah
Fearless Leader: and the flat sheet
Fearless Leader: when you build in a highlight with blending in pearl
Fearless Leader: and you build a shadow by blending in black
Fearless Leader: and put the silver in the middle
Fearless Leader: reduce the cane so pearl, silver and black are
Fearless Leader: cut in half
Fearless Leader: then put the pearl sides together
Fearless Leader: so the pearl is the highlight in the middle
misty222bagwell: I can't see what you guys are doing
Fearless Leader: the black is the shadow on the outsides
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to misty222bagwell (1/21/03
2:25 PM)
Fearless Leader: Just sent you an invite to see the cam Misty
Fearless Leader: there ya go
Fearless Leader: ok, I'm going to do this again
Fearless Leader: but the effect is a ring or curved metal bit when the
slice is FLAT
Fearless Leader: because we built in the highlight
Fearless Leader: we built in the shadow with the blends
daytonlinda: why did you fold it instead of rolling?
jyladams: You are TOO good at this, It dows look round - not flat!
Fearless Leader: Linda, you mean the ribbon, why do I fan fold it?
daytonlinda: yes
Fearless Leader: if we rolled it we'd get a metal stud, round black on
the outside and the highlight in the middle
Fearless Leader: it's good for a lot of different uses
daytonlinda: i am slow today, sorry!
buci131: I thought it was a good question
Fearless Leader: there's the blend with it done as a jelly roll
Fearless Leader: with the pearl in the middle
buci131: heehee--yep I did the slap on the forehead, too Linda
Fearless Leader: it's not a dumb question, it's a good question
Fearless Leader: that's it with the pearl in the center
Fearless Leader: surrounded by black,
buci131: That's very cool looking
daytonlinda: looks dimensional as well
buci131: Oooh--what's that?
buci131: looks like a flattened Nestle's Cookies and Cream bar
Fearless Leader: that's it with the black in the center and done as a
lace cand done as a wedge, wedges put together like a citrus and then
a bowl shape made of it
nor4man93553: wow that's great
buci131: cut in a circle
bonsaikathy: wow, now that would make a great inside of a shell
frogger70301: So, we could use this to make a basketweave sort of,
too, right? Just change the colors.
faye_shelton: or an exotic mushroom. Hi everyone.
buci131: Hiya Faye
bonsaikathy: Hi Faye
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Canes/HandBlend/002.htm
Fearless Leader: There's the tile with these experiments
buci131: Huh--I thought I'd looked at that page but I don't remember
seeing these
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Canes/HandBlend/007.htm
There's teh close up on that page
Fearless Leader: My typos are getting past me because I'm moving too
fast in time and space
buci131: Just try not to catch up with your future self
Fearless Leader: I'll tell ya, anyway for the Claymates who just
showed up
Fearless Leader: check out the hand blend pages
Fearless Leader: and know you can get nice effects without the pasta
misty222bagwell: how do you guys get it so smooth/
Fearless Leader: I'm going to make another three color blend and do
this again so you know how it's done.
Fearless Leader: Misty, get what so smooth?
misty222bagwell: your clay
Fearless Leader: one way is to only hold on to a sheet going through
the pasta press on the edge
frogger70301 left the room
Fearless Leader: when you get two edges together smooth with a
misty222bagwell: don't have a pasta press
Fearless Leader: then you can still do blends
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Canes/HandBlend/Group.htm
Fearless Leader: there ya are, all the stuff I did on the Hand Blend
page were done this way
Fearless Leader: if there's no questions I'll go and do the cane again
misty222bagwell: Got any tips for detail?
buci131: who's Carolyn?
frogger70301 joined the room
Fearless Leader: I don't think I understand your question Misty
Fearless Leader: Isn't Nor4man Carolyn in Oregon?
buci131: Oh, I thought that was Cheryl D
buci131: Oops
nor4man93553: no it's Cheryl D
Fearless Leader: or do I have Old Timer's Disease?
nor4man93553: hehehehe
misty222bagwell: I'm kind of doing two projects at once here
Fearless Leader: Oh I do have Old Timer's Disease, HI CHERYLD
buci131: Oh, shew--I thought I was one with that NJ
Fearless Leader: LOL
bonsaikathy: Hi Cheryl
nor4man93553: Hi everyone
buci131: Now she's taking the ends from her silver to black cane
misty222bagwell: My dragon is having a little bit of face trouble
Fearless Leader: ok do you want me to do this in silver, black and
Fearless Leader: or gold and pearl and a bit of burnt umber?
buci131: my vote is for the second set of colors
misty222bagwell: gold,....
bonsaikathy: mine too
nor4man93553: I vote the second as well
misty222bagwell: my vote
Fearless Leader: We'll go GOLD
daytonlinda: go for the gold:)
Fearless Leader: GOLD FINGER....
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: ok let me pull out the colors
daytonlinda: i wonder how much of the effect will be lost if i try to
run these through the pasta press to make them all the same height?
buci131: run what thru LInda?
daytonlinda: the slices
buci131: Do you have your webcam on too?
bonsaikathy: it will stretch some out
Fearless Leader: those are the colors we're going to use in this next
three color blend
bonsaikathy: the ones that are higher will get stretched
buci131: I bet it won't lose much of the effect at all--just change it
a little--depending on which way you run it thru
Fearless Leader: I'll save log at this point since we're doing a new